What is a Pet Tracker?

pet tracker

The peril of pets

No matter the level of training given to a pet, at least once in its lifetime, it will wander off if the opportunity presents itself. Pets can wander off for many reasons, ranging from exploration and adventure to sheer boredom.

Whatever the case may be, a pet wandering off could mean grave anxiety for its owners. Many pet owners have come to view their often furry friends as children and not knowing their whereabouts can be extremely frustrating.

Statistics from the American Humane Society show that approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States every year. Millions of these pets end up in animal shelters. Pets who are without identification tags or microchips are seldom reunited with their owners. Of these pets, only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats are reunited with their owners, and 90% of all lost pets without identification tags never return home.

Majority of lost pets never make it back to their owners.

90% of all lost pets without ID tags never return home. Source

As technology evolves, it seeks to better the quality of life on all spectrums, and this includes pet safety and surveillance. Nowadays, pet owners do not have to deal with fits of anxiety when their pets have wandered too far away from home. Gadgets and devices can now keep tabs on these pets when they stray a bit too far from home. These gadgets are called pet trackers.

What is a pet tracker?

Pet trackers are location tracking devices worn by house pets. These location devices allow pet owners ascertain the precise location of their pets at any given point in time. Powered by GPS (Global Positioning System), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, these gadgets allow pet owners maintain scrutiny and surveillance over their pets.

Pet trackers are mostly popular amongst dog and cat owners, and their popularity are evident in the continuous pet tracking market growth, which accounts for 41% of the entire pet wearable market.

Pet trackers are often small and inconspicuous. They are often inculcated to pet collars so as to allow pets ease of movement without restrictions.

A Dog Wearing A Pet Tracking Device

A Pet Tracking Device. Source

Features of pet trackers

A wide array of features can be attributed to pet tracking devices. Essentially, all pet tracking devices contain some form of location software. This software could make use of GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Other features are additional perks per the manufacturer to differentiate their product in the heavily saturated pet tracking market.

Some those additional features include:

  • Alerts and notifications;
  • Geo-fencing;
  • Live-tracking;
  • Sleep mode; and
  • Health/fitness monitor.

What are pet trackers used for?

Primarily, pet trackers function as locating devices. However, the uses of pet trackers can be viewed under three broad sections: Location services, safety, and surveillance.

1. Location services

Pets are often easily enamoured by their surroundings. They want to explore as much of their space as possible. For pets, this is a natural phenomenon. For pet owners, however, this could mean anxiety and discomfort when the whereabouts of their pet is unknown.

Pet trackers give pet owners the ability to keep track of their pets no matter the situation. Whether at home or in parks and public places, pet trackers give pet owners the information they desire in regards to pets.

2. Safety

Pet tracking devices aid pet owners in keeping their pets safe. When pets wander off, they put themselves in all manner of danger. From reckless drivers to dangerous edges and corners, pets are usually unsafe beyond their regular vicinity.

Pet trackers help pet owners monitor their pets and determine when they are going beyond locations deemed safe. In pet trackers with geo-fencing capabilities, owners are alerted once pets cross virtual boundaries set by owners on the map.

Pet trackers are mostly popular amongst dog and cat owners.

A pet tracking collar on a cat. Source


Surveillance can pose an issue for pet owners who often take their pets to public places such as beaches and parks. Pet trackers allow pet owners keep a continuous eye on their pets no matter the situation. Whether at home or out, pets are always tabbed.

Who Makes Pet Trackers?

There are a number of manufacturers for pet trackers. These companies are known to manufacture wearable devices such as smartwatches, child trackers, and broad spectrum smart wear.

Some of the well-known manufacturers include:

  • Trax
  • Findster
  • Whistle
  • Tractive

Final Words

Pet trackers are an innovative necessity for pet owners. The anxiety and sadness associated with the loss of a pet can be totally avoided if owners are able to keep tabs on them. Affording pet owners the ability to do this is one sure way technology has improved the quality of life.


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