Why Self Optimising SIMs will send the carriers running for cover

Guide to Self Optimising SIMs

Here are our findings on the recent news of the expansion of e-SIM technologies around the globe and what this means for mobile phone users in Australia. There are more key details in the following article below.

  • Starhome Mach a leading player in the IoT and M2M service provider industries, has progressively entered the electronic SIM technologies market.
  • Automation of business solutions will lead to a more connected future, where different industries will be able to benefit from real time management via e-SIM technologies.
  • With the early adoption of e-SIM technologies, leading industries players such as Starhome Mach, set to change the way in which a digitally connected world operates.

Starhome Mach and emerging technologies

As recently reported, Starhome Mach a leading player in the global inter-carrier, M2M, and IoT service provider, has moved into the industry of creating e-SIM subscription technologies.

In doing so, this will allow Starhome Mach to complete the entire automation process, as well as improve on the management and connectivity when it comes to IoT.

Analysts predict this change in direction for the company will result in a profitable and effective business decision.

E-SIM technology being developed by the company will be beneficial for industries such as electrical and automotive manufacturing.

Devices such as smart metres can be monitored and connected to the network provider and can be managed by e-SIM technology, alerting the provider if the meter has expired.

Another industry which Starhome Mach is expecting great changes in, is the automotive manufacturing industry. Car manufacturers in one country which export their cars to a different country, would no longer be limited by the different network providers.

“While the operational side of downloading a new identity to the SIM is well defined, the actual business aspect such as deciding when and how to ‘localise’ devices in a global deployment can be complex. Decisions need to take into account the costs in each country, the available quality of service (QoS) and other options that might be available such as permanent roaming.” – Guy Reiffer, VP Marketing & Partnerships.

Automation with e-SIM technologies

At the moment operators who wish to utilise embedded soft SIM technologies, have to work on a one to one basis, depending on several factors such as the location of the device, inter-operator agreements and the service levels required.

Starhome Mach clever approach eliminates the need for much of this, instead simply providing the business automatically with the required intelligence, which will enable them to best optimise their services for which of the available e-SIM profiles is best to allocate.

The entire process is automated, allowing the management and growing requirements to be maximised for the efficiency and monetisation when applied to IoT devices around the world.

When it comes to business intelligence solutions and the allocation of e-SIM technologies, this can include:

  • The ability to switch IoT devices between service providers for business reasons.
  • Solving the problems of permanent roaming.
  • Where devices are manufactured in one country and distributed worldwide.
  • Ensuring better quality of service for critical devices such as life-saving equipment.

As well as ensuring e-SIM technologies can be easily adapted, the optimal wholesale costings need to be factored in, as they relate to the network agreements in place, additional parameters and network QoS.

Starhome Mach’s roaming expertise is currently used by more than 300 different operators around the world and increasing each year as new industries come on line.

Its technology is rapidly becoming an industry leader, allowing them to accelerate total implementation of eSIM technology.

The company was recorded as saying that in addition to the automation of business intelligence, SIM download will ultimately change global industries and facilitate increased growth in the IoT sector.

E-SIM technology making life easier

With companies such as Starhome Mach being leaders in their field, it just goes to show what is achievable when a new technology is released. It is far harder to anticipate a self optimising SIM until you actually have an e-SIM.

It will no doubt also cut costs and improve the experience of those who use the new e-SIM technology.

If you can imagine a BMW manufactured in Germany and shipped overseas, containing e-SIM technologies. The car wakes up when first turned on and finds out it’s in Australia.

It then connects to Telstra because the business rules say to do that in this country. The owner of the car doesn’t even have to call BMW or Telstra. BMW don’t have to be involved. It all just ‘works’.

In Conclusion

This is why the future of IoT (Internet of Things) is surging in popularity as new technologies come online.

If global industries are moving towards a connected future, it will be an interesting world to live in where the same technologies are applied on the consumer level.

Just imagine in Australia, the day will arrive where e-SIM technologies will feature in every aspect of our lives. From the homes we live in, to the offices we work at, and the cars in which we drive home in.


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