The Inside Track on Telstra’s Christmas Offers of 2018

The Inside Track on Telstra's Christmas Offers of 2018

Telstra’s Christmas Spirit: The Gift of Giving.

Telstra has launched a 10 GB (Gigabytes) data bank plan. This Christmas treat furthers Telstra’s vision of keeping people connected during this magical time of the year.

For those away from home, Telstra’s offer is even more of a gift. With 10 GB to spare, staying connected with friends and family this holiday season, regardless of distance, just got easier.

Telstra’s Christmas offers don’t stop there. The company also offers data-free streaming, free Wi-Fi hotspots, huge discounts on Android devices, and more. To get familiar with the offers, here’s a guide to Testra’s Christmas Offers of 2018.

What is a data bank?

Telstra’s data bank concept goes beyond the traditional rollover idea. A data bank automatically stores unused data for future use. If a customer’s data plan is not exhausted before the next month, the unused data is moved to the data bank. Unlike rollover plans, data stored in the data bank don’t have to be used the following month; they can be stored indefinitely.

Although the data bank allows storage of excess data indefinitely, Telstra’s Christmas offer comes with a 200 GB storage cap. Considering the perks of indefinite storage, however, 200 GB seems generous enough. What’s even better is the fact that data remains in the bank even when there is a failure to recharge.

With the increased penetration of the Internet, data banks have become imperative because it allows a customer to access unused data over indefinitely.
Data banks are the future of mobile service provider. Source: Telstra 


What Telstra has in store for you?

Telstra, known for its excellent coverage, also offers data-free access to millions of songs on Apple Music. Data-free streaming also includes live sports games and the company offers free Wi-Fi connections at over one hundred Telstra locations.

These perks are attractive, but don’t begin to scratch the surface of Telstra’s Christmas offers. This season, Telstra offers an exciting prepaid plan with gifts of data.

Prepaid Max Plan – A plan that’s worth every penny

  • Testra’s Christmas offers incudes the Prepaid Max Plan. The plan features unlimited national calling and texts. The plan also offers extra credits for international calls, text, roaming, and premium SMS. The Prepaid Max Plan is available in $30, $40, $50, and $60. All plans come with a 10GB data bank bonus on the first five $30+ recharges before a specified date.
  • The $30 plan: 8GB of data along with $5 extra credit for international calls and text, roaming,and Premium SMS.
  • The $40 plan: 18GB of data, unlimited international calls, and $10 extra credit for international calls and text, roaming, and Premium SMS.
  • The $50 plan: 28GB of data, unlimited international calls, and $15 extra credit for international calls and text, roaming, and Premium SMS.
  • The $60 plan: 38GB of data, unlimited international calls, and $20 extra credit for international calls and text, roaming, and Premium SMS


The plans are as follows:

With Christmas around the corner, Telstra is offering prepaid Max plans with some fantastic benefits to the customers.

The all-new prepaid Max plan from Telstra


Other Telstra offers

Telstra is also offering huge discounts on Android-based prepaid plans and phones, including the Telstra Superior, Samsung J2 Pro, Nokia 2.1, Alcatel 1X, Telstra Essential Plus and Alcatel U5 4G. Telstra’s Christmas offers will also include a FREE Google Home Mini Gi with the purchase of the aforementioned Android devices.

To gain new customers and retain existing ones, Telstra is offering a discount of $50 on selected Android mobile phones.

$50 off and free Google Home Mini Gi on Buying Android Phones

Final Word

Telstra’s Christmas offers explain why the company is Australia’s largest telco. With data bank surprises, data-free streaming, free Wi-Fi connections, attractive plans, and huge discounts, there’s sure to be a gift for everyone in Telstra’s Christmas offers.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.