Why MVNO SIM only plans with international calls will save you money

In Australia just about all of the SIM only plans come with unlimited national calling, texting and an amount of mobile data, most often starting at around 1.5 to 2GB on the lower end plans.

But for people that need to make international calls or send text messages, a lot of the mobile service plans just don’t come with international calling enabled by default.

At WhatPhone we always try to inform our users about the best SIM only plans on the market and in this case it’s no exception.

MVNOs consistently offer users the best bang for their buck, often including unlimited national calling and SMS along with international calls.

You can call international numbers by using any of the national Australian carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, but in most cases you will receive not as good a deal as you would if you were to go with an MVNO.

The following are a selection of the best SIM only prepaid MVNOs which offer some of the best international calling and texting currently on the market.

MVNOs offer cheap international calling

If you need to contact your friends or family members which are overseas, the old way used to require you to have two different SIM cards.

One would be for local Australia calling and than the second one would be specifically for calling international. Thanks to changes in the market due to increased competition from MVNOs such as Amaysim, all you need now is one SIM card.

The major telecos would have loved to keep their little money maker continuing, forcing expensive international calling only plans onto users, but MVNOs and market competition has finally done away with that racket.

MVNOs are your best option when it comes to great deals and almost all of them have an international calling function built into their plans, or at least as an additional “bolt on” option.

In fact, it is now standard for the big telcos to include some international call minutes with some of the most popular phone plans. Of course, if you plan on calling home frequently, you are probably best considering a provider like Lebara which is best known for international connections.

Here are our three top picks for the best international calling SIM only prepaid plans currently on the market, read on for all of the details as follows.


Regular overseas callers have probably heard of this MVNO or at the very least, know someone in their family or circle of friends which has recommended them before.

With a long history of operating in Australia and with a strong brand reputation, Lebara has long been known as one of the best go-to choices for people which need to make regular international calls to their relatives.

Lebara has recently made some changes to their SIM only plans, increasing the list of included countries as well as making their local calling rates more competitive.

To take advantage of the international calling options on your Lebara prepaid plan, simply add as much international calling as you need, by recharging your plan with the desired amount of calling credits.


Recently Amaysim has gone from strength to strength and are becoming one of the most preferred MVNOs operating in Australia.

Previously Amaysim were a really poor choice if you needed to make frequent overseas calls, but they have listened to their customers and now offer some excellent deals.

Amaysim is a local Australian MVNO with affordable pricing and all of their SIM only Unlimited plans offer some of the best national calling, texting and generous mobile data allowances of which you can find.

All of the Amaysim Unlimited SIM only plans, which start from $24.90 come with international calling and text messaging, with the rates determined by the country you are calling and the spend amount deducted from your balance.

If you need to make a large amount of calls then it will work out much cheaper to sign up to their 5GB and 8GB as both of these plans come included with 300 minutes of international calling, which can be used on 32 selected countries.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offer great value to consumers as they operate on the exact same Telstra 4G network as Telstra themselves do. Regardless of where you live in Australia and at what time of the day you need to make your international calls, look no further than Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile currently only offer two SIM only plans, which are priced at $20 and a $40 per month. Both of these prepaid plans come with unlimited talking Australia-wide and unlimited texting Australia-wide.

If you want to make an international call it’s very simple to enable this on your prepaid plan, as it does not come automatically turned on by default.

Simply recharge with a $10 “Add on” and your account will be credited with $10 which can be used for overseas calling, charged at the rate per minute of the international country which you are calling.

As a bonus thanks to Boost Mobile, each time you recharge with a $10 Add on, your account will also be credited with an additional 500MB of mobile data.

MVNOs are the best way to make international calls

The next time you need to make an international call to your family or friends abroad, be sure to check out the MVNOs are they offer some of the best priced calling deals on the market.

SIM only plans come with all of the exact same features and benefits as postpaid ones do, but without the long term contract lock in which the national carriers love inflicting on users.

Lets face it, in today’s age of cheap smartphones and tablet devices, why would you want to be limited for choice, when MVNOs allow you to swap and change to the best deal at the time of your using.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.