Telstra’s Cheapest Phone Plans

cheap plans from Telstra

Are cheap plans from telstra really worthwhile?

Until recent months, Telstra set itself apart from direct competitors (specifically Vodafone and Optus) by offering a boatload of premium services at a premium cost. Telstra’s customers enjoy exclusive features such as free streaming of AFL, NRL, and Netball, and access to the Telstra Air network.

Telstra’s data-free streaming.

Telstra offer data-free streaming for a number of sports. Source

Now though, the telco’s recent strategy tries to win budget customers over with cheap phone plans, but that doesn’t imply Telstra is willing to offer sub-par plans.

Telstra’s new plans are highly competitive, giving a great bang for your buck. What’s more, nearly half of all mobile carriers in Australia operate under the Telstra network. These MVNOs also have a slew of mobile plans that also give you cost-effective access to some of the perks of the Telstra network at a budget-friendly cost.

The cheapest Telstra mobile plans

Here are the cheapest mobile plans Telstra has to offer, based on the amount of data included:

  • Telstra network plans with 30GB data or more:
    Telstra currently offers a 60GB data allowance for $49 per month in a 12-month contract, which is one of the best rates in the country. This is quite a steal, given that the company’s other mobile plan that comes close to this offering costs $69 per month and offers only 30GB data allowance. Also, if you don’t want to go into a contract, Southern Phone currently offers 30GB monthly data for $60 on a month-to-month basis using the Telstra network.
  • Telstra network plans with 15GB of data or more:
    These plans are right up the alley for moderate internet users who need only a few gigabytes of data for their monthly data needs. Currently, Southern Phone offers the best deal for this category of internet users — 15GB for $30 on a month-to-month basis. You should also consider Boost Mobile’s $40 recharge that comes with a 22GB data allowance on the Telstra network. However, since these recharges last only a maximum of 28 days, you need to top up at least 13 times in a month, although you can quit after using up the data from the last recharge. For people who make international calls regularly, Belong offers the most cost-effective, all-inclusive option. For $40 per month, you get 15GB data allowance in addition to unlimited talk and text to 33 select countries.
  • Telstra network plans with 5GB of data or more:
    If you’re a light internet user, Southern Phone is your best bet. The company currently offers 5GB for $20 per month in a contract-free, all-inclusive plan. This is one of the best low-end deals you can get on the Telstra network. Belong follows closely behind Southern Phone in this category, offering 5GB for $25 per month on a monthly basis, with an option to get unlimited international calls to 35 countries for just an extra $5 per month. For low-budget prepaid plans, Telstra offers a $30 8GB plan with a 22GB data bank bonus on your first 5 recharges.

Benefits available to only Telstra customers

As the oldest and most prominent telco in Australia, Telstra offers some exclusive benefits that aren’t available to mobile users anywhere outside the network. Here are some of the exclusive benefits you’ll get as a Telstra customer:

  • Free streaming of AFL, Netball, and NRL.
  • “Unlimited data” plans: These plans come with ‘never-ending’ data allowances. They usually offer large amounts of data, more than most smartphone users can ever need.
  • “Peace of mind” data: This offer helps you extend your data allowance without breaking your bank whenever you’re close to exhausting your monthly data allowance prior to the end of the month. For a flat fee, you’ll be able to get all the data you need to see through the end of the month after exhausting your data allowance ahead of time.
  • The ‘Thanks’ loyalty program: This is a perk that gives you cheap cinema tickets and front-row access to music shows.
  • Data sharing: With this facility, Telstra allows you to share a single large bundle between multiple devices (say between family members who most times don’t stick together to use your home broadband). However, the service costs $10 per month.
  • Shared phone number: This exclusive offer allows you to split your phone number between multiple devices.

Final words

To stay competitive, Telstra now offers a number of cheap phone plans, and so do MVNOs using the Telstra network. Telstra plans come with a number of perks, such as data free streaming of several sports. With a wide range of plans available, the telco likely has a plan suited for any individual customer.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.