Vodafone Usage

Vodafone Usage

How to check data usage on Vodafone

When you sign up for a Vodafone SIM only plan, you get a lot of inclusions. Most likely, your plan includes voice and SMS services, as well as data for Internet and social media access. These are the basic inclusions of most SIM only plans, but there’s a chance you have even more features.

With so many inclusions and features, how do you keep track of your usage? For instance, if you’re on a Vodafone SIM plan with a data cap, how do you know how much of your data allowance you have used and how much data is left? And if you have a cap on your International calls, how do you know how much you have used?

Knowing exactly how much of your inclusions are left can help you budget your usage. Running out of data, for instance, could incur extra charges when you really need it the most. The same goes for other inclusions and features – you simply don’t want to exhaust them before your billing cycle or recharge period runs out, because you’ll end up spending more money or being unable to use them.

Thankfully, checking your usage on Vodafone straightforward:

  • Download the My Vodafone app from your Google Playstore or iPhone App Store.
  • It’s best to use the My Vodafone App to manage your usage, but you can also access My Vodafone on the Internet from any device by registering and logging in to your account on the website.
  • You can then use the My Vodafone app (or website) to check your usage on all inclusions, including data.

You can monitor your plan usage with My Vodafone regardless of the plan you have purchased. However, My Vodafone is not available to Business Flex or Corporate accounts. Such users can contact their account managers for usage information.

My Vodafone app

The My Vodafone app comes in handy for just about everything you’d like to handle regarding your Vodafone account and plans. As already mentioned, you can use the My Vodafone app to keep track of all inclusion usage, and this comes in handy especially for data monitoring.

However, the My Vodafone app offers even more features. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • View and pay your postpaid bills;
  • View and recharge your prepaid plan;
  • Update your settings;
  • Purchase add-on features and services, and more.

With the many features of the My Vodafone app, you can keep track of virtually every service that’s included with your postpaid or prepaid SIM plan.

And if you’re having difficulty using the My Vodafone app, you can get some help from the Vodafone’s chatbot, Tobi. However, for now, Tobi is only available to Vodafone customers who have only one plan on their account. Other customers will have access to Tobi at a later date, but before then, they can get help from Vodafone’s troubleshooting guide instead.

Other ways to monitor data usage

These days, data is one of the most important inclusions on a SIM plan. Data usage has spiked in recent years, thanks to how fast mobile networks have become. And with the 5G rollout fully underway, accessing the Internet via mobile networks is getting even faster, which will eventually amount to even more data usage.

As a result, keeping track of your data usage is becoming even more important. Thankfully, your My Vodafone app makes this quite easy to do.

But there are other ways to monitor your data usage. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • You’ll find a ton of data usage tracking apps online, such as BitMeter OS, Networx, AnalogX, and GlassWire. Many of these apps can be downloaded free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any costs.
  • You can also check and monitor your data usage using your Android or iPhone’s built-in data monitoring app. For Android users, this depends on the particular phone, but the general steps are to open Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage. You’ll find your data usage statistics here, as well as how much data each individual app has used. For iPhone users, the steps and data usage information are similar – open Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Data) > Usage.


There are a variety of ways you can check your usage on Vodafone, as we’ve seen. The real value of your Vodafone usage, however, is in knowing what to use it for. Some idea of the amount of mobile data you use each month is an extremely useful statistic to have in your mind when you are considering the plan you’re on and whether it suits your needs. Whether you’re using much less than the amount of GB included in your data plan, or much more, you’ll be paying too much. Some understanding of the cost of additional services, especially the number and cost of International Calls you make, is similarly useful.

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