Optus Lauches New 4 SIM 250GB Family Plan

Family Plan

Optus new family plan offers lots of data to share

Optus has announced a new family plan with a lot to offer. The plan includes 250GB of data and four SIMs for the family. It also offers some great extras, including an option to add kids plans if you have a larger family.

Family plans are great if you want one bill for your entire household. This simplifies things a lot, and usually helps you keep tabs on the kids so you know who’s using up all that data! They also help you monitor and manage data usage, and they typically save you money.

Optus’ new plan comes in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, where virtually all Australians are looking for ways to spend less. And as data usage continues to grow even while disposable income shrinks, Optus’ new 250GB family plan is great news for families that are packed with heavy data users, but also looking for ways to save some money.

Everything you need to know about Optus new 250GB family plan

The new family plan from Optus is tailor-made for families that have heavy data users in the household. It’s also perfect for a family of four, but you can tag on some additional plans if you have a larger family.


Optus’ new family plan includes 250GB of data shared across 4 SIMs. src

Here’s a quick look at the main details:

  • Postpaid month-to-month plan at $149 per month
  • 250GB of data shared across 4 SIMs (1 primary SIM, 3 family SIMs)
  • This breaks down to 62.5GB of data per SIM at $37.25 per SIM (Compare to the Small Optus Choice plan of $39 for 10GB data, or Medium Optus Choice plan of $49 for 60GB data)
  • Unlimited standard national calls, texts, and MMS.

A huge selling point is that it’s a month-to-month plan. This means you can give it a try for a month and, if you’re not impressed, find another offer without being penalized for breaking any contracts. If you do like it, just stay on and you can still cancel at anytime.

The plan also comes with some nice extras that should really come in handy:

  • Add Optus Kids Plans
    If you have a family that’s larger than four members, you can add up to four Optus Kids Plans for an additional $29 per month each. Note** These additional Optus Kids Plans don’t come with data – they share the same 250GB of data in the family plan.
  • Free McAfee Safe Family App
    You also get a free subscription to McAfee Safe Family App, which usually costs $8.99. The app allows you to monitor your kids’ activity and block certain apps and websites. This app also allows you to set screen time limits and cut off hours for your kids’ devices, and it also comes with live tracking and location alerts.
  • Optus Sport and Apple Music
    The family plan also comes with a subscription to Optus Sport as well as a free 12-month Apple Music trial for each SIM.

How does Optus new 250GB family plan compare to other family plans?

Optus’ new family plan seems to target families with heavy data users. If you’d like something with less data inclusions, there are other offers out there that are more flexible. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Yomojo Family Bundles
    If you want to go the prepaid route, Yomojo’s Family Bundles are a good place to start. Their flexible plans offer anywhere from 2 to 6 SIMs on your family plan. They offer discounts ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on how many SIMs you add, costing anywhere from $18.80 per month for 1GB per SIM on a 2 member plan to $254.46 per month for 45GB per SIM on a 6 member plan. The great part about Yomojo Family Bundles is that they are fully customizable – choose different data allocations on the different SIMs if you like, and build the plan the way you want.
  • Vodafone
    Vodafone allows you build a data pool to share across 5 members. This applies to their SIM Only, Data, Tablet or Mobile Broadband Plans, so your options are very flexible and almost limitless. Assuming you choose to build a data pool with Vodafone’s Plus postpaid plans, you’ll be able to share the included max speed data from each SIM across all plans. And if all SIMs’ max speed data runs out, you can fall back on their endless data, which allows you to keep browsing at throttled speeds of 5mbps until your next billing cycle kicks in.

Final words

Family plans generally help simplify things by combining all family members’ phone bills into one. They’re also a great way to save money.

Optus’ new family plan offers you 250GB to be shared across four family members. It’s a month-to-month plan that saves you a ton of money when you break down the individual costs and compare them to their counterparts on Optus’ individual SIM Only plans, both on price and data inclusions. For families with heavy data users, this is definitely a good plan to check out.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.