Best Prepaid Plans for Christmas

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Introducing the best prepaid plans for Xmas

  • When it comes to big phone companies, we recommend Optus’ prepaid pas the best Xmas gift.
  • We do not recommend prepaid plans from either Vodafone or Telstra. We explain our reasons for that below.
  • Optus prepaid plans now include access to 4 different types of streamed audio app, comprising most of the most common internet music stations in Australia: Spotify, and, iHeartRadio, for example.
  • And, if Optus isn’t your thing, we recommend a few plans from smaller phone companies.
  • There have been big changes since last Christmas when it comes to the prepaid plans which are available out there, from these smaller phone companies.
  • Below, we recommend great giftprepaid plans for people who love sports car racing, who use their phone more on the weekend than during the week and, simply, for those who just want the best price.

Introducing Christmas for prepaid plans

We have some fantastic presents and great deals on this page which will help you find the right plan for your family member or friend.

Well, it’s the end of the year again so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Its Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid’. We know that Xmas is a time for people to be buying their friends and family phones and prepaid SIM plans. We want you to feel informed about the best SIM plans and empowered enough to get one delivered to you.

We have some fantastic presents and great deals on this page which will help you find the right plan for your family member or friend. And before we get in t the details of the plans, it will be helpful to outline to you some of the changes that have happened in phone services since you last checked in.

Best Prepaid Plans for Xmas – what’s changed since last year ?

The great thing about 4G data is that you cannot get it wrong. If you get a 4G SIM, it’ll work in any phone you buy this Christmas.

There have been some incredible changes in the Australian prepaid market from competition and innovative approaches by phone companies to securing your dollar. If you understand these simple improvements that have occurred in the last 12 months, you are well on your way to picking a plan which will knock your (and your gift recipient’s) Christmas socks off.

Did you know the following things about Australian phone plans ?

  • You will now get much more 4G data on every prepaid plan from every major network:
    One of the things that’s changed this year is the fact that bigger phone companies like Optus and Virgin Mobile have stepped up the level of data inclusions substantially. Compare the prepaid deals we have on our dedicated prepaid page and you will see that data allocations have approximately doubled since the same time last year. The great thing about 4G data is that you cannot get it wrong. If you get a 4G SIM, it’ll work in any phone you buy this Christmas.
  • You can also get cheaper 4G plans from smaller phone companies:
    As well as increasing the amount of data they offer in their own plans, the bigger phone companies have finally opened up their 4G networks to smaller phone companies. Every phone company you see here (in fact, any we recommend on this site) will now provide you a SIM which works with a 4G phone.
  • Did you know phone plans now include Streaming Audio ?:
    If you have a family member who loves music and / or listens to Spotify, IHeartRadio or Google’s own internet music service ? If so, then you know someone who is in to streaming audio. Optus now offers all of it’s prepaid customers unlimited streaming of these audio websites – in a way which will not come out of your data allowance.
  • Huge data allowances with some incredible special offers:
    Even the bigger phone companies like Virgin Mobile and Optus have significantly increased the amount of data that they offer in their plans over the last 12 months. If you are giving someone a plan with data for Christmas, you are giving them a much bigger gift than you would have done 12 months ago.
  • Data rollover:
    Virgin Mobile’s prepaid services now include data rollover. So do some of Optus’ prepaid.
  • Plans which offer you more on weekends:
    If you’re buying for a family member or friend who works during the week and is out most of the time on the weekends, read on. It might be helpful for you to know that there were plans released in the 2016 which offer extra data on the weekend.

Winner ! Prepaid plans with included streamed audio.


Optus are a reliable brand with great coverage , great value and some unique Optus value you won’t find elsewhere.

My Prepaid Ultimate :
My Prepaid Ultimate is Optus’ biggest selling prepaid plan suite. Each of these prepaid plans comes with industry standard 28 day expiry and per kB charging. All ‘My Prepaid Ultimate’ plans include : Unlimited standard national talk and text. (All for use in Australia. Fair Go policy applies. )

  • $30 My Prepaid Ultimate = Unlimited standard national talk and text. (All for use in Australia. Fair Go policy applies. ) + 3GB included data. Recharge before expiry and rollover any unused data up to a max of 15GB.
  • $40 My Prepaid Ultimate = Unlimited standard national talk and text. (All for use in Australia. Fair Go policy applies. ) + 6GB included data. For new customers only. Recharge before expiry and rollover any unused data up to a max of 15GB.
  • $50 My Prepaid Ultimate = Unlimited standard national talk and text. (All for use in Australia. Fair Go policy applies. ) + 8.5GB included data. For new customers only. Recharge before expiry and rollover any unused data up to a max of 15GB.
  • All ‘My Prepaid Ultimate’ plans come with Data free music streaming on selected apps.

My Daily Plus :
Unique in Australia, $2 days offers huge data : 
Unlimited minutes to standard Australian mobile & landlines. Calls are charged per min. They also include unlimited STD national SMS & MMSs. With this plan, you are only charged for the days you connect your phone to the network !

  • $2 per day = Unlimited standard national talk and text  + 500MB A DAY. Charged per KB. Auto bump up with an extra 524MB data for an extra $2. Maximum of $4/1GB for the day. All for use in Australia. Fair Go Policy applies.

Long expiry :
An important set of prepaid plans for those who use their phone rarely.

See our full Optus prepaid review,  check out Optus’ recharge options, or see all prepaid plans


The same great stuff which makes prepaid better value

Prepaid plans make fantastic gifts because they show generosity and consideration. There are so many good things about prepaid that we might need to remind you about the key ones. This is why prepaid plans are a great investment for Christmas.

  • It’s cheaper to buy the phone yourself and add a prepaid SIM than it is to get a phone under contract. As you can see in this example, buying from Kogan makes this person’s Christmas a good one. Even with some of the newest and most expensive phones.

Why Buy an iPhone 7 Outright + a SIM
from a small phone company ?


Found a deal on WhatPhone

  • Bought the iPhone 7 32 GB from Apple


  • 24 months on Kogan x $33.30


  • ( = Unlimited Oz Talk & Text + 8GB of 4G Data )

Minimum Total Cost $1,878.20

On Vodafone network


Went with a Vodafone contract

  • iPhone 7 32 GB

  • 24 months contract on Vodafone x $103.00


  • ( = Unlimited Oz Talk & Text + 9GB of 4G Data )

Minimum Total Cost $2,472.00

On Vodafone network

By finding a reseller deal on WhatPhone and buying his phone outright, Neil makes a



  • Prepaid plans are soooo flexible:
    You can move between plans and operators, typically, every 28 days.
  • They are soooo predictable:
    You know what you’re going to spend and, unless you decide to top the service up, you know you are never going to exceed the plan limit.
  • They are open to improvement:
    Data inclusions in prepaid plans have increased by nearly 250% in the last 2 years. If you had been in a contract, you would have been stuck with your original data allocation – some of which were as low as 500 MB for the month at the time ! By choosing a prepaid for your friend of family member you’re offering them the chance to upgrade to a new plan with more data when they want to.

Prepaid plan gift ideas:

  • Do they have an internet radio (streamed audio) service ?
    Figure out if the person you’re buying your prepaid plan for has a streamed audio service – Spotify, Google Music or IHeart Radio. If they do, consider Optus’ prepaid plans. The person you are getting the SIM from will save a fortune by getting free access to those services, through Optus’ prepaid plans. Optus don’t charge for the data people use accessing Spotify etc. any more through their prepaid plans.
  • Do they work during the week and get out and about on the weekends ?
    Some people use their data more on weekends. They tend to work in an office with Wifi during Monday – Friday and then spend the weekend travelling and out and about with friends. If the person you are buying the SIM for treats their internet access in that way Boost Mobile is the one to go for. Boost have generous data allowances during the week but they also provide a bonus data allocation to every customer every weekend. This plan offers 4G data on the Telstra mobile network.
  • Do they loveAustralian Gymnastics, or listening to the radio ?
    If you’re buying a prepaid SIM plan for a friend or family member who likes racing cars or watching them, there is an incredible gift available to you. Check our full OVO Mobile review. OVO Mobile are a new type of phone company. Not only do they offer some of the best value out there on the Optus 3G + 4G network, they also provide their users free access to unlimited Australian Gymnastics, Drag Racing (and other, often supercar related) content. Just imagine giving your son or husband a SIM card which gave them video of every Drag Race race! And the data you use to watch those races is free of charge!
  • Do they just want to minimize their plan costs ?
    Kogan Mobile offer some of the best value price plans on the market at the moment. When it comes to prepaid plans, Kogan’s offering is as good as it gets. Kogan use the Vodafone 4G network which has improved beyond recognition since it’s difficulties back in 2010. Independent analysis now says Vodafone’s 4G network is ona par with Optus and Telstra’s.
  • Are they a bit disorganized when it comes to their phone bill ?
    If you’re buying for someone who is a bit disorganized when it comes to their phone bill, consider Virgin Mobile’s prepaid Virgin’s prepaid plans are some of the few plans in market which give their users access to Data Rollover. For disorganised people who don’t monitor and manage their data usage, the ability to roll unused data from one month in to the next month can be a real life saver.


Why we don’t recommend Telstra prepaid

The simple reason as to why we don’t recommend Telstra is that their network coverage claims are (in our view) misleading. The Telstra 3G network covers 99%  of the population. The Optus 3G network covers 98.50% .

Similarly, when it comes to 4G, the Telstra network covers 96% of the Australian population. The Optus network covers almost 90% of the population. These are such small differences that, to us, they appear almost meaningless. And when it comes to the point of charging extra for the extra network coverage, as Telstra does, routinely, that doesn’t make sense to us.

We do recommend Boost Mobile, as we say above, who use the Telstra Mobile network. They don’t charge the same premium for use of the network. (Note, Boost’s coverage statistics differ to the full Telstra network.)


Why we don’t recommend Vodafone prepaid

We don’t recommend Vodafone prepaid simply because we believe there are better deals out there. Kogan Mobile use the full Vodafone 3G and 4G network. Vodafone even performs Kogan’s customer support for them!

Summing up Prepaid Plans for Xmas 2016

2016 has been an enormous year for Australian phone plans. You now have the choice of two, frankly, incredible types of phone plan. Even 12 months ago, having the options available to you that included streamed audio access as well as 4G plans with incredible data allowances would have seemed unbelievable.

It’s Christmas, a time when, typically, people buy their family and friends phones and when a disproportionately high number of SIMs / phone plans are sold. As you’ve seen, if you know someone who loves music, who’s a bit disorganised, loves sports cars and seeing them race, then you know what to get them. And if you have a friend or family member who is a little disorganised and / or uses more data on the weekend, well, you have some cheap alternatives too.

All of these changes are happening at a time when the 2G networks are closing down. If you know someone with a 2G phone, it’s time to help them upgrade!



Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.