Optus and SBS Release the Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Apps

Optus and SBS Release the Official 2018 FIFA World Cup Apps

With an event as exciting and complex as the FIFA World Cup, you need an app that can keep pace and enhance the experience. The Optus and SBS-created apps have something for everyone, from passionate fans to those who just want to keep an eye on the scores. The Optus and SBS apps are a great option for pre-game information, live updates, and extra content.

With the introduction of the FIFA World Cup Virtual Reality app, viewers will be able to connect with the game like never before. The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off on the 14th of June (early morning on the 15th of June for us Aussies) so it’s time to look at the apps designed to help you keep up with the action.

SBS and Optus

The 2018 FIFA World Cup apps have been created and launched jointly by Optus and SBS. In addition, for the first time Ever Optus and SBS have made a VR app available for download. SBS are televising 25 matches live on free-to-air TV, while Optus holds exclusive rights to the other matches. The 2018 FIFA World Cup app has been developed along with FIFA to ensure the best content is available.

Users can access the free-to-air content hosted by SBS and Optus Sport through the app. However, to get access to full content you’ll need to be an Optus Sport Premium subscriber. This service costs $15 per month, or comes free with eligible Optus plans.

What the 2018 FIFA World Cup App Offers

  • The Matches.
    Australians can stream the 25 free-to-air matches over the app, both live and on demand. They are available with multi-lingual commentary options. The additional 39 games are only available to Optus Sport Premium subscribers.
  • Extra Content.
    The app offers access to breaking news alerts, video highlights, analysis and expert breakdown of the games, scores that are updated live, stats and figures from the matches, fixtures, group standings, and information about all the participating countries including team line-ups and relevant content.
  • HD MatchCast.
    Users have access to five different pitch angles, the ability to focus on a single team or even players, a Cable Cam, and a mosaic stream to get the best personalised view of the action. There are more than 35 cameras involved, and they are also used to provide replays and highlights from multiple angles. There are also super slow motion options.
  • Personalised Experience.
    When initially setting up the app, users are prompted to select their favourite team and other teams of interest to them. This allows the app to suggest customised content and alert the users to team-specific information. Users also have the option of selecting what notifications they want to receive, such as goals, cards, and the period remaining.
  • Short-form Videos.
    Optus Sport, FIFA and SBS are making short-form videos available, but only to Optus Sport Premium members.

The FIFA World Cup VR App

The VR App is a FIFA World Cup first, which allows fans to join in on the world cup with a virtual reality experience. Fans will be able to access their own stadium and watch matches live, in what Optus are calling an Immersive virtual reality experience.

Dedicated VR content will be recorded while the matches are taking place, which gives viewers the options of watching the match from different “locations” around the stadium. The VR experience also includes the ability to change camera angles while the live match is being played, re-play games and to interact with statistics and data.

Optus Head of TV and Content, Corin Dimopoulos said, “Fans will be able to choose a wide range of views, from being in the stands, walking out onto the field with the players, standing in the tunnel or being in a position behind the goals.”

“The virtual reality app adds more detail and interaction for viewers and typifies the way Optus uses technology to enhance and expand the way we broadcast live sport.”

The games will be available in 180 and 210 degree wide angle views, and once the game has finished users will be able to re-watch it with 360 degree views. Virtual reality still seems like a futuristic technology, so it’s exciting to see it offered for such a massive event.

Where to Get Them

Both apps are free, and can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android. The VR app is supported by Samsung Gear VR and can be downloaded via the Oculus Store.

Why You Should Download the Official 2018 FIFA World Cup App

As most Australian football fans know, it can be tough to synchronise your timetable when games are being played in the early morning. Instead of having to calculate the time difference for yourself, the app lets you know who is playing and when you can watch the match, in your local time.

If you can’t watch a match or are pacing yourself in the early stages to catch all the finals action, the app offers updates including live scores, highlights and news alerts, so you don’t have to get up at 1 am to know what’s going on.

It’s a one-stop shop for all the World Cup information, and covers a range of media such as press releases, social media posts, highlights and official team updates to keep you connected. The app feels slightly messy which makes it harder to navigate at first, so it’s a good idea to spend some time on there before the action really kicks off.

This FIFA World Cup looks to be full of action, and these apps will allow fans to stay connected with what is happening. From the immersive experience of VR to simple match stats and updates, the Optus and SBS apps let you have full access to the World Cup, wherever you need it.



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