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Perth Stadium, also known as Optus Stadium

Optus is known as one of the largest telcos in Australia, but they are differentiating themselves by investing in sport entertainment. The telco broadcasts a range of live sport events on Optus Sport, and actually offer those events free to some of their SIM plan customers. But it doesn’t end there – Optus also have a stadium that hosts even more than sports.

Perth Stadium hasn’t been around for long, and yet it’s one of the most popular stadiums in the world. It was completed in late 2017 and launched in January of 2018, but has already been recognised by the 2019 Prix Versailles international architecture awards as the Most Beautiful Stadium in the World. The stadium has won even more awards on 27 different occasions, including the 2019 Austadium Stadium Awards for Australia’s Best Stadium, Best AFL Stadium, and Best Major Stadium.

Perth Stadium is sponsored by Optus, the second largest telco in Australia. As a result, it is popularly referred to as Optus Stadium. It hosts a range of sporting events, such as the Australian Football League (both AFL and WAFL), International and Big Bash League cricket, soccer, and rugby league and union.


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Optus stadium isn’t limited to sport games alone – it also hosts other events like concerts and conferences, as well as a range of others like weddings, cocktail parties, and more. We’ll tell you more about these later in this post.

Size, Location, Management

To put it briefly, Optus Stadium is huge. The stadium itself seats 60,000 fans. In addition, there are over 18 event spaces which are available year-round for all kinds of events, hosting anywhere from 2 to 2,000 guests. The list of events that can be hosted at Optus Stadium is expansive, and we’ll talk about some of them later.

Optus Stadium is located on the Burswood Peninsula, east of the Perth Central Business District. There is a surrounding park, and event goers can catch views of Swan River and Perth city, depending on the event space.

While Optus is the sponsors the stadium, it is actually owned by the Western Australian State Government and managed by VenuesLive.

While Optus Stadium was launched in 2018, VenuesLive has been around since 2016. In addition to Optus stadium, VenuesLive also manages Stadium Australia (Sydney’s Olympic stadium) and Bankwest Stadium.

What Sports and Events are hosted at Optus Stadium?

Optus Stadium hosts a range of sports and events. The most popular are the AFL, WAFL, cricket, rugby, and soccer. They also host concerts, conferences, and other events.

Optus Stadium

More than sports, Optus Stadium features an outdoor park for other events, as well as event spaces with views of the park, along with Swan River and Perth City. src

Other events can be private, hosted in the Optus Stadium event rooms, ranging from small scale events that seat as small as 2 people, to larger scale events that seat as high as 2,000 people. Here’s a look at some of those other events that can be hosted at Optus Stadium:

  • Balls, Banquets & Gala Dinners
  • Christmas Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Meetings & Seminars
  • School Balls
  • Weddings

Optus becoming a sport powerhouse

Optus is known as the second largest telco in Australia, but they do a lot more than offer broadband and phone plans. Optus are also heavy into the sport market, and they have become the sole broadcaster of the English Premiere League.

If you want to watch every EPL match live, you’ll most likely have to pay Optus $14.99 per month. The matches are broadcast on Optus Sport, but that feature is free for some Optus customers who get access to Optus Sport as part of their plan’s entertainment inclusions.

And Optus don’t only offer the EPL live broadcasts as part of their sport lineup – customers can also watch live broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Nations League, and European Qualifiers on Optus Sport.

Final words

Sponsoring their own stadium is a big step for the Optus brand. Telstra famously have the deepest pockets in Australian telco marketing and it’s a real challenge for both Optus and Vodafone to compete with Telstra’s messaging (Let alone how hard it is for all the smaller companies – MVNOs – to ‘cut through’).

In reent years, Optus have made some significant investments in sports content rights, under former CEO Allen Lew. You might know Optus sponsor the English Premier League and provide some high quality coverage of the tournament. Their decision to invest in naming rights for the Optus stadium is clearly connected with their strategic move into the provision of content alongside their phone plans as a way to lodge themselves in your memory and differentiate themselves positively from Telstra and Vodafone. There is rarely a day that goes by without Optus’ company name being mentioned in the news in association with any sport or event that takes place at the Optus Stadium venue.

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