What’s the Best Mobile Phone Plan in Australia?

Phone plans are an essential aspect of the day to day activities for numerous individuals today.

Making the right choice on the phone plan could be all the difference between sheer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Source

What is a mobile phone plan and why is it important?

A mobile phone plan is a paid service plan between a telecommunications operator and a subscriber. The telco provides a paying subscriber access to services on their wireless cellular networks, such as voice, text, and data. Voice plans cover incoming and outgoing voice calls, text plans cover all text and multimedia messages, and data plans cover internet usage.

In today’s world, a cost effective and efficient phone plan could be all the difference between sheer satisfaction and discomfort in the day-to-day activities of many. Nowadays, we are more connected than before. The advent of numerous IoT (Internet of Things) devices and numerous other technological knick knacks inadvertently means that many more individuals are spending time on their phones and using data plans.

What is the best phone plan in Australia?

The best phone plan really depends on your needs. What’s best for you should balance the features and services you want in a plan, as well as the value. For some, features may be the focal point, while others may consider costs as the key factor.

The Australian telecommunications market is worth over $44 Billion. ) It is an incredibly diverse market with equally diverse needs. In order to adequately cater to these diverse needs, major telcos and MVNOs alike have created a myriad of phone plans for Australians to choose from. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve created a tool to help you compare the many available phone plans.

Types of phone plans

There are three major types of phone plans:

  • Prepaid plans;
  • Postpaid plans;
  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plans.

A breakdown of Australia’s phone service plan market.

Prepaid plans take up 45% of the Australian mobile phone service plan market. Source: Whatphone

  • Prepaid plans
    With a prepaid phone plan, the subscriber must pay the fee allocated to the service before access can be granted.
  • Postpaid Plans
    With a postpaid phone plan, the subscriber pays the fee for the service after it has been rendered. Unlike prepaid plans, these plans do not require any form of upfront payment.
  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plans
    With PAYG plans, the subscriber pays for the service as it is being rendered. With these plans, the telecommunication operator offers you a tariff on which your call, text, and data usage is built.

Factors to consider when picking a phone plan

You should consider a number of factors when shopping for a phone plan, such as:

  • Price — perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping for a phone plan is the price. Phone plans have a wide price range, and numerous subscribers are searching for a plan that is both cheap and valuable.
  • Network — The network you subscribe to is another essential factor to consider when choosing a phone plan. Subscribers are advised to opt for networks with the best coverage within their locations. This applies to major telcos as well as MVNOs.
  • Telco requirements for subscription — many telcos have a set of requirements that prospective subscribers must fulfil before they are granted access to the network. Before you commit to a phone plan, make sure to satisfy the requirements as requested by the network.
  • Personal needs — The diversity of the Australian telecommunication market makes it so that there are numerous phone plans prospective subscribers can choose from. Given this fact, telcos have created a myriad of plans that can adequately satisfy a broad spectrum of consumers.
  • Data — In today’s society, data drives numerous affairs. Given this fact, numerous prospective subscribers would prefer to opt for phone plans that give them more value for data.

Final words: The choice is yours

Mobile phone plans are only as valuable as those who subscribe to them. Figure out what you need, and there’s a great chance that a phone plan out there will meet those needs. If you’re looking for a plan that’s packed with inclusions, those are available but will likely be pricey. For basic features such as voice, SMS, and data, there are a myriad of cheaper plans. For those looking for entertainment, such plans exist as well. Your definition of value will determine what plan is best for you. For some help, you can compare phone plans here to help narrow down the many choices.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.