Dodo Plan <br>Review and Comparison

Dodo Plan
Review and Comparison

  • Dodo use the Optus 4G network
  • International calls included at $20 and up
  • No lock-in contracts
We independently review and compile Aussie phone plans so you can easily compare them in one place, for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dodo

Who are Dodo?

Dodo is a brand owned by the Vocus Group, which has been around since 2001. They have been selling Internet, mobile, and energy services through their site since 2010.

Dodo’s mobile plans are on the cheap side — they even have a $5 plan — and offer only the basics that you’d expect from any telco — voice and SMS.

Which network does Dodo use?

Dodo is an MVNO that resells the Optus 4G Network. (If you don’t know what an MVNO is, read all about it here). The fact that they use the Optus Network means you get the same coverage as you would if you signed up for an Optus plan. The Optus Network covers 98.5% of the Australian population, and that’s definitely a good thing.

To find out exactly how good the coverage is in your specific area, you can use the Optus coverage checker on their site. You can also learn more about Optus coverage here.

Can I keep my phone number if I move it to Dodo?

Yes, you can keep your existing number when switching to Dodo.

What kind of plans do Dodo offer?

Dodo’s  lineup include only four plans, all of which are postpaid month-to-month plans.

  • The alternative, of course, is prepaid plans, if you’re looking for one of those — you can start here.
  • Dodo plans are SIM Only, so you bring your own phone and install your Dodo SIM. Dodo plans are also offered on no lock-in contracts. 
  • Dodo also offer three add-on packs for extra data, MMS, and International calls. You may want these add-on packs to shape your Dodo plan into something which suits your specific needs.
  • We believe this is especially if you choose the $5 plan that offers no data at all,. In our view, this plan should only be used with a feature phone.

There is a lot of competition for Dodo, on the Optus network. You can check out the best cheap mobile plans here.

Do Dodo have any entertainment content?

If you’re looking for entertainment content, look elsewhere — you won’t get that with Dodo.

Instead, check out the major telcos like Telstra and Optus, or if you prefer MVNOs then check out Tangerine Telecom. We’ve compiled a list of the best plans with entertainment content — check it out here.

Can I cancel my Dodo plan without penalty?

Yes, you can. Dodo offer no lock-in contract plans on a month-to-month basis, and they allow you cancel without penalty.

Do Dodo have a self-service app?

No, Dodo do not have any self-service app, although we are led to believe one is under development.

Self-service apps are becoming the norm — customers expect their telcos to offer these apps for several reasons. With a self-service app, customers can monitor and adjust their plan inclusions (especially data usage) without having to contact the telco’s call center.

This eliminates the need for long waits on the phone. To be fair, though, Dodo allow customers make adjustments online, just not using a smartphone app.

Do they charge for SIM and delivery?

No, Dodo’s SIM and delivery are free initially. Replacements SIMs cost $2.

Do they have any fair data features like data banking?

No, Dodo do not offer any data features other than your plan data, IF the plan you choose even has any data allowance in it at all. They do not offer data vaults or banking, or any rollover data feature of any kind. With Dodo, if you don’t finish your data allowance for the month, it simply disappears. They also don’t have any data-free streaming features.

What's good

  • Cheap plans!
  • No lock-in contract plans
  • All plans have unlimited voice within Australia, and unlimited national and international SMS
  • International minutes included in some plans (and add on available)
  • Powered by the Optus 4G network which covers 98.5% of the population

What's bad

  • Limited number of plan options

Dodo Mobile Review – Should you go with them ?

60-Second Summary 

  • Simple, cheap plans offering the basics
  • Well know, liked and respected Australian brand which has been around for a long time
  • Good coverage with the Optus 4G Network
  • Good data management facilities
  • Compare against alternatives on the Optus network to see if Dodo is right for you

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About Dodo  Australia's Mobile SIM Only Services

Dodo provide mobile services as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) reselling the Optus 4G Networks, which covers 98.5% of Australia and now, their 5G network which is there for you in ‘limited areas around Australia’ to quote Optus themselves.

Dodo keep their mobile plans simple — they only offer four plans, all of which are postpaid month-to-month BYO (Bring-Your-Own phone) SIM Only plans. Dodo have worked hard and come a long way in recent years (which is not to say their service is perfect – see below for that.) They’ve broadened their plan range, their data inclusions are regularly competitive, they run an introductory promotion here and there and, the data management facilities they have available in their plans (one of the key criteria we consider when we compare plans) are pretty good.

All in all, there’s very little which is mind blowing about Dodo’s plans, but that might be the idea. Dodo provides cheap, simple phone plan alternatives with decent data management built in to the plan.

Dodo’s plans are straightforward — basic services without the flashy extras and inclusions.

No data overages on any plan

Dodo sell additional 5GB of data for $10. That’s cheaper than most. Also, there are no data overage charges with Dodo, which is rare on postpaid plans. Instead, they will throttle your network access speed (that means slow it down a bit.) The benefit to you is that you know what you’re paying. When you buy the plan, it’ll renew in a month and you won’t have been charged for data.

Data banking included with all plans

Dodo include a 500GB data bank on four of their plans. If you don’t exhaust your plan data before the next billing cycle, your unused data will roll over to the next month. This is my favorite data management service because it means you get what you pay for – whether you use it in that month or later.

International add on pack

Dodo’s $20, $30, and $40 plans come with credits for International calling included, but their $10 plan doesn’t.

Dodo resell the Optus Network

Dodo users get the benefit of the Optus Network, which has the second best coverage in Australia, (98.6% of the population) and now provided 5G network access speeds if you have a 5G enabled phone (the latest data says that slightly more than half of all Australians now have a 5G phone – 55%) and you’re in an Optus coverage area.

No lock-in SIM Only plans

Bring your own phone and plug in your Dodo SIM. Despite being postpaid, there aren’t any contracts that lock your SIM to a particular device.

Postpaid plans usually mean a more consistent billing cycle

Dodo only offer postpaid plans. Although this limits their options, postpaid plans have a known advantage — a more consistent billing cycle. While some prepaid plans may have 28 or 30-day cycles, postpaid plans always restart on the same day each month, so this usually means a longer period than 28 days.

Free SIM and delivery

Dodo will give you a SIM for free, and also deliver it for free.

Unlimited International SMS & MMS– which is unusual and good.

All Dodo plans include free International SMS and MMS — even their $10 plan.

What we don’t really like about Dodo

Dodo have straight forward offers. It can be nice to keep things simple. However, for more sophisticated users, it means Dodo’s options appear a little too limited. Some will want to avoid the thinking required to make up for some shortcomings in Dodo’s plans, by patching aplan with add on packs.

No prepaid option

Dodo only offer postpaid plans. Those looking for the many advantages of prepaid plans won’t find them with Dodo.

No self-service app

Dodo don’t have any self service app. To give them their dues, they do allow users to self service online (i.e. using their website) – far preferable to calling any phone company’s service team. You can also contact them via a form on their website is you have an issue. We’re told Dodo are working on an app. We think their product will be better when it arrives.

Final words 

Dodo is all about the basics — voice and SMS, and data. They get some positive marks for their price points, simplicity, unlimited international SMS / MMS, data banking, and data/international minute inclusions (on their top 3 plans), but the other side of the same coin is a lack of range. They only offer 4 plans, and they’re all postpaid month-to-month. There isn’t much to choose from.

To be fair, however, Dodo have come a long way. They’ve increased their number of plans, added data inclusions to all plans, added data banking to most plans, and added national and International MMS.

All in all, Dodo aren’t bad. They’re a well known and reliable brand which has operated for a long time in Australia and that means something in a market now (because, largely, of the seemingly infinite number of NBN Broadband providers launching their own SIM Plans.)

Dodo do what they say on the tin.  You might like to remember they lack a self-service app, and any little issues that might crop up will require you using their online self-service website, or contacting them directly but don’t discount them because of those things necessarily. Remember, the main Australian phone companies have just raised their prices – on top of a cost of living crisis. And that includes Optus. With Dodo, you can get the same network as if you went to Optus direct. Extend the life of your phone by another few years and take a Dodo SIM and your cost of living won’t rise quite as much.