How to Cancel your Telstra Plan

There are numerous reasons as to why individuals opt to cancel their phone plans, the most common being dissatisfaction

Many individuals opt to cancel their phone plans for numerous reasons, particularly dissatisfaction. Source

Why Would I Want to Cancel my Telstra Plan?

Loyalty doesn’t always get you the best deal these days, so when getting into a plan it’s a good idea to know how to get out.

When a subscriber chooses to cancel their phone plan, one of two scenarios is generally occurring;

  • They may be cancelling their current subscription plan on the network
  • They may be opting out of the service entirely and to another.

There are a variety of factors which influence this decision. Here are some of the reasons as to why someone might cancel their phone plan:

  • Dissatisfaction with the Service Provider – This is perhaps the main reason why customers choose to leave a service provider. Those dissatisfied with various aspects of the service can choose to opt out of it.
  • Relocation – Individuals moving to regions that their current service provider does not cater to can opt to discontinue their service with their provider. This is particularly common with expatriates and international students.
  • Bereavement – Individuals may opt to cancel phone plans and services following the death of close friends and family members who formerly utilized the service.

Before I Cancel My Telstra Plan

Deciding to opt out of a phone plan is not a simple matter – a phone plan is a contract, so it isn’t a matter of simply deciding to leave. There are some key factors that subscribers on the network must take note of when opting to cancel their plans. Some of these factors include;

  • Existing number — Subscribers on the Telstra network will be able to keep their existing numbers should they decide to cancel their services with the network and opt for another provider. This option can be selected at cancellation point.
  • Minimum Total Cost — For subscribers on a contracted phone plan, minimum total cost (MTC) refers to the minimum cost the mobile device will incur over its payment period. When a subscriber opts out of the service, they will be required to pay what is left of the minimum total cost to the telco.
  • Other Contractual Requirements — Depending on the requirements of the contract the subscriber has with the telco, they may be required to pay additional costs such as early termination fees. It is important to check with your telco and make sure you are free of any contractual obligations beforehand.

How do I Cancel my Service on the Telstra Network?

On the Telstra network, there are two major ways by which subscribers can cancel their existing phone plans with the network. They are;

  • Putting a call through to 13 22 00 and asking them to disconnect you from the service;
  • Chatting online with a Telstra representative to discuss other suitable phone plans which may interest the subscriber.

Before going ahead with cancelling your service plan, it is advisable to check your contract status and any upgrade offers or early termination charges that cancelling your service plan may cost you. It is also advisable to check all pending device, handset and accessory fees, such as mobile phones that you got with the plan or the Telstra Gateway Modem.

For subscribers on Device Payment Contracts (DPCs), a single payment of the remaining balance for the device is required to cancel the plan. Subscribers can check their balance here.

Cancelling Your Provider

Plans are getting cheaper and more inclusive, and there are many other reasons that leaving Telstra might begin to look attractive. It is possible to cancel your plan, and the actual process is simple, but it could cost you.

It is important that as a subscriber opting out of the network, you know what contractual requirements you will have to uphold beforehand. There could be early cancellation fees, minimum total cost on devices or other contractual obligations, which are written into the fine print of your contract. Paying out these fees could still save you money if your new plan is significantly cheaper, or the total repayment figure could cause you to reconsider.

Of course, ideally no one would sign up for a plan they didn’t want to keep. In reality, there are plenty of reasons why a customer would want to leave Telstra. Be careful when signing a contract but if you do want to leave, it is possible to cancel your Telstra plan.

Neil Aitken

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