Optus Opens Up 5G Home Broadband To MVNOs

5G Home Broadband To MVNOs

MVNOs can now resell Optus’ 5G home broadband network

Optus just gave MVNOs access to its 5G networks. The telco will wholesale its 5G home wireless broadband network to its Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), making it the first major telco to bring 5G access to Australia’s smaller telcos and their customers.

We reported late last year that Optus’ 5G strategy includes a plan to wholesale 5G access to its MVNOs in the near future. With their latest announcement, that plan is now the reality.

SpinTel is first in line for Optus wholesale 5G home broadband network, but many others will follow

So far, SpinTel is the first MVNO to take on Optus’ wholesale 5G home broadband network. Other MVNOs can also purchase the 5G network, including:

  • Life
  • iPrimus
  • Acurus
  • Bendigo Telco
  • BTB
  • Commander
  • Moose Mobile
  • Southern Phone
  • Dodo
  • Vaya, and
  • 2SG

What SpinTel’s 5G home wireless broadband plan looks like

SpinTel is reselling Optus’ 5G home broadband network as a postpaid month-to-month plan. There are some things you should note about their plan at the outset:

  • SpinTel will provide you with a modem and SIM which are locked to its network. That is, you will not be able to use the SIM on your own 5G home broadband device, whether locked or unlocked, if it is not supplied by SpinTel.
  • You will not own the 5G home broadband device.
  • You can cancel at anytime, but you must return the device within 21 days.
  • If you fail to return it, you will incur a $935 charge, which is supposedly the retail value of the device.
  • SMS is not included with the device – you will be charged 25 cents per text.

Now that we’re past the fine print, here’s what the SpinTel 5G home broadband plan looks like:

  • $90 per month
  • $20 postage paid up front
  • Month-to-month, no lock in plan
  • Unlimited data
  • 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee

Nokia FastMile 5G modem

Caption: SpinTel will provide a locked Nokia FastMile 5G modem while you remain on the plan. src

SpinTel claims their 5G home broadband plan averages 147Mbps. This speed will vary, but you’re guaranteed at least 50Mbps download speed.

Compare to Optus’ 5G home wireless broadband service

Optus launched its 5G fixed home wireless broadband service in January of last year. The initial launch was through its “expressions of interest” campaign, which saw select customers test out the service.

The telco’s 5G home broadband service averaged a download speed of 100Mbps during the campaign, and hit peak download speeds of 295Mbps in Glandenning, Sydney. Now, though, their 5G home broadband is averaging around 147Mbps.

Here’s a few details about Optus’ fixed 5G home broadband plan:

  • $70 per month (Month to month or 24-month contract)
  • Free Nokia 5G modem
  • Contract plan comes with free set up, while month-to-month plan comes with $200 set up fee
  • Unlimited data with no speed or data caps
  • Guaranteed minimum speeds of 50Mbps

While Optus MVNOs can now access the telco’s wholesale 5G home broadband network, don’t expect to get the same offer as Optus’ own fixed home wireless broadband plan above. MVNOs simply purchase their network wholesale, and resell it as they wish to consumers. So while SpinTel is offering a costlier plan than Optus for virtually the same 5G access, expect different deals and offers from other MVNOs in the future, which should make the market more competitive.

Where is Optus’ 5G network available?

While Optus’ 5G network has been live for over a year and half, 5G coverage is still very limited. You can only access their 5G network in select areas, and this will be the case for MVNOs which access their wholesale network as well, including SpinTel’s current plan.

So far, Optus 5G is not available in any location in Tasmania and the Northwest Territory. However, you’ll be able to find coverage in a number of other suburbs. Here’s a list of where Optus’ 5G home broadband network coverage is available so far:

  • NSW
    • Central Sydney
    • Sydney North Shore
    • Northwest Sydney
    • Southwest Sydney
    • Central Coast
    • Hunter and Newcastle
    • Port Stephens
  • Victoria
    • Melbourne East
    • Melbourne West
    • Melbourne South East
    • Geelong
    • Mornington Peninsula
  • ACT
    • Canberra
  • Queensland
    • Brisbane
    • Brisbane North
  • South Australia
    • Adelaide North
    • Adelaide South
  • West Australia
    • Perth
    • Fremantle

Final words

Optus also has mobile 5G coverage in select areas, but MVNOs won’t have access to that at this time. The current 5G wholesale network only includes home broadband.

And while the 5G rollout continues, expect more areas to be added. If you’re curious about whether your area has coverage, enter your address or post code into the Optus Network Coverage page and check the map.

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