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Common questions about iPhone 6S plans

What is an iPhone prepaid plan and can I use one in my 6S?

A prepaid phone service is just a way of paying for your phone bill before you receive the service. The best benefit of prepaid plans is that you know exactly what you’re paying for them.

Prepaid means you buy a SIM and recharge it with a dollar amount – say $30. From that point, you know that you will not spend more than $30 unless you decide to recharge it again.

You can read more about prepaid and how it compares to other SIM Only plans in our article on the subject. And you can see all our prepaid options, including the plan we recommend for iPhone users on our prepaid plans page.

Do I need to unlock my iPhone 6S to add a SIM Only plan?

Probably not. The only way you’d have to do this would be if you had bought your iPhone 6S under contract.

Locking iPhones is one way phone companies try to recover the costs of any discounts they offer to customer on mobile and phone plan purchases when they’re offered under contract.

To have a company unlock your iPhone you must satisfy certain contractual obligations and pay a fee. The unlocking requirements and the time it takes to unlock an iPhone vary.

Each company provides details of their unlocking procedure on their website. You can find out more about unlocking, why it’s done and how you can go about freeing yourself here.

Does my iPhone 6S need a 4G SIM ?

Yes it will. But the data you get down to your phone will not come as fast as it will on a 4G phone. The iPhone 6S is a 4G / LTE enabled phone. To have the best browsing and video experience on your phone, we recommend a 4G plan. Using a 3G or 3.5 G plan in your phone would be like buying a new car and only driving it in second gear.

We’ve explained all about 3.5G in our review Lebara.

Are all iPhone 6S SIM Only plans month to month?

The larger phone companies offer SIM Only plans on month to month, or twelve month agreements, while the smaller phone companies (also known as mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs) also offer contract free deals. These phone plans can be prepaid or postpaid  in nature.

Where can I get the most affordable 4G SIMs?

  • Telstra offer 4G data through their network reseller Boost starting just after the launch of this phone, the iPhone 6S.
  • Optus offers their best value 4G data speeds through OVO Mobile which again, we recommend above.
  • Vodafonehave some incredible 4G deals through their best reseller Kogan Mobile.

You’ll see recommended plans, for each of these phone companies, above on this page.

We recommend a plan with at least 3GB of 4G data for the iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus. Choose OVO Mobile, Kogan Mobile or Boost Mobile for the best value SIM Only plans with 4G.  ‘Continue reading’ for more detail.

Choosing the right SIM Only Plan for your iPhone 6S


Intro – 60 second guide

Here are the key factors which are likely to affect the price plan you should be choosing. There are more details in the article below.

  • Changes Apple have made which might affect the SIM Only plan you need for your iPhone 6S:
    Not much has changed hardware wise in the iPhone 6S between it and it’s predecessors. There are only a couple of augmentations which are likely to impact the SIM Only price plan which is right for you. The new iPhone has a faster ( A9 ) processor and, like the iPhone 6 Plus, there is a larger screened iPhone 6s Plus option available. Both of those changes ( processor and larger screen option ) mean you’re likely to use more data. So do smaller changes like the improved 12 MP camera and the improved 5MP FaceTime camera.
  • The bigger phone companies haven’t made many changes which will influence the plan you need :
    The bigger phone companies, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra have made a number of changes over the last year. Most of them addressed data requirements. Telstra and Optus updated their offering in September 2016 by including streaming video services like Stan or Netflix and sport options as part of their packages. They’ve made family sharing plans an option. We recommend you give all of these things a wide berth when you’re picking your SIM Only plan for your iPhone 6S. Our advice is to target your attention at what will really help you : Finding a plan with the right data allocation for your need and a simple way to manage your data. We explain the details of our suggestion and how to do it, below.
  • The deals the phone companies have on at the launch of the iPhone 6S :
    Each of the major phone companies have added more data to their plans throughout 2015. The launch of the new iPhone 6S is the key time of year for them to acquire more customers from each other. Here’s what we think of their plans :

    • Consider  the Vodafone Network :
      Their network is much improved ( it’s on a par with Optus and Telstra now ) and the network reseller Kogan Mobile offers some staggering deals.
    • Consider the Optus Network :
      By using an Optus reseller, you will get more data for the same price and access to exactly the same Optus 4G network. Additionally, the market leader, OVO Mobile now offers some unbeatable data inclusions in addition to their sports offering.
    • Telstra is right for some :
      Boost Mobile’s 4G plans offer best in market inclusions on The Telstra Mobile Network ( now with 4G! ) Telstra have a double your data offer at launch for their SIM Only plans. Telstra’s broader 4G coverage is worth the extra cost on these SIM Only plans for some ( usually around $10 per month. But if you don’t need coverage in the bush, don’t pay the extra money. )
      We have statistics on national 4G coverage below.
  • You’re more likely to have bought your new iPhone yourself :
    The research says the majority of people now avoid getting an iPhone on contract. This means that when you do buy a SIM Only plan, you need one which is flexible. Flexible enough to change in any month you want. This trend is already huge and, given Apple’s announcements this year, it looks set to grow further. In the USA, Apple are opening a payment plan option which means that if you buy the iPhone from them, rather than your phone company, you can upgrade every year. There is, of course, a fee to do that.
  • Get yourself at least 3 GB of data :
    The bigger iPhones screens and the faster processors mean the iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus is going to be using more data on average. Even during the course of your ownership, your usage is likely to increase. Most estimates suggest that in the 2 years people typically own an iPhone for, their usage more than doubles. As a result, we recommend at least 3GB to keep you going. In the article below, we go some way in to explaining the key traps being laid down when it comes to data and the best way to avoid them. Again, this means you should be finding a plan which is flexible enough that you can add more data as it’s needed, in the time you own and use your phone.

The upshot of all this is that picking your plan for your iPhone 6S involves picking a plan which has at least 3GB of data, a lot of flexibility and which lets you easily manage the data you have available. You need also 4G data. As a result, we recommend Boost Mobile and OVO Mobile and Kogan Mobile as the price plans most able to help you do those things.


Changes Apple have made to the iPhone 6S which will influence the plan you need

It’s called the iPhone 6S ( and 6S Plus ) for a reason. There are small number of changes to the hardware in this phone when compared to it’s Apple predecessor. Perhaps you, like the press which reviewed the release noticed how small the changes are. 4G networks have been expanding in Australia. You can find out more in our article on Australian phone coverage.

Albeit small, your iPhone 6S has a number of new features. Apple are famous for making their products easy to use and the 6S is no exception. The evolution of their iPhone range improves both the number of features you have and also the ease with which they can be used.

So here’s the rub :
The easier they are to use, the more data you’re going to use. What all this means is, if you’ve got an iPhone 6S, you’re going to need a more data in your phone plan.

Here’s how the new features in your iPhone 6S ( and a couple of features which increased data usage in the iPhone 6S Plus ) will contribute to that ease of use and therefore to increased data consumption:


iPhone 6S features which will influence your data usage

Apple have learned their lesson from the bendy last time and included a new, harder aluminum chassis for their iPhone 6S. That’s unlikely to impact the data you use on your phone. However, these things may :

  • A faster processor – which means faster downloads :
    Every new iPhone has a faster CPU ( that’s a central processing unit, the brains of your smartphone. ) The processor in the iPhone 6S is a new ‘A9’ chip with 2 GB of RAM. And a faster processor means you’re likely to use more data or at least experience from previous years suggests that’s highly likely. Browsing and downloading files on your new iPhone is a lot quicker with the new A9 processor. The videos you download are likely to be downloaded automatically at a higher bit rate because of this processor and it’s 4G connection. That means those videos will use more 4G data. Faster processors also allow for multitasking which can lead to multiple apps or web browsers accessing the internet at any time.
  • 3D ‘Force’ Touch :
    The iPhone 6S’s new touch-sensitive “Force Touch” display puts streaming video and other tasks at your fingertips. Erm, literally, obviously. People open their phones over 100 times per day as it is. Make it easier to navigate, open, push/click from messages to Googling a term, and they will access them even more. Every 3D touch could mean you’re downloading more data. And that’s forgetting all the secret chats your iPhone 6S has with the network while you’re not looking.
  • Larger screen sizes :
    Screen sizes haven’t changed in the iPhone 6S from the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. You’re still going to get two ( a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch ) screens to choose from. Bigger screens, including the one Apple released last year and re-released this year, have been associated with more data usage in a number of studies conducted in recent years. Since the Samsung Galaxy S2, a clear association between the size of a screen and the quantity of cellular data used by the owner has been increasingly evident. The larger screen on the iPhone 6S encourages people to fill it with something entertaining. There has been a noticeable increase in use of this iPhone for web browsing, watching videos downloaded ( see SVOD section, below ) or streamed from places like YouTube. More than any other single factor, the amount of streamed or downloaded video you watch on your phone will influence how much data you use. For example watching online video (such as YouTube) uses up 500MB per hour according to some providers. Your YouTube / SVOD usage will dwarf any other data usage influence you have and you’re more likely to use a big screen to watch it.
  • SVOD – Streaming Video On Demand.
    In addition to YouTube, purchasing your iPhone 6S now means you could well be using it instead of investing in a streaming Video on demand service. Streaming video services like Netflix, Stan and Presto are now available in Australia, often as part of a price plan from a major phone company. These services are designed to be used on mobile devices as well as your home TV. Again, this type of data usage will dwarf any app / web browsing or messaging requirement you have, and form the majority of the data you use in any one month.
  • Mirrors tablet use.
    The iPhone 6S Plus is near enough what some call a phablet. That’s a cross between a tablet and a phone. Browsing behaviour on bigger iPhones like the 6S Plus is closer to the sort of behaviour we might typically seen on a tablet. Browsing sessions are longer, engagement tends to be with multimedia content ( including those Streaming Video services we mentioned ) rather than simple web pages. Users access their device multiple times a day for multimedia content.
  • Better camera.
    Having a ‘better’ camera these days means improving the number of pixels involved in the snap. The iPhone 6S has two new improved cameras. The rear facing camera is now 12 MP. The FaceTime camera is now 5MP. This can take the file size of an image you shoot up from, say, 3MB per image to, say 5MB per image. The effect will be evident on your data usage but not substantial. As we’ve said above, the amount of video you transact to and from your phone has the most significant effect.
  • Rose Gold iPhone.
    It is unlikely that the new pink colour option will influence your data usage.


Why you should avoid Optus and Vodafone for your iPhone 6S SIM Only Plan

Put simply, taking a Vodafone or Optus plan offers you less value than the alternatives. We’ve got the examples here to show you.

  • Vodafone :
    Vodafone’s SIM Only plans have some nice, if basic inclusions. Some come with free SVOD, a Tasmanian call center who treat customers well and resolve their issues first go. Additionally, Vodafone’s 4G coverage is much better than it was. They are now on a par for national coverage with Optus and Telstra. Vodafone state their 4G coverage as 96% of metro area compared to Optus’ bigger national coverage : 96% of the Australian population and Telstra’s : 99% of the Australian population
  • Optus :
    Similarly, you can get exactly the same network coverage but a higher data inclusion by choosing one of Optus’ own resellers.

Why pay more ?

Both Cost Around $50
(Month to month agreements)

  • Deal 1

  • Per Month


  • Voice

    Unlimited Talk and Text in Oz

  • Value

    6.0 GB


Both use the Optus 4G network

  • Deal 1

  • Per Month


  • Voice

    Unlimited Talk and Text in Oz

  • Value

    6.0 GB


Both use the Optus 4G network


  • Telstra :
    Telstra do cover more of the Australian population with their 4G network. You may need to pay the extra to get access to it if you live in the bush. Additionally, Telstra’s iPhone launch promotion, in which they are doubling the data provided to new customers puts them within $10 per month of the pricing offered on the Optus network.

Got a 4G phone ?

Boost use the Telstra 4G network
( Boost cover 1.3m square Kms. )

  • Deal 1

  • per month


  • Voice

    $500 of Value

  • Data

    Up to 2.0 GB


Boost uses the Telstra Mobile Network.

  • Deal 1

  • per month


  • Voice

    $500 of Value

  • Data

    Up to 2.0 GB


Boost uses the Telstra Mobile Network.


Phone plan changes which might affect your iPhone 6S decisions

It might not seem like it but there has been a lot of change in the last year or two in the way Australian phone companies sell you your plans. A number of those changes will influence the way you lean when you’re considering buying a new SIM Only plan for your 6S.

  • It’s all about the data :
    Phone companies have fundamentally changed the way they interact with their customers over data. Key changes in the last 24 months include :

    • Family plans :
      Family plans are designed to remove individual control of data. Since no individual on a family plan is individually responsible for paying the cost of extra data used, people will be using a lot more almost as soon as they sign up.
    • Auto data addition :
      Each of the major phone companies have put in place facilities so you can’t blow your bill anymore. Optus have put in place a data rollover. As we said in the introduction, Telstra have led the entire market to increase their data allowances. Despite these changes, one third of Australians have had a bill bigger than they were expecting in the last 3 months.
    • Data Rollover :
      Data rollover is the ‘doggybag’ of telco marketing and the most overrated marketing hyped non feature ever devised by the marketing team. If you have anything left over at the end of the month, it’s because you didn’t need it. If you didn’t need your 2GB of data in January, you’re not going to use your 2GB in February – because your usage behaviour doesn’t change that much from month to month. In my view, Data rollover is designed to make you feel better about wasting your data.
    • SVOD or Streaming Video on Demand :
      is being included by Optus, Telstra and Vodafone on their plans in some circumstances so you can watch Stan, Netflix or Presto ( 3 streaming video libraries ) on your phone. This is a huge strategic trend in 2016 and we have covered it elsewhere.
    • Move away from voice charging :
      Vodafone recently revised their entire plan range making it more data centric. Now, all of their plans include unlimited voice and SMS. The only difference is in their data inclusions and the value added services on top. Optus too now include unlimited voice and SMS on all their plans. Only data separates plan inclusions.
  • Vodafone’s iPhone payment plan scheme :
    In the USA, Apple have started offering an Apple payment plan, through which, you will be able to buy your phone independantly of any phone company. Vodafone offer an equivalent scheme in Australia. However, with Vodafone, of course, it has to be tied to their plan.

What all of this means is that your attention should be on the data in your plan. It also means that you may well want to pick a plan which allows you to easily manage your data requirements. We explain how below.


The majority of people avoid buying their iPhone under contracts these days :

Research from as far back as 2014 indicated that 30% of people were buying their iPhones themselves. A further 27% were getting given them as a gift / by work / as a ‘hand me down’ device. And these proportions are increasing every year. That means that for the last 2 years, the majority of people have not been buying the iPhone under contract. With places like Kogan available to buy the hardware on the grey market and competition for Optus, Telstra and Vodafone from High Street Retailers like Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi and others, more Australians are taking the plunge and getting the kit themselves.

That means the focus for people buying their own iPhone SIM is on finding the right plan for now. No longer are users tied in to 24 month contracts, at the end of which they are offered a carrot ( a new iPhone ) by the phone company to start a new contract. This is a marked change. For years, contracts appeared to be the only option and people were caught in the buy / upgrade loop for ever.

The ramification is clear. Whatever price plan you choose should be flexible enough to let you move to a new phone company if a better deal comes along.

Additionally, as we have seen, bigger screens, faster processors and 4G / LTE speeds mean iPhone users are using more data than ever before. Usage is increasing over the course of time people own their iPhone. In the time you own your iPhone 6S, your data usage is likely to at least double.

Again, the results of this are a requirement for flexibility. Whichever plan you choose, you need the flexibility to add and remove data, at affordable rates, whenever you want to.

We recommend you choose a SIM Only plan with a month to month commitment to keep your options truly open. We also recommend keeping your eye on the best deals as they change over the course of the year, as your own usage behavior changes.


Why Buy an iPhone 6S Outright + a SIM
from a small phone company ?


Found a deal on WhatPhone

  • Bought the iPhone 6S from Apple


  • 24 months on Amaysim  x $29.90


  • ( = Unlimited Oz Talk & Text + 3GB of 4G Data )

Minimum Total Cost $1,796.60

On the full Optus 4G network


Went with Telstra contract

  • iPhone 6S 16GB

  • 24 months contract on Telstra x $88.00


  • ( = $550 value + 1GB Data )

Minimum Total Cost $2,112.00

On Telstra 4G network

By finding a reseller deal on WhatPhone and buying his phone outright, Neil makes a




The 2 problems you’ll find when picking a SIM Only plan for your iPhone 6

As you can see from the information we have above, whether you look at the iPhone 6 SIM Only plan problem as one created by Apple or one related by the phone companies, it results in 2 problems.

1. How do I create flexibility in the plan I choose for my phone.
2. How do I manage the data associated with my plan.

We answer these questions next.


How do I create flexibility in the plan I choose for my iPhone 6S ?

The fact that your data usage is likely to increase over the course of your contract mean you should be considering a SIM Only plan for your iPhone 6S which offers the flexibility you need.

  • Go for a month to month agreement :
    There are a large number of different phone companies these days who can give you a SIM Only plan with a 30 day commitment. These allow you to change up or down plans whenever you want to and to change companies entirely if a better deal comes along.
  • Consider a provider who offers month to month SIM Only contracts :
    We have mentioned the top 3 SIM Only providers with month to month contracts, above, on this page. They are not the only phone companies we recommend – you can see the rest, in the table above.
  • Focus on smaller phone companies :
    Our advice is always to consider smaller phone companies or MVNOs for your SIM Only plans. They offer access to the Optus, Telstra and Vodafone networks and they’re very often cheaper than the alternatives offered by the networks.

In addition to these plan features, we also recommend you pick a provider which lets you manage the data you need.


Data Management on your iPhone 6S

Data management is the iPhone equivalent of checking the oil in your engine. Learn it as the most basic of technical skills, do it regularly and you’ll save yourself a fortune. Luckily, it’s easy.

  • Forget the gimmicks :
    Put to one side the the Family Plans, the streaming video offers, the useless data rollovers and all the other marketing. Download the free usage app from your phone company and check your usage. Add more data when you need it. It’s that simple.
  • Choose a provider who lets you have exactly the data you want :
    We recommend 3GB to 4GB of 4G data for your iPhone 6S. Make it your business to find a phone company which offers a number of data options as part of their bundle around this allocation.
  • Consider prepaid :
    If you’re worried about price predictability ( i.e. you’d rather not be one of the 30% of Australians who have blown their bill ) then choose prepaid rather than postpaid. There’s no shame in having a prepaid plan, whatever your preconceptions.


Summing up – iPhone 6S happiness is all about checking your data usage

Apple release a new number ( for example, calling their new phone the iPhone 7 instead of the iPhone 6S ) when they’ve made big changes. When the release, a phone which has only smaller changes, they add an ‘S’ to the model number.

You can see the 6S is only a small step forward when compared with the leaps other models have included. We’ve shown you that there are actually no huge changes made by either Apple or the phone companies which will significantly impact the plan you’re on. What changes there were came in largely with the release of the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.

There are an ever increasing proportion of iPhones being purchased outright. The most important feature of plans for data hungry phones like the iPhone 6S is the data allocation in plans. That’s a way to make it easier to help you find the most competitive deal possible for your iPhone. So it’s not surprising to say that the name of the game when it comes to iPhone 6S SIMs is flexibility. Add to that the basic skill of managing your data and you’re likely to find the ideal plan you need.


Extra Resources – Articles of use to Prepaid Users

  • Prepaid plans now have streamed audio included in them :
    You may not be aware of one of the biggest improvements to prepaid plans since they were originally devised. 2016 saw the release of prepaid plans which have streamed audio included in them. If you already have a Spotify, iTunes Music, Google Music or IHeartRadio account, then you might like to find out more about streamed audio in phone plans.
  • Entertainment options are becoming common :
    You may also have started hearing about the increasing inclusion of entertainment options in prepaid and SIM Only phone plans. We also examine Optus’ mobile phone plan Entertainment options, Telstra’s mobile phone plan Entertainment options and compare the two.
  • Prepaid vs postpaid vs month to month :
    We’ve given a short explanation on this page but if you want more detail on the types of phone plans in Australia, this is it. In Prepaid vs postpaid vs month to month, we explain and the best value alternatives you have and when it makes sense to use each type.
  • Prepaid vs Postpaid –the simple trick to getting the best value :
    The tier 1 telcos ( Optus Telstra and Vodafone ) all have both prepaid and postpaid plans. Sometimes they have both types of plan at the same price point.
  • Does it make sense to buy a Phone myself and add a SIM ? :
    It’s often even cheaper to buy your own phone and add a SIM ( including a prepaid SIM ) to it. We explain how to go Buying a phone outright and adding a SIM.
  • Data Rollovers :
    Considering a plan with data rollover in it ? We explain why they’re not the real solution to the real problem with prepaid plans.

And, remember, before you buy, read the CIS (that’s the Critical Information Summary–a clearly written definition of what is and is not included in the plans from these phone companies) before you buy. You need to be confident in the plan you choose yourself. You’ll find the CIS on the Vodafone website.


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