Vaya tablet plans. Which are right for you ?

Who are Vaya ?

Before we get into the specifics of these tablet plans, let’s talk about who Vaya are. They’re a relatively unknown provider of SIMs, in Australia and we figured that before you went with them, you might need  some general information about the company.

Vaya is a Brisbane based phone company. They’re an MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network operator. That means they rent, they don’t build the mobile infrastructure they use. If ‘reseller’ is a term you’re familiar with, you might like to consider Vaya a reseller of Optus’ network.

As I am sure you know, building networks to cover countries the size of Australia is not a cheap endeavour. The fact Vaya rent the Optus network means they can focus on their pricing and keep it affordable. Companies which rent the network of the tier one phone companies are known as MVNOs.

MVNOs are well worth considering for price plans including tablet plans. Typically, they offer very similar products to the tier 1 phone companies ( tier 1 companies are the ones you know, Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Optus and Vodafone Australia ) MVNOs are especially worth considering for commodity products like tablet data plans.

Realistically, there is very little that can go wrong with this sort of purchase. When it comes to commodity products like a SIM only purchase, brand doesn’t matter at all. You’re buying ( access to the Optus network for calls and data ) is essentially a utility and, since MVNOs offer the best pricing, they should be top of your list of comparisons.

Key points about Vaya’s Tablet SIM plans – why consider Vaya ?

  • Vaya uses the Optus network :
    Importantly, Vaya use Optus’ 4G data network. Not all MVNOs do use 4G and it makes a huge difference to the experience you’ll have of using your tablet when you’re out and about. Coverage on the Optus network is great, especially in metro areas. And, as an MVNO, you’ll get access at rates which do not reflect the significant overheads that Optus have.
  • Vaya offer no-contract SIM Only solutions to their customers :
    You’ve almost certainly bought the tablet yourself and are now shopping around for the best deal on a SIM for it. As a result, you don’t want to be tied in to a contract to get the best rates possible. No contract options are best. They give you the flexibility to move to a new provider if you need to.

How much data do I need for my tablet ?

So let us say you are just an, “Average Tablet User.” Estimates of average data usage on tablets vary as wildly as individual behaviour. Your usage will obviously depend entirely upon how you use it.

Critically, the amount of time you spend watching You Tube and the proportion of your time you spend within reach of your home wireless network ( and therefore avoid needing to use the cellular network ).

You don’t need a ton of frills with the SIM for your tablet, just general internet access. You’re after a little for work and a little more for play. You have done a little bit more research and you like what you hear about Vaya, the first question to spring to mind is likely, “Which Vaya Tablet plan should I get?

Vaya offers fours tiers, or ranks of plans going from very little minutes and data usage to unlimited. The rates at Vaya are pay per month and as follows.

  • $19 gets you 1 GB.
  • $28 gets you 4GB.
  • $43 gets you 7 GB
  • $55 get you 10 GB

CHECK VAYA Mobile Data Plans

The design of these different plans seems rather random and there isn’t really any clear differentiation between them.

From $19 to $28 there is a huge jump in value with a smallest in price. Paying only $9 more a month and gaining 3GB is a pretty fantastic deal. If you are only an average data user you likely won’t need either of the two top-tier plans so it is highly recommended you go for the $28 a month plan.

Something you need to be aware of with any of the plans from Vaya is the fact that, like pretty much every other phone service provider, data usage is never unlimited, even with their top tier plan.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.