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Neil Aitken

Editor In Chief & Journalist for WhatPhone.com.au

Neil has 12 years experience in telco. He worked for Vodafone UK on BlackBerry products when they were a thing. He moved with Vodafone to Australia and has also worked at both Optus and Virgin Mobile Australia, holding Management and Digital Strategy positions. Neil has a personal blog focused on the economics of future technology.

WhatPhone is a phone plan comparison site which explains technical jargon in easy to understand terms. We examine the trends in the industry and help visitors to understand them. We often try and use visual imagery to explain ideas if they might be hard to comprehend. Our goal is to explain the inside secrets of telco in the terms you’d use at a BBQ with friends.

Neil has written on the subject of telco trends, innovation and SIM Plans for Business Insider, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vodafone Australia and Savings Room, one of Australia’s leading blogs. WhatPhone was featured on The ABC in 2016.

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