WhatPhone & ESET name the top AI smartphones to watch in 2019

WhatPhone & ESET name the top AI smartphones to watch in 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for smartphone enthusiasts. Emerging technologies are beginning to enter the market – and there’s more than a few new devices grabbing our attention.

These innovations have come not a moment too soon – the market has recently reached peak smartphone saturation. Many people are now choosing to keep their old phones for longer, waiting to see what new feature will finally be worth the cost of an upgrade.

But new technologies are set to change all that. Experts have predicted a year studded with game-changing releases from industry heavyweights, as well as some exciting offers from disruptive smaller players.

In collaboration with IT security experts ESET, we’ve created a guide to the five key emerging technologies shaking up the smartphone market, and of which new smartphones you’ll want to watch this year.

Emerging technologies changing the smartphone game 

Integrated Artificial Intelligence will be a big drawcard, giving phones the capacity to handle tasks which normally require human input.

Foldable electronic screens are another major game-changer likely to revive the demand for new smartphones. Flexible, pocket-sized smartphones that can be unfolded into a larger tablet form will be sure to turn heads.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold at the last Mobile World Congress, while Huawei, Nokia, Apple, LG, and Oppo are also expected to release models soon.

The most innovative smartphones to look for this year 

And the most Anticipated Smartphones harnessing these new technologies? Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to include a dedicated neural processing unit for enhanced AI features, as well as 5G support and a larger battery capacity.

Swiss-based company SIRIN Lab is set to join HTC as one of the first brands to float smartphones with blockchain capabilities. The FINNEY phone is designed to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in several ways, with an anticipated release date in November.

Read the full list of trailblazing smartphones and their key technologies here. 

Smartphone security in 2019

Peak smartphone saturation and rapid advances in technology have created both challenges and opportunities for the mobile technology industry.  One of the challenges unfortunately includes mobile cybersecurity.

Whether your phone is old or new, what’s most important is that you keep it as secure and safe from threats as possible.

ESET believes that everyone should be able to enjoy their mobile device safely and securely. To keep your smartphone protected at all times, check out their Mobile Security solutions today.


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