How to Check Balance in Vodafone


Prepaid plan limit

If you’re looking for a prepaid plan, then Vodafone should be one of your top options. They offer a range of prepaid plans to choose from, and even offer pay-as-you-go plans for customers who aren’t really sure about how much minutes, texts, and data they need.

When choosing a prepaid plan, it’s important to know what your inclusion limits are. These days, most plans come with unlimited voice and SMS, but data inclusions are typically limited – keeping track of your data limit can really help you avoid using up all of your data before your plan expiry kicks in.

However, Vodafone prepaid plans have a unique feature called infinite data that helps you worry less about your data limit. Infinite data allows you to browse at a throttled 1.5mbps download speed after you exhaust your plan data. That means it never runs out – you’ll never be without data again when you’ve used up your included high speed plan data.

Infinite data is available on all of Vodafone’s 28-day expiry plans. You can choose from 3 of these plans, ranging from $30 to $50 for 40GB to 60GB of data. Also, Vodafone runs frequent promotions on these plans – for instance, at the time of this post, Vodafone’s $50 60GB prepaid plan was being offered for just $19 on activation and the first 2 recharges.

If you want a long expiry plan, Vodafone offers those too. You’ll find a 6-month 60GB plan, as well as a 150GB plan that last 12 months. Unfortunately, these prepaid plans don’t include infinite data, so you’re left with only your plan data and it would be wise to monitor its limit and your data usage.

Data usage

Even if you purchase a Vodafone prepaid plan with infinite data, you should still monitor your data usage. That’s because infinite data is slower than your plan data – Vodafone will throttle your download speed to 1.5mbps when infinite data kicks in, which could make streaming difficult, as well as large downloads.

Many smartphone manufacturers include options to help you monitor your data usage, usually available in your phone’s Settings menu. If you have an iPhone, we’ve written a helpful guide to iOS data saving that you should definitely check out. And if you have an Android phone or any other device, we’ve written a data saving article for you too.

However, although such built-in data monitoring options are helpful, they might not be as accurate as your telco’s own measurements of how much data you’ve actually used.

Thankfully, Vodafone customers can monitor their data usage on the My Vodafone self-service app.  We’ll tell you all about how to check your Vodafone prepaid balance later in this post, but first, here’s a couple of things to note about My Vodafone:

  • Your data usage will be updated within 48 hours
  • However, if you’ve been roaming, your data usage will be updated within 72 hours. 
  • Your available data usage history on My Vodafone is for the past 3 recharge cycles.

Check Vodafone prepaid balance

Be sure to check your data usage frequently to keep track of how much high-speed plan data you have left until your recharge date. That way, you can browse at your maximum speeds for a lot longer, and you can also keep track of your recharge expenses and other inclusions.

Here’s how to check your Vodafone prepaid plan balance:

  • The simplest way to view your balance is by logging in to the My Vodafone app, which can also be accessed on the Vodafone website.
  • After you log in, your balance will be displayed on the dashboard, and you will also be able to access your data usage history.
  • If you’re unable to view your balance on My Vodafone, you can call 1512 from your Vodafone handset to check.
  • You can also text ‘BAL’ to 1511 from your Vodafone device to check your balance.

Final words

Your Vodafone balance is the value of the recharge that you have left after purchasing or a prepaid plan. In the old days, Vodafone’s Call Centers were staffed with hundreds of people down in Tasmania (I worked for Vodafone and visited the Hobart office many times) answering customer queries on how much of their balance they had left.

However, those days are gone.

Now, with smartphones, you can most easily discover your Vodafone balance by installing and then using the Vodafone self-service app, called My Vodafone. You’ll have your answer in seconds, not minutes. And of course, by reducing the cost to Vodafone of providing you that information, your phone plan is a little bit cheaper; and when you do need to talk to the team down in Hobart, you’ll get through a lot quicker.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.