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Here are our findings on the best data plans currently available in Australia, for TPG customers who want to shop around for a better deal. There are more key details in the following article below.

  • Existing TPG customers who are not happy about moving from the Optus network to Vodafone do have a choice.
  • While TPG does provide large amounts of mobile data, other MVNOs such as Amaysim and Boost Mobile also offer competitive data amounts.
  • TPG users which rely on rural coverage would be better serviced by MVNOs on the Optus and Telstra networks.

TPG customers do have a choice

TPG mobile customers who want to shop around before deciding if they want to move with TPG to the Vodafone network or stay with Optus, have a lot of choice in the market place. For example, Boost Mobile and Amaysim are two 4G alternatives to the Vodafone network.

For the users which have agreed to stick with TPG as customers and be ported over to the Vodafone network, these people can look forward to having their mobile phone plans upgraded monthly and receive access to three new choices going forward. The new plans on offer to customers are a step up from what they previously enjoyed under Optus and offer much more value for money.

The partnership of Vodafone and TPG goes much deeper than other existing MVNO agreements do as TPG is committing to building a massive dark fibre infrastructure network, which will work as the backbone for Vodafone services.

TPG is using the infrastructure investment as leverage to receive better wholesale rates which they can then pass onto their 320,000 current subscribers, as well as any future customers who want to take advantage of their attractive prepaid plans.

Prepaid plans which are on offer at TPG

In the past TPG provided customers with 5 different plans, which ranged from the T4G small plan and all the way up to the T4G XXLarge prepaid plan. Post partnership deal with Vodafone, the range will be cut down to just 3 more manageable plans, T4G I, T4G II and T4G III.

TPG is now offering great savings and large amounts of Mobile Data for customers, which is a great improvement on the older prepaid plans, on the previous Optus network.

When doing a comparison to what TPG offers its customers on their prepaid plans and what the other MVNO’s provide, at the same price points, it’s pretty even in competition.

Who are the MVNO competitors?

TPG is the first MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in Australia to provide customers with access to the Vodafone 4G network, with the exception of Vodafone themselves. MVNOs such as Lebara and Cmobile only have the ability to provide access to the Vodafone 3G network.

While this in its self is not a bad thing, if you live in a built up area with poor signal coverage or live in rural parts of Australia, then being on the Vodafone network, is not the most suited provider for you as their network coverage is not as good as Telstra or Optus.

Amaysim on the Optus 4G Plus network and Boost Mobile on the Telstra 4G network are two great MVNOs which offer the same great deals as TPG does, all while being connected to superior networks.

What Vodafone are telling their customers

Vodafone chief executive officer, Iñaki Berroeta, in a recent interview discussing the TPG and Vodafone Australia partnership, said :

“The operator’s mobile network that has been steadily bulking up its reach and capacity.”

“Dark fibre is about preparing Vodafone for the future,” he said. “It is the next step in our network evolution and builds on our multi-billion dollar network investment in recent years to further enhance the customer experience.”

Boost Mobile a 4G network alternative

Boost Mobile resell access to the Telstra 3G and 4G networks, which means in comparison to TPG they offer better coverage Australia wide, as well as providing fast mobile data speeds on downloads.

Using the $40 price point on the prepaid plans for comparative purposes, let’s take a look at what both Boost Mobile and TPG offer consumers.

TPG on this price point provide their customers with a generous monthly allowance of 5GB of mobile data, unlimited calls and unlimited text messaging in Australia. But one slightly annoying thing is that they charge $10 for the SIM card, which in comparison to Boost Mobile who don’t.

Boost Mobile on their $40 per month prepaid plan give their users 3GB of Mobile data and the same unlimited calling and texting Australia wide which TPG offer. While this plan is 2GB less than TPG, there is also 2GB of Bonus data given every weekend. Now this bonus data only lasts from Friday evening to Sunday evening, but it does add up to an extra 8GB per month, for a plan total of 11GB, which is a good deal.

Boost Mobile | Best Prepaid Data Rates On The Full Telstra Network

boost mobile logo

Prepaid | 28 day expiry | On The Telstra Mobile Network 3G+4G

Boost Mobile are a reliable brand. They are the only phone company other than Telstra to resell the full Telstra ‘Retail’ Network. With Boost you’ll get:

  • The full Telstra Mobile Network
    Other phone companies resell part of the Telstra Mobile Network. Only Boost and Telstra plans allow you access the whole thing.
  • Free streamed audio:
    Data free streaming of Apple Music (requires subscription) on top of the data included in your plan.
  • Recharge options from $10 to $70:
    Boost have a total of 5 recharge options for their prepaid plans, ranging between $10 and $70.

Boost Mobile Plans For Your Mobile

  • Boost Prepaid $20 = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 5GB data.
  • Boost Prepaid $30 = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz +40GB (includes 20GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data. 
  • Boost Prepaid $40 = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 50GB (includes 20GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data. 
  • Boost Prepaid $50 = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 70GB (includes 30GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data.
  • Boost Prepaid $70 = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 100GB (includes 35GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data.

All talk time and SMS for use in Australia to Australian numbers. All data is for use in Australia. You can learn more about this company in our Boost Mobile review.



Amaysim a 4G MVNO alternative

Amaysim are an MVNO which purchase wholesale from the Optus 4G Plus Network and provide some of the best deals currently on the market in Australia.

Currently on the $39.95 price point Amaysim allow their users to take advantage of the same great unlimited calls and text messaging services Australia wide as well as providing 5GB of 4G mobile data.

This is exactly the same prepaid deal on offer at TPG with the added benefit of being on the premier Optus 4G network which offers superior coverage to rural and farming area customers, unlike the lesser grade infrastructure of the Vodafone Network.


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If you need another network, for example you’re after an unlimited plan with Telstra coverage, or you live in a city and you’re happy with Vodafone, you might like to check our SIM Only Comparison page and compare all the plans ( including every one mentioned on this page. )


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