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The essential guide to saving money on the best network for cities

After 2/3 years of bad publicity, now is the time to buy a Vodafone SIM if you live in the city. Vodafone have beefed up their backhaul and improved their in building coverage. We have provided regular updates on Vodafone’s progress over the last couple of years. Independent research shows, they have the best network in metro areas in Australia.

opensignal network coverage report

In very simple terms, Vodafone offer great pricing because of the public relations difficulties they’ve had recently but, unless you live in more rural areas of Australia, Vodafone is likely they best network available to you. ( If you need more affordable access to the Telstra network because you live in rural coverage areas, we recommend CMOBILE’s Blue range

Vodafone’s pricing is also more affordable than the other phone companies. Since last 2013, they have been running a series of promotions around Double Data on both their prepaid and, more often, their postpaid range of plans.

Insider information to get you the best Vodafone deal 

There is, however, a simple way to get an even better deal on what is already the best secret in Australian telco. We often recommend MVNO pricing to people in order to get the best price plan deal. In this case, the MVNO we recommend is CMOBILE.

It’s almost always the case that, buying your phone outright and adding a SIM from a SIM only provider will save you money on your phone bill. Typically, savings are in the region of 30% over the course of the alerntaive – a 2 year contract with one of the major 3 phone companies. Here’s an example.


Comparing Vodafone’s own brand pricing with CMOBILE – postpaid and prepaid

CMOBILE’s Red plan suite offers even more affordable access to the Vodafone network. Because Vodafone are still using the Cap method of explaining what’s in their plans, we have compared their plans with CMOBILE by highlighting the number of 2 minute calls it’s possible to make with each plan. This way, you can compare direct and see the savings you’ll make.

Save 20% on Vodafone’s $25 price point and get 20% more with CMOBILE.

  • Vodafone SIM Only $25 per month :
    Vodafone’s postpaid SIM Only plan range starts at $25 per month. For that, you’ll get a SIM only plan which has 300 MB of 4G data and which allows you to make around 4 calls per day.
  • CMOBILE’s equivalent :
    CMOBILE Red $19.90 per month. Straight off the bat, you can save more than 20% by going with CMOBILE and still get more inclusions. CMOBILE ‘s Red plan uses the Vodafone 3G network. One of the encouraging things about Cmobile is that they avoid the Cap Plan addiction which has made it difficult to compare plans in Australia for the last decade. With the $19.90 per month Red plan, you’ll get $20 credit per month. Each call costs just 15 cents per minute – that’s 30 cents for a standard 2 minute call. A quick chug through the maths will show you that you’ll get around 5 calls per day and 500 MB of data instead of 300 MB with Vodafone themselves. That’s a saving of 20% and more than 20% additional calls / SMS / Data.


CMobile’s Red plans offer 100% more data and 15% more voice at $30 spend

We’re not averse to Vodafone’s prepaid offering. If you send a very high number of SMS or are one of the few who have a 4G prepaid phone, Vodafone’s plans are not all that bad.

However, for many people, CMOBILE ‘s pricing is better than you’ll get with Vodafone’s own brand offering :

  • Vodafone’s standard prepaid cap offering starts at $30 per month.
    That gives you $450 of cap credit ( which you can use to make 7 calls per day. ) Note : Vodafone’s prepaid cap plans include unlimited SMS which might make them attractive to teenagers or people who send a lot of SMS. As we’ve said, we are comparing the more mainstream requirement of number of calls per day with this article. You’ll also get 500 MB of data.
  • CMOBILE’sequivalent :
    CMOBILERed $29.90 per month gives you 8 calls per day ( 15% extra, on top of the Vodafone prepaid offering ) and 1 GB of 3G data.


Remember, we’re comparing pricing here. CMOBILE do not offer prepaid plans. CMOBILE’s plans are all month to month which means they are paid at the end of the month. In practical terms, there is very little difference between these two different variants of SIM Only plans as we explain here.

It should also be noted that Vodafone’s plans’ data speeds are 4G, rather than 3G.

Low end spend CMOBILE leads Australian pricing – $7.20 per month to make one call per day

  • Vodafone does not have an entry level price plan below the $25 SIM Only price we’ve started.
    If you have a second phone you want a SIM for, or your usage is such that you just do not need the number of calls, SMS or the amount of data that is included in those plans then you have no facility to sign up with the Vodafone brand direct.
  • CMOBILE alternative :
    CMOBILE have a PAYG plan which will give you a facility to make one call a day, every day for just $7.20 per month. The plan has all the facilities you’d expect, you can receive calls from others, send SMS ( 15 cents each ) and use data. However, we would not recommend you use this plan if you use any data at all. Rates for dats usage are such that a single video from You Tube could cost you more than your monthly cost of calls.

Summing up – the essential knowledge

CMOBILE lead the Australian market for pricing below the $20 price point on the Vodafone network, whatever plans you’re comparing. Vodafone have the strongest network in Australia in city regions , despite several years of bad PR about it. Their deals are often very strong. However, if you make less than 10 calls a day – and almost everyone does, you should probably be considering CMOBILE’s red range.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.