Big Data, Cheap Price: Kogan Mobile Out to Win Customers

Kogan Mobile Cheaper Price

Everyone is always after as much data as they can get their hands on in a prepaid plan, but they also like to feel the price is right too. Kogan Mobile has done just that with its new 30 day offer for only $4.90 to new customers only.

This will get you:

  • 14GB of data
  • Unlimited calls and text

These products can only be used in Australia and current Kogan subscribers are not eligible.

Kogan the retailer to Kogan the mobile provider

Kogan has pretty much become a household name for its online retail business, especially in its electronics product line, which offers competitive prices when compared to established companies like Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. However, Kogan the mobile provider is now setting off a new trend by offering unbelievable mobile prices to new customers, even if it’s for only 30 days. It shows just how cheap mobile products can be if a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) like Kogan Mobile can dare to go where other mobile network providers have never been before.

Who does Kogan Mobile expect to attract?

There are plenty of data hungry people out there, always on the look-out for the most cost-effective deals and don’t pretend to be loyal to any one particular company. There are even people who have a fist full of SIM cards from a variety of different companies who are on the look-out for the best prepay deals. They will snap up this opportunity without giving it a second thought.

How does the $4.90 big data deal work?

Basically, new Kogan Mobile customers can take up this offer up to May 31st  this year, which allows them to subscribe to any of the company’s plans for just $4.90. This will last for 30 days.

What are Kogan’s current prepay plans?

To start with, all Kogan’s plans include unlimited texts and calls to standard Australian numbers . The choice of data is:

  • 1GB
  • 5GB
  • 10GB
  • 14GB

You can choose whichever data deal you want for $4.90, which will last for 30 days. Of course you would probably go for 14GB as that’s the best value. Once the final day has been reached you will have to recharge with the normal amount for your selected data for 30 days which is as follows:

  • IGB for $16.95
  • 5GB for $29.90
  • 10GB for $36.90
  • 14GB for $49.90

You can choose 14GB for the first 30 days, which works out at approximately $1 per 3GB and then choose the data that fits your pocket and your needs for the months after.

Apple iPhone owners get an added extra

If you own an Apple iPhone you will get included visual voicemail which is only available to post-paid Telstra and Vodafone customers normally. This is due to the fact that Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone Australia network, which gives access to visual voicemail provided by Vodafone.

Stop bill shock sign up to Kogan Mobile

David Shafer, Kogan Mobile’s Executive Director, believes that dependence on mobile communications is fuelling the demand for data, but people don’t want to be confronted with a bill-shock every time they get handed a bill. It’s difficult for this to happen with Kogan’s deal for budget-minded customers.


There is little doubt these days that the biggest communication related bill in a home is probably the data one, as the price seems to go up and up.  Kogan has set an example curbing this trend which will no doubt reverberate through the mobile provider community. Do they try to offer a competitive deal or do they sit on the fence and not compete at all? You never know! Kogan may find more customers sign up than expected.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.