What on earth are Phablets ?

What are phablets?

I just heard of Phablets for the first time – what are they ?

It’s a somewhat awkward sounding name, but Phablets are the next big thing in mobile devices. In the opinion of WhatPhone, while phablets won’t be for everyone, they’ll probably have a good market share for some time to come.

What are Phablets?

Phablets are placed somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet in terms of size and features. They can be termed a ‘tablet-phone’. They’re slightly bigger than your mobile phone, but they tend to offer more utility compared with an average smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note ( this device is, at the time of writing, one of our top 7 ! ) is a good example of a popular phablet, and it has already racked up five million in sales. With a 5.3 inch screen, it’s big enough to read eBooks and the news, but not so large that you can’t comfortably carry it around.

Benefits of Phablets

Phablets have a number of advantages over other smartphones. Most revolve around its larger screen size. Phablets have a good reading sized screen, allowing users to browse the internet, do Facebook updates, watch movies, browse their photo collection, check and write emails, work with a handheld stylus (as does the Samsung Galaxy Note), and read eBooks.

One of the reasons for the popularity of table-phones is because people really only want to carry one device, rather than using both a smartphone and a tablet. In markets such as Asia, devices with large screens that support easy handwriting is important, largely due to the language.

So What’s New About it?

Admittedly phablets or tablet-phones aren’t really all that new. There have been larger smartphones before, such as the Dell Streak. But it has taken the success of sexy tablet devices such as the iPad to build a market for tablet-phones. WhatPhone says phablets are most likely here to stay.


Neil Aitken

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