What is Telstra’s Peace of Mind Data?

Peace of mind data

Telstra is bringing back unlimited data plans

2018 will go down as a revolutionary year in the history of the Australian telecommunication industry. Australia’s largest telco Telstra underwent a paradigm shift and introduced data plans called ‘Peace of Mind Data’ – their term for an unlimited data plan. The company radically overhauled their plans and eliminated the headache of paying data charges for every extra kilobyte of data used by the customer.

With the all new Peace of Mind Data, customers can use unlimited data on their tablets and smartphone without worrying about the data meter.

Kissing Excess Data Goodbye Source

The mystery behind it

Under the plan, a customer’s access to data is unlimited and never cuts off. That means that if the customer runs out of their included data in the month, they will not have to pay anything extra for the excess usage. Instead, the speed of the data is reduced to 1.5Mbps, which is further slowed during the peak hours. While customers will have to work around slower speeds, they won’t have to incur an additional cost. However, if the slowed data speeds is inconvenient, the customer also has the option to purchase extra data at full speed in 1GB lots, which costs $10 per GB. Peace of Mind data is a well-tailored plan option for data-hungry customers.

End of data frustration

With this latest plan, Telstra is addressing the frustration of keeping an eye on their data allowance for every activity. It allows the customers to happily see HD videos and enjoy their free time playing online games without having to worry about data usage.

The reason for the sudden change

For the past few months, Telstra is advocating their T22 strategy.  The T22 scheme is a product innovation which is aimed at reducing the “pain points” of customers and creating an excellent consume experience. With the change in the mobile plan, the company is hoping to revive customer loyalty, increase their customer base and provide affordable access to data to the customers.

Everything you need to know

The plan ditches extra data charges and applies to SIM-only plans. To motivate their customers to stay loyal, Telstra is providing an alternate option to stay on full speed data by paying $10/GB over the monthly limit. As a customer, you can switch between paying extra and the Peace of Mind plan once per calendar month.  However, plan chosen will not automatically switch back to the initial plan for the next month. For example, if you want to opt for paying the 1GB excess data charge for November, you will have to inform Telstra in December that you want to switch back to the unlimited plan to avoid incurring extra data costs.

Under the new plan, Telstra will send real-time data usage information to their customers on completing certain milestones such as exhausting 50%, 80% and 90% of the monthly data.

The Revolutionary Peace of Mind Plan from Telstra Source

Telstra plans to offer ‘Peace of Mind Data’

To truly transform customer expectation of Australian telecommunications, the company is providing their innovative solutions to the mobile phone plans listed below.

The company offers three BYO post-paid SIM-only plans, and the new scheme is included in all the three except for their entry level plan. It leaves the $69 and $89 plans which offer 60GB and 90GB respectively. However, if you use the entry level plan of $49, you may add Peace of Mind data by paying $10/month. Unless you cancel the plan, Telstra will continue to charge you $10 per month. But, if you use the $69 or $89 plan, you can enjoy the Peace of Mind Data at zero cost, and you can switch to extra data by paying $10/GB.

Innovative Peace of Mind data allows the customer to unlimited data at reduced speed without paying any additional cost to the mobile carrier.

Telstra plans for Peace of Mind Data

Do you need an unlimited plan?

Although data speed is capped at 1.5Mbps (a fair enough speed to browse, Facebook, use Whatsapp and watch low-quality videos), the unlimited plans from Telstra are worth the investment. The scheme is handy for customers who travel long hours and love to browse the internet in their free time. However, for those who enjoy watching HD quality videos, the Peace of Mind data is not meant for them. The Peace of Mind data plan offers a ne.

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