Why iPhone 3G is Still a Powerful Tool Today

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 iPhones have undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade, but the oldest phone models are still quite powerful today

Does iPhone 3G still Work?

Apple has since abandoned the production and support of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but statistics show that these models still form a significant portion of mobile phones in use across many parts of the world. If you’re considering buying this classic iPhone, you’re not being irrational. About a decade ago, iPhone 3G and 3Gs was a game-changing release that introduced a new generation of smartphones, and its capabilities can still be appreciated in today’s world.

Though you might not get the support and state-of-the-art features of newer iPhones, this vintage model can still give you a good taste of what iPhones have to offer. The phone is capable of delivering maximum 3G network connection speeds and boasts a host of expedient utilities including a GPS tracker, up to 16GB of built-in storage, and a whole lot more.

Perhaps the crown jewel of the model is its support for location services. “Location services is going to be a really big deal on the iPhone,” said CEO Steve Jobs during the launch of the model back in 2008. “It’s going to explode.” And it has indeed.

Pros of Using iPhone 3G

Here’s a look at some of the pros of the iPhone 3G:

  • Sleek, Intuitive User Interface
    iPhones introduced a new generation of smartphones with an unprecedented range of functionalities. However, it delivered this impressive range of functionalities through a highly intuitive user interface. You can easily access its apps by simply sliding, clicking, scrolling, and zooming in and out of the screen. A simple swipe on the screen can lock or unlock it, a simple slide can turn up or turn down the ringing or audio volume, and one key-press can take you back to your home screen regardless of how deep you’ve navigated into an app.
  • A Decent Display Size
    Compared to recent iPhone models, the screen size of iPhone 3G may seem miniature. However, the vintage model’s screen is still quite large. You can view a sizable list of items without needing to scroll around a lot, and most of the important control buttons are always visible on the screen. The home screen can even display up to 20 bold app icons at once.
  • Support for an Impressive Collection of Apps
    Not only does the phone support a host of apps, it also facilitates integrations between various apps. For instance, after taking a photo with the camera, you’ll have options to either save it or send it across various file-sharing platforms like Facebook, Whatsapps, etc.

Cons of Using iPhone 3G

Here’s a look at some of the cons of the iPhone 3G

  • Relatively Inferior Processing Power
    As you’d expect, the processing power of a smartphone released nearly a decade ago will be dwarfed significantly by those of more recent models. With its limited processing power, iPhone 3G cannot support many features found in recent smartphone models, including multi-tasking, faster processing speeds, and glitch-free app operations during heavy use.
  • The Lack of a Copy-Paste Function
    This can really be a bane if you’re using the phone mostly for work. It’s grueling to have to copy out texts manually from the phone to a piece of paper or another device and then type them back into another application on the phone. This can be quite frustrating especially when you’re copying out URLs.
  • Unstable Third-Party Applications
    Due to the phone’s relatively lesser processing, some third-party apps may become unstable. The apps may flicker or crash frequently. To boot, many third-party apps no longer run support for iPhone 3G versions of their apps.

iPhone 3G Compared to Recent iPhone Releases

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The newest models of iPhone are in a different league when compared to iPhone 3G. src

The first difference anyone will notice between iPhone 3G and recent iPhone releases is their form factor. iPhone 6S’s 7.1mm screen is way out of the league of the 3.5-inch screen of iPhone 3G, and the screens get even larger with the latest models.

You’ll also notice a striking difference between the processing speeds of the vintage phone and the more recent models. This difference becomes starker with heavy apps like YouTube and Google maps.

Another key difference between the old and newer iPhone models is the quality of their camera. While that of the former works with only 2 megapixels, the latter function with up to 12 megapixels.

Summing up

iPhone 3G is over a decade old, but you’ll still find it a highly expedient, handy gadget to use today. It can provide you with a decent range of functionality over a highly intuitive user interface that makes it powerful but super-easy to use. While newer models dwarf the iPhone 3G in all aspects, it still holds its own today when you take a deeper look at its specs.

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