How to Turn Off Voicemail on Vodafone

­­­how to turn off voicemail on vodafone

What is voicemail?

Voicemail boxes are electronic message banks that can store voice messages from callers whenever you can’t pick up the phone. Because they are digital, you don’t need to have a physical storage like answering machines did in the old days.

Voicemal comes in handy for a number of reasons. They can help you screen calls whenever you’re unsure of who tried to contact you – if they decide to leave a message. They can also help you determine whether a call is important or not, assuming the caller leaves a message explaining the reason for the call. And voicemail boxes can help you explain why you’re unavailable if you choose to set up a greeting for callers.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about voicemail in general, and delve into how to set up and turn off Vodafone voicemail. Read on to find out.

How to use voicemail

Using voicemail is straightforward, but the set up process varies from carrier to carrier. However, the general process is similar across telcos, so there’s a good chance they apply to yours as well.

Phone companies typically provide several set up methods to get your voicemail box up and running. In most cases, you’ll be able to set up your voicemail box by dialing a number or by using your telco’s self-service app.

The most common method involves dialing a number and then following the prompts to set up your voicemail box and record a personalised greeting – if you want to. The prompts serve as a guide, making it quite an easy process.

After setting up a voicemail box, callers will be able to leave voice messages whenever you miss their call. Some voicemails have several other options, such as caller ID, call back features, or even sending the voice message directly to your SMS or MMS box on your device as either a text message or voice file, respectively.

Also, because voicemails are digital and not localised on your device, you can check your messages on another device by dialing a number. In many cases, that number might be your actual phone number, whereby you follow steps to access your voice messages with a code or PIN. Other cases might involve a specific number provided by your telco.

However, keep in mind that voicemail boxes are hardly ever unlimited. As a result, messages typically only get stored for a number of days, after which they will be deleted permanently.

Vodafone voicemail

Vodafone voicemail offers several options to allow you customise your voicemail box. You’ll find everything from security settings to call back options and personalised greetings.

While there is not actual fee for subscribing to Vodafone vicemail, some plans charge a connection fee to access your voicemail, and standard call charges also apply.

Vodafone also allows users to access their voicemail from their handset and other phones as well. To access your Vodafone voicemail from your handset, just call 121. But if you want to access your voicemail from another phone, dial 0414 121 121 and enter your 4 to 10 digit security code.

Vodafone voicemail is useful, but what if you want to turn it off? We’ll tell you all about how to set up your Vodafone voicemail and turn it off whenever you want to.

How to turn on and turn off Vodafone voicemail

Setting up your Vodafone voicemail box is easy. Here’s how:

  • Dial 121 from your Vodafone handset. 
  • Select a 4 to 10 digit security code when asked so you can check your messages securely.
  • Record your name 
  • Selct your state in order to set up your time zone.  
  • Remain on the line to record a personalised greeting for callers who are sent to your voicemail. 
  • If you want Vodafone voicemail to ask for your PIN whenever you want to check your voicemail, you can change your notification method.

Keep in mind that if you access your voicemail from the handset which you used to set it up, you won’t need to enter your PIN unless you complete the final step outlined above. However, if you check your Vodafone voicemail from another handset or land line, you will always have to enter your PIN.

And if you don’t want calls to be diverted to your voicemail, here’s how to turn off Vodafone voicemail:

  • Dial 1213 from your handset to turn off diversions to voicemail.
  • To turn voicemail back on, dial 1211.

Final words

Given the number of scam calls which occupy the networks these days, voicemail is a proven way to avoid speaking to scammers. A legitimate contact or business will leave you a message with a phone number you can get back to at your own convenience. Scammers simply won’t do that. Vodafone’s voicemail is a great first hurdle that scammers could easily fail to scale.

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