Gorilla Glass : What Phones Have it – And What Is It Anyway ?

Why is Gorilla Glass important ?

Literally every mobile phone on the market has Gorilla Glass. It has becoming standard on Australia’s ever broadening range of handheld phones, since the launch of the very first iPhone.

Screens which use Gorilla glass have been treated especially. Gorilla glass helps you to avoid scratches and breakages. Gorilla Glass by US glass manufacturer Corning keeps phones’ faces in pristine condition. If you ever put your phone in your pocket with your car keys, read on. You are not the first person to worry about the lasting integrity of your phones screen. If your new mobile phone has Gorilla Glass, ( or one of it’s new iteration, Gorilla Glass 2 / Gorilla Glass 3 ) you’re far less likely to suffer broken or scratched screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has Gorilla GlassThe Galaxy S5 has Gorilla Glass


Where can I get a phone with Gorilla Glass

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A specially treated screen is important in a phone

The move of virtually everything to be smaller, smarter and more mobile takes technology out in to the real world. Technology used to be kept in the home or server center. They kept it dry and cool inside. 20 years ago, you couldn’t go out with your computer, it was too big for a start. These days, you’ve got more processing power in your smartphone than landed the Apollo team on the moon. Most people expect to be able to throw their phone in a bag, drop it on to concrete, from a height of a meter and generally treat it mean. They they expect it to shine up like new.

Origins of stronger glass in phone screens

The iPhone was a totally new type of phone. Never before had such a proportion of a phone been given over to screen and a touch interface. Prior to the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007, they discovered, while using a prototype iPhone, that they had a problem. In real life situation ( specifically, when their testers put their phone in their pocket with keys ) the screen on the device could get scratched.

Apple went hunting for a stronger type of screen glass and came across a manufacturer based in Kentucky in the US, called Corning. Corning had invented a better type of glass which ended up being called Gorilla glass. Apple bought a lot of it for the iPhone and since, Gorilla Glass has become the standard for higher end smart mobile phones.

Gorilla Glass currently ships on more that 750 brands’ devices and more than 20% of all Smartphones globally have Gorilla Glass screens. In 2014, 7 years after the launch of the iPhone, Corning released Gorilla Glass 2 – 20% thinner and lighter than the original Glass. Corning are constantly innovating to make their Gorilla Glass stronger, lighter and better value.

Phones that have toughened glass

Right now, every phone on our site has Gorilla Glass. It’s become the standard and, if absent in the phone line up, would be considered a strong negative differentiating factor that would cost the manufacturer sales.

How is it made and how durable is it ?

Gorilla Glass is chemically tempered glass. Base glass is put in to a potassium salt bath. The sodium ions in the outer layers of the glass is displaced by larger potassium ions in the mixture. When the glass  cools, the larger ions are forced together. It’s this comprehensive strength that gives the glass it’s durability.

The scale of hardness is measured in Mohs ( a scale from 1 – 10 )

  • Talc is a 1.
  • The human fingernail : Around a 2.
  • Normal glass is a 7.
  • Sapphires & Gorilla Glass are a 7.
  • Diamonds are a 10.

What is Gorilla Glass used for ?

Gorilla Glass is used for anything portable with glass in it. It shows up in Smart screens, tablets, laptop screens, watch faces and other gadgets and gizmos of the same sort. It isn’t indestructible but it’s improved things a lot. The glass in our mobile devices is stronger and lighter than it used to be without being as fragile.

So, when you’re deciding what phone is right for you, look for Gorilla Glass and you’ll be able to take your new technology with you, out in to the real world without worrying about keys in your pocket.


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