Offering Big Data Is a Trendsetter for Telstra This Year


With more and more devices becoming available and the development of iOT there is a demand for more and more data across the whole spectrum of internet users. There are three main telcos all competing for customers, as well as hundreds of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) who rely upon agreements they have forged with one of the bigger telcos. For example, Aldi Mobile uses Telstra infrastructure. There are around 50 MVNOS all pursuing their fair share of customers. There is one or two like CMobile, which uses both Telstra and Vodafone to operate its services.

Big data attracts and keeps customers

The time for a large company to start to look for ways to boost customer numbers is when they are starting to lodge too many complaints or they are slowly turning their backs on the telco and choosing an alternative.

At the beginning of the year, Telstra started to increase its efforts to keep customers by offering bigger data packages. This has continued to be a tactic into the second quarter of the year with the number of deals available to home broadband subscribers. Those who want big data on their mobiles will find that this is still not yet an option.

The best value data bundle for broadband customers

This is the best offer for data at 1,000GB per month at a cost of $99 and includes Telstra TV. However, it is only available at a minimum cost of $2,465 on a 24 months plan and that is when you install it yourself. There is also an additional activation fee involved of $89. This is great for families, games players and TV fans especially those who can’t get their eyes off the box and love to binge on TV. If you use up your data allowance before the month comes to an end the speed of the internet will be reduced to 2,56kbps until day 1 of the next month. However, you can access Telstra Air for free if you run out of data.

This 24 month package includes Telstra TV as well as Netflix, Foxtel Play, Stan, live sport as well as catch-up TV on your home big screen.

Telstra hasn’t forgotten phone addicts, as calls to standard fixed lines make up a part of the deal and calls to all standard mobiles in Australia.

The biggest data deal ever offered for broadband customers

For just $140 a month you can get access to a whopping 4000 GB of data on a 24 month broadband plan. This seems expensive but just look at what you get for your money apart from the data.

Apart from Telstra TV you are offered a Foxtel Entertainment Package from Telstra where you can choose for a 3 month period between

  • Sports HD Package
  • Drama and Movie Package

Included also is the streaming of content such as Stan, Netflix, live sport, Foxtel Play and catch-up TV onto your home’s big screen.

Again with this big data deal is plenty of free call time as the package includes

  • All Local and National calls to fixed standard lines
  • Calls to standard mobiles in Australia
  • Unlimited calls to 35 countries to home phones
  • Unlimited calls to 17 countries to mobiles.

What is Telstra Air?

You may have been wondering what Wi-Fi symbols are doing on payphones. They are wireless hotspots which are free up to March 2018 if you have a plan for Telstra Home Broadband. There are more than 900,000 hotspots spread across Australia and you can also make use of millions of overseas Fon Spots. As long as you are on an eligible Telstra broadband service at home and you own a modem which is compatible with Telstra Gateway you can take advantage of Telstra Air. This is a great boost if you travel a lot, as you can just park your car outside a payphone with the Telstra Air symbol and get online without digging into your data allowance. Even pre-paid customers can access Telstra-Air for free, every time they recharge.


Telstra is certainly well prepared for the big data users even if it is just for broadband customers. Everyone is no doubt waiting for the big data deals to go mobile.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.