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Optus customers enjoy a variety of great services, but some might run into some issues every now and again – after all, no telco is perfect. But one of the most popular complaint about telco services has to do with slow Internet networks.

In some cases, slow network issues might not be your telco’s fault – they might actually be from your end, and you might be able to solve them yourself. In other cases, your Internet speed might just be what it’s supposed to be, even if it’s slow – depending on the plan you purchased.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips that can help you find out exactly why your Optus Internet is so slow, so you can pinpoint the problem (if any) and decide on a solution – who knows, you might not even have to ring your telco after all.

Check internet speed

If you believe your Optus Internet speed might be slow, check your Internet speed as your first troubleshooting step. Doing this will either confirm or dispel your suspicions, giving you an analysis of just how slow (or fast) your Internet speed really is, so you can compare it to what your telco advertised when you purchased their plan.

You might also want to check your Optus Internet speed just out of curiosity. With Optus’ ongoing 5G network rollout, we’ve heard a lot the lightning speeds of the fifth generation mobile network technology – both fixed home wireless 5G and mobile 5G. 

For instance, Optus claims they recorded the fastest mobile 5G speed in the country last year, at 2.5Gbps. However, a test by Opensignal indicated that Telstra’s mobile 5G network was 36 per cent faster than Optus’ mobile 5G. Yet, earlier this year, another test conducted by Systemics-PAB concluded that Optus’ mobile 5G was 22 percent faster than Telstra’s.

Also, Optus 5G speeds vary depending on which type of service you purchased – mobile 5G or fixed home wireless 5G. For instance, while Systemics-PAB concluded that Optus’ mobile 5G averaged 326Mbps this year (or 170Mbps if you ask Opensignal), their fixed home wireless 5G averaged only 100Mbps

So, with these varying claims and figures, who do you believe? Well, believe yourself by conducting a speed test and comparing it to the advertised figures to know if you’re getting good value for your money.

How to perform a speed test / Optus speed test

Regardless of the type Optus Internet service you have (fixed broadband, prepaid or postpaid mobile SIM only), you can check your Internet speed by performing a speed test using the same methods. 

Here’s how to check your Optus Internet speed:

  • Third party speed test websites 
    Several websites like Google, Speedtest.net by Ookla, SpeedOf.me, etc. offer free speed tests to help you check your Internet speed. While connected to the network you’d like to test, log on to a speed test website or app and follow the instructions.
  • Optus speed test
    You can also check your Internet speed on the MyOptus app. This works well if you wish to test your Internet speed on a mobile SIM plan. However, for wired Optus Internet services, the telco recommends Speedtest by Ookla as the best option.

Note that speed tests are not always accurate. We suggest that you run a speed test using a third party website or app, because it is possible for a telco’s speed test app to be biased. Also, your device could also distort your speed test results – make sure your device is in good condition, and the coverage in your location is also good. And if you’re using an Optus fixed home broadband service, run your speed test on a device that is connected directly to your router/modem by an ethernet cable to get the most reliable results.

Check your mobile data balance

If your speed test indicates that your Internet speed is a lot slower than you thought it should be, then take a closer look at your Optus plan’s details. 

For instance, Optus sells postpaid SIM only plans that include endless data, which keeps your Internet on even after you exhaust your plan data. While this great feature helps you avoid data overage charges, Optus will throttle your Internet speed down to 1.5Mbps until your billing cycle renews. 

So if you’re experiencing slow Internet speeds on your Optus month-to-month SIM only plan, and your speed test confirms your suspicions, check your data balance to find out if you’ve exhausted your data and are currently browsing with Optus’ endless data.

Check your Optus network coverage

Finally, check the coverage in your are to know if Optus’ network is available there. You can do so by accessing the Optus website and using the coverage checker feature. Although the telco’s overall mobile network covers 98.5 per cent of the Australian population, it is especially important to check their coverage if you purchased a 5G plan from Optus because their 5G network coverage is still spotty or nonexistent in some areas.

You should also check your coverage if you live in a rural area. Such areas could have spotty coverage, especially if you’re searching for Optus’ 4G, 4GX, 4G Plus, or 5G network. While Optus has invested in their rural network, and received grants to continue those efforts, rural coverage is still not absolute. If your Optus Internet speed is slow on a SIM Only plan in a rural area, you are likely using the slower Optus 3G network.


Whether you’re checking the speed of your mobile data or fixed line broadband Internet NBN connection, there are usually only two reasons to undertake the task. First, and most often, people run a speed check when their connection is slow. It’s the first step in the troubleshooting process that savvy users and technical support helpdesks perform. 

The second, less common reason is to check the speed of a connection for fun or out of interest. If you’ve got a 5G phone, you’ll be doing it everywhere you go to see the kinds of speed you’ll get. And if you’ve just signed up to one of the better tiers of the NBN, you’ll probably want to compare the speeds you’re getting now with what you had before (and what the telco advertised so you can see if you’re getting your money’s worth).

Google and other Internet companies do speed tests best and the service is free. You’re probably better off not using the phone company’s own version – if you can find one available. Make sure you get an independent view so you know what to troubleshoot or to ensure that the speeds you show off to your pals is true.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.