How to Check Your Own Number on Vodafone Australia

Check Vodafone Number

Checking phone number with Vodafone Australia

Research shows that people don’t call as often as they used to. These days, phone usage mostly revolves around social media, streaming, email, and chatting via apps like WhatsApp. We use voice calls and SMS less and less, so much so that you might actually forget what your own phone number is. This can be a problem when you really need your phone number – for instance, if you’d like to keep the same number when switching to another telco.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need your phone number but you haven’t memorized it, there are some simple steps you can take to retrieve your number on the Vodafone Australia network:

  • First, check to see if you device is using WiFi calling. If so, then turn it off.
  • Next, dial *#100# on your mobile handset, and your phone number will pop up.
  • If these steps fail, you can contact Vodafone from your handset by dialing 1555.

Also keep in mind that there are some general steps to retrieve your phone number on Android and Apple phones, regardless of which network you are on.

Android phones:

  • Go to Settings > tap About Phone > tap Status > your number will be displayed under My phone number. Keep in mind that these steps may vary depending on your Android device.

Apple iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > tap Phone > your number will be displayed under My Number.

And if you’re interested in retrieving your mobile broadband number, your options will be quite different. Here’s how to retrieve your mobile broadband number:

  • Check the front page of your bill, under Bill Summary;
  • If you’ve purchased more than 5 Vodafone services, then check the This Bill section, and find your mobile broadband number under Summary of service; OR
  • Access My Vodafone on your mobile broadband device and take not of your number towards the top of the dashboard.

And if you have access to a second mobile device, you can always call that phone with your Vodafone device, and take note of your number on caller ID.

Vodafone Customer Service Support

There’s a good chance you’ve already retrieved your phone number from Vodafone Australia by following the steps we outlined above. However, if that doesn’t help, then your best bet is to get in touch with Vodafone.

There are different ways that you can contact Vodafone support. By far the easiest option is to use their online channels. Vodafone provide online support via live chat, contact forms, and you can also reach out on the My Vodafone self service app.

And if you prefer to speak to a support staff over the phone, dial 1555 from your Vodafone handset. If you’re calling from a different handset, dial 1300 650 410. And if you’re outside of Australia, dial +61 426 320 000.

The numbers above apply if you’re on a Vodafone postpaid or prepaid SIM only plan, mobile broadband plan, or NBN plan.

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Vodafone has had some rough times in the past. The most memorable was back in 2010 when mobile phone connectivity came to a grinding halt due to increased demand on their network.

Things have changed a lot since then. These days, Vodafone has the least customer complaints amongst the 3 largest mobile telcos in Australia, according to Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) 2019/2020 annual report.

top 10 providers by volume of complaints

Vodafone has the least volume of customer complaints amongst the three major mobile telcos in Australia, according to TIO report.

And since the telco’s merger with TPG Telecom became final last year, we’ve seen their focus on improving customer satisfaction increase even more. And even before that, Vodafone Australia chief executive Inaki Borroeta had rehashed their 2016 pledge to to cut down customer complaints through the use of increased automation systems.

Final words

By far the quickest way to get your problem solved when it comes to Vodafone’s services (or any other company’s services for that matter) is to engage with them online. Vodafone has spent tens of millions of dollars investing in their self service app and digital service capabilities. Their online help is exceptionally good. If you need Vodafone contact details, you’re probably trying to call them. You’ll probably find that experience less enjoyable than online interactions. On the plus side, Vodafone’s call center is down in Tazmania (I have been to it many times) so you won’t face a language barrier. If you really cant resolve your issue online, make sure you have a clear outline of the problem you’re experiencing before you call them and try and support them through the process of supporting you.

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