Vodafone and Dropbox announce a partnership : What it means to you

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Here are our findings on the recent news that Vodafone and Dropbox have launched a strategic partnership. There are more key details in the following article below.

  • By partnering with Vodafone Australia, Dropbox will gain a competitive advantage in an already congested marketplace, by tapping into an existing user base of potential customers.
  • While Dropbox is a useful tool for small business owners who want to centralise their files in one cloud-based location, it remains to be seen if the additional Vodafone data costs will be worth it.
  • Vodafone Australia claims that the partnership will benefit collaboration and increase small business productivity.

What does the partnership involve?

Dropbox by partnering with Vodafone Australia gives them access to a business marketplace which per annum is worth more than $774 million. By tapping into a user base of small to medium and enterprise businesses, Dropbox can continue to grow their cloud-based storage service in Australia.

While details of the plan being offered to Vodafone Australia’s business customers is still under development, we do know that existing users will receive 60 days free trial to Dropbox Business.

This partnership deal is important to Dropbox as in Australia they are competing in an already competitive market and are trying to take on established companies such as Google, Box and Microsoft.

Dropbox in the US is a well-branded cloud-based service provider, with a large uptake of users, so they are betting on their brand name and the partnership deal with Vodafone Australia to give them a competitive edge.

What is the partnership offering business customers?

Currently according to market research, one in three Australians are using Dropbox as their preferred cloud-based storage provider. This provides Dropbox with a large opportunity to enable business owners with application tools, which can better help them manage their internal data.

The Dropbox and Vodafone Australia partnership will enable business owners to improve their internal collaboration, through increased improvements in the way in which their companies are operated.

Dropbox is an invaluable tool for small to medium business owners when it comes to data management, remote and on demand access as well as allowing businesses to connect with their end users, suppliers and colleagues in real time.

How will this help small to medium Australian businesses?

Vodafone Australia the third largest telecommunication provider in Australia has recently partnered with Dropbox, to provide business and enterprise solutions, in cloud-based storage solutions to their business clients.

The partnership plans to offer Australian businesses owners with a data and storage solution, aimed at enabling businesses with a central platform from which their internal data can be managed.

With thousands of businesses which are on the Vodafone Australia network, share and collaborate on files every day, so it makes sense that Dropbox would look for a partnership with the Vodafone carrier.

This deal will enable existing customers to access and enjoy the benefits which come with cloud-based data management, to more efficiently enable them to operate their businesses in the office and on the go.

How long has Dropbox been operating in Australia?

Dropbox has been officially operating in Australia for the past 18 months and the decision was made quite easy for them as out of the 400 million current users of Dropbox, 8 million are right here in Australia.

If you look at the population size of Australia and then compare the number of Dropbox users, it makes sense that Dropbox would be looking to tap into those users which operate businesses and up-sell them their premium Dropbox business features.

“The decision to partner with Vodafone was one that just made sense given both businesses are heading in the same direction with what they are trying to achieve in the business space in Australia today.” – Country Manager, Charlie Wood

Is this partnership a good deal for Vodafone business customers?

Dropbox allows small to medium Australian businesses to boost their productivity and become more flexible, in the way in which they handle their data management.

With more connectivity becoming common in the workplace, including the usage of smartphones and tablet devices, collaboration and the accessing of data is no longer beneficial to be accessed from only one location.

“Cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox are the future of business management and end user engagement. In the same way, which smartphones have changed the way we communicate, so too are cloud-based services and the way in which we manage our businesses.”

In Summary

Every year the amount of data usage provided by telecom networks increases and on average is doubling each year. Could based storage services such as Dropbox and cloud-based applications along with streaming video and music are the major contributors to the increase in overall data usage.

Dropbox as a cloud-based digital storage service looks to create partnerships, such as in the case with Vodafone Australia, where it benefits their efforts in increasing their business and enterprise users. This deal is a win for both Dropbox who will convert Vodafone users into paying business customers and Vodafone Australia who’s revenue will grow, from increased mobile data usage of their users. It remains to be seen though if there will be true cost effective benefits for small business owners in the longer term.

More broadly, are partnerships like this what people want from their phone company ? Optus has launched EPL ( English Premier League ) content as part of their mobile and broadband packages. Telstra have invested in AFL and NRL apps for their customers. Vodafone offer Spotify and have previously provided ‘Stan’ ( the Streaming Video On Demand content provider ) as part of their mobile plan range. We are yet to be convinced that this is really what people need their telco to give them. Perhaps the success of MVNOs like Boost Mobile, Amaysim, CMobile and Lebara comes down to their ability to stay focused on the basics of their plans. All of them provide voice minutes, data and SMS. Do people really need more ?

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.