Amaysim Data Only Plans

Amaysim Data Only Pack

Australians are hungry for mobile data, and its availability and speed thanks to 4G and 4G Plus networks is actually helping to shape the economy and our purchasing habits. As a low-cost telco, Amaysim offer a range of mobile data-only plans so that you can stay connected, no matter where you are.

The Popularity of Mobile Data

From accessing bank accounts and online shopping, to live-streaming your child’s dance recital, it seems that the availability of data is driving how we use our devices. Australians on 4G networks now consume more than twice the amount of data as people who are still using 3G.

Australian Telcos have adjusted their plans to keep up with the change, with unlimited talk and text now seen as standard and data becoming the biggest deciding factor in price. However, when compared to the unlimited mobile data plans in the U.S.A or the mobile internet speeds available in South Korea, Australia still has some catching up to do.

They may have a way to go before they can match the plans available overseas, but companies like Amaysim are offering more and more data to their customers as part of their regular phone plan or in the form of mobile data-only plans. This allows individuals and businesses to become more mobile, driving the changes in how we use the internet and our devices in everyday life.

Amaysim Mobile Plans

Amaysim mobile plans are SIM-only, which means you need to bring your own unlocked device or purchase one outright from the Amaysim website. Plans can be either postpaid or prepaid depending on whether you would rather pay for the month going forward, or receive a bill at the end. They automatically renew every 28 days, but there is no cancellation fee if you wish to change providers.

Customers can choose from 5 different mobile plans from $10 a month to $50 a month. Mobile data inclusions are the major difference between plans, although unlimited international calls to 10 countries and an additional 300 international minutes to any available country are included in the higher-end plans.

Amaysim mobile plans data inclusions range from 1 GB to 20 GB, and they offer a data calculator on the website to help you decide how much mobile data you might regularly access on your mobile phone. Amaysim use the Optus network, which covers 96.5% of Australians and provides a high speed 4G Plus network for mobile data users.

Amaysim Mobile Data Packs

Mobile data-only plans offer a solution for customers who regularly use internet-capable devices like tablets, laptops and dongles. Any unlocked device with a SIM card slot can be used with an Amaysim mobile data pack. Like the phone plans, there is no lock-in contract and the SIMs use the Optus 4G Plus network. Data options range from 2 GB to a massive 100 GB of data allowance per 28 days, which should provide an option for almost any level of personal use. Data is calculated in 1KB increments per session.

Amaysim suggest that their data packs can be used in areas where the NBN is currently unavailable. With the highest plan costing $70 per 100 GB, prices are higher than most broadband options but arguably competitive when the resulting mobility of your internet capable devices is taken into consideration. People with compatible devices can also use hotspot and tethering options to wirelessly connect other devices to make the most of their mobile data allowance.

Standout features of the Data-Only Plans

  • Usage tracking.
    Amaysim send alerts when you get close to your data allowance, helping you to stay within your plan’s limits and avoid overspending.
  • Extra data.
    If you do need to go over your allowance, you have the option of purchasing 1 GB for an extra $10, or using data at the casual rate of 15.4c/MB.
  • Next day delivery.
    Instead of waiting days to access your new plan, for $10 Amaysim offer next-day delivery so you can start accessing your new plan as soon as possible.
  • No lock-in contracts.
    Amaysim plans auto-renew every 28 days, but you can turn that off at any time at no cost.
  • Choose to pre- or post-pay.
    The plans are available at the same price, whether you choose to pay upfront or wait until your bill comes before you make your payment.



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