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Control your Vodafone account on the go with My Vodafone service

Vodafone launched My Vodafone, the self service app, to provide its customers with a secure place for online service. Using this service, Vodafone users can completely control their account. Whether you’re on a Pay as you go, Pay Monthly, or Vodafone broadband plan, simply log into your My Vodafone app for instant service. You can upgrade or change your plan, and even choose great deals.

Increasing demand for self-service apps

Vodafone and other carriers are supporting today’s customers’ demands with intelligent self-service apps. Customers want their telco to make it easy and quick for them to solve their customer service issues for themselves.

A Zendesk report shows that 50% of customers prefer to solve product or service issues themselves. About 70% of customers expect a company to offer a self-service application. According to Gartner, 85 percent of customer service interactions will be automated by 2020.

Vodafone is benefiting from these growing market trends. The telco now provides its self-service option for those customers looking to avoid long wait times and frustrating interactions with human customer service agents.

Setting up your My Vodafone account

It only takes two minutes to set up your account on My Vodafone app.

1. Visit the Vodafone official website and go to “My Vodafone” from the main menu.

2. Click “Register now” to create an account.

3. Enter your Vodafone mobile number and follow the instructions to set up your account.

4. Once you’ve registered, login to your account using your account’s username and password.

Login My Vodafone app

My Vodafone login. Source

Benefits of Vodafone’s Self Service app

Registering with My Vodafone lets you control all your postpaid and prepaid accounts. You can view and pay bills, top up your prepaid plans, and check your mobile data usage. You can even update your account settings.

Log into your My Vodafone account to check how much of your inclusions you’ve used and keep an eye on what’s left — this includes calls, text, and data. Pay your bills, set up a direct debit, recharge all your prepaid services, and track your recent recharge history and bills. You can also get an Add-on to load up your service with more of what you want, such as extra data, international talk, or national talk.

Track information easily

Once you sign in to your My Vodafone app, you’ll see a dashboard on your phone screen. The highly-intuitive dashboard shows all your important and basic information, such as your prepaid Vodafone balance and internet data usage.

Vodafone detailed usage

Vodafone self-service gives you access to detailed information about your plan and usage.

Furthermore, graphs and other visuals are provided on the dashboard to help you track your data-usage patterns so that you can manage accordingly.

Stay updated

My Vodafone self-service app allows customers to update their profile with Vodafone. In addition to this, you can update details by logging into the telco’s official website. However, this can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. As compared to this, the app helps you update your account information within a few seconds.

Easy to manage functions

Vodafone’s ‘My Vodafone’ app is packed with features that you can turn on and off as you see fit. Here are some actions you can perform using the app:

  • Track call, text and mobile data usage
  • Recharge prepaid services
  • Purchase international call and internet data add-ons
  • Pay bill
  • View recent payments and bills
  • Turn International roaming on or off
  • Manage billing and payment information
  • Manage your Vodafone customer profile

Track usage

As stated, the My Vodafone app features a tracking system that allows you to easily find out your data and call usage over a certain period of time. You can track how much data you often use every day. You can figure out your usage pattern and use the provided data allowance economically.

Vodafone data usage homepage

Data usage information is visible right on the homepage.

Prepaid phones allow you to be flexible and manage your costs easily. Vodafone’s self-service app helps you check your Vodafone balance. With a lot of excellent and useful features, this app makes consumers’ lives easier. If you are using a Vodafone prepaid plan, ensure that you use the self-service app and take full control of your phone account.


Overall, My Vodafone self-service app makes customers’ lives a lot easier. No more long waits for human customer representatives to solve the most trivial issues; you can now solve them on your own from the comfort of your handset. The app is very easy to install, set up, and use. Download My Vodafone app now and make the most of it.

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Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.