Yomojo’s Unique Family Plans – And How They Can Save You $

Family Data Sharing Plans and Yomojo’s Offerings

For almost everyone these days, data is the most important part of a mobile phone plan. When you have to plan for a family with different needs, the search for the right plan can be even harder. Two of the main cornerstones of a good mobile phone plan are good service and good value, and Yomojo’s family mobile plans happen to provide both.

With some family members chewing through data with others hardly touching it, pooling resources is a great solution. Family data plans like the ones offered by Yomojo cater to these requirements and are ideal for budget-conscious consumers.

Yomojo offers two family aspects to its mobile plans:

  • Family Bundles – which give users an increasing discount according to how many family members join
  • FamilyEye – special software parents can install on their kids’ phones to make sure they’re safe when they’re using a mobile data connection to the internet.

Let’s explore how you can pool, share and use Yomojo’s family mobile plans:

Yomojo’s Family Bundles – Great Family Data Plans at a Great Discount

Not every member in your family uses the internet for the same purpose, or in the same way. Yomojo offers a comprehensive mobile plan lineup for family. Unlike the data sharing schemes targeted at families that are offered by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, the Yomojo Family Bundle features plans that vary in the amount of calls, texts and data allocation depending on how much the family wants to pay per month. Customers can choose a plan with inclusions that will cater for their family.

The Family bundle plans are flexible too as they allow each member of the family to opt for a plan that addresses their needs. With Yomojo Family Bundles, you can add up to six service lines or family members under the same account. More lines mean more monthly discount. –

  • 2 Line – 5% discount
  • 3 Lines – 7.5% discount
  • 4 Lines – 10.0% discount
  • 5 Lines – 12.5% discount
  • 6 Lines – 15.0% discount

Yomojo’s plans let you accumulate saving since each plan in the bundle gets its own discount, and then maximize it by further getting a discount on each line added to the bundle. Of course, the amount you save per month will depend on the chosen plans and number of lines.

Getting Started with a Family Bundle

Simply choose the number of service lines your family needs and then select the right-sized plan for each line.

Again, with Yomojo (as with most SIM Only plans) there is no lock-in contract; which means you can modify your plans every month or change your mind about the plans without worrying about the cancellation charges.

If you run out of data it can be added to your plan, for a cost of 1GB for $11 or 2GB for $20.

Yomojo FamilyEye

With mobile devices capable of accessing the internet being given to younger members of the family, security and safety becomes an issue. It has become incredibly challenging for parents to limit their kid’s access to internet and mobile devices. Yomojo has stepped in with a smart parental control application to ensure that the kids are protected.

FamilyEye makes it easy to track your kid’s online activities. It helps you manage your children’s use of in-app purchasing and social apps. You can limit or stop their camera, video and screen time usage, and the app lets you eliminate adult content. You can create ‘Safe Zones’ to track the whereabouts of your kids – and all this from your mobile phone.

Getting the FamilyEye app

Yomojo’s Family Eye App helps you monitor and manage what your kids do with their phones

Is there any other alternative for FamilyEye?

Yes, OVO Mobile also offers a parental control solution.

OVO Mobile, a rival phone company which uses the same network as Yomojo offers a similar option for families. OVO’s Family Zone is a box that plugs into your home router and serves as a cyber gatekeeper for all digital devices in your house.  The box itself costs AU$89 upfront (plus delivery), and then Family Zone is free for the life of the data plan you choose with Ovo. People who don’t use Ovo for their mobile data service will need to pay $59.40/year to use the Family Zone box.

Is Yomojo the best choice?

FamilyEye is an easy-to-use mobile app that costs just $5 per month for each child profile, compared to a fairly significant start-up cost and ongoing expense if you aren’t with OVO. Also, setting up and managing your Family Zone box may require a fair bit of time. But with Yomojo’s FamilyEye you can manage everything from an interactive dashboard.

Yomojo’s Family Plans are appealing in terms of quality, data quantity and safety.  Not only does it help you manage your billed plans, but also lets you protect your kids in the cyber world. With data safety and shared plans, Yomojo lets you get the most out of staying together.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.