Why you should use the self-service app your telco provides

You’re probably aware that your telco offers an app for your smartphone, but are you using it? These apps contain convenient functions that make them well worth the free download. Here’s why you should be using your mobile phone service provider’s app.

Easy to view information.

Your app will have a “dashboard” layout, where you can get all your basic information at a glance. Most dashboards will show you how much data you have used and how much you have left, how many days remaining until your plan renews, information about your usage and more.

The graphs and visual features make it easy for the average person to work out how they’re tracking with their plan – if you’ve used 80% of your data but are only 40% through the month, it’s time to think about backing off on your other data-heavy habits.

If you have multiple services with the same telco, such as mobile broadband as well as your phone service, most apps will show you information for both accounts in one. It’s worth a click on the app icon every once in a while, just to see how you’re going.

Stay Updated.

Most apps will allow you to update your information and keep on top of your profile from your phone. Logging into the website is always an option, and it might be required to perform some account functions – but it’s much easier to put the task off when you have to make a special visit to the webpage to make it happen, so you’re less likely to keep on top of your account. A single tap will get you into most apps, and it’s easy to do while you’re using your phone.

You can also find out more information and get in contact using the app. Live chat support will probably need to be accessed using your computer, but your app will have other contact information for your phone company. You will also be able to use your phone’s location to easily and accurately find the store closest to you.

Easy to turn functions on and off

If you’re heading overseas or wanting to purchase a pack with special features, your app is a great way to do it. Some commonly used options (depending on what your provider offers) include:

  • International call packs (from Australia to overseas numbers)
  • International roaming packs
  • Activating international roaming
  • Extra data packs
  • Data gifting (to friends and family on the same network)

All these functions can be easily accessed and paid for on the app, and then tracked to help you use them wisely.

Track Usage

It’s easy to be on your phone without thinking about your usage, but every now and then it pays to check. With the app’s tracking system, you can find out how much data and call inclusions you are using, and even backtrack over 90 days to see how your usage has been over time.

You’ll be able to see how much data you use in a day, and identify patterns in your usage to help you use your data economically. Some provider apps even offer you the chance to see what other apps are consuming the majority of your data, so you know what to cut back on if you find yourself nearing your limit with time remaining in the month.

View and pay bills

One of the most practical features is the ability to view and pay your bills within the app, either by setting up a direct debit or using your credit card through their secure connection. Pre-paid users can also top up via the app. Viewing bills on your phone make them easier to access and keeps them stored in one place, instead of having to sort through paper bills.

Your mobile service provider’s app might not have all of these functions available, but chances are you can use most of them. The app is easy to use and free to download, and makes it that little bit easier to track your usage and gain more control over your mobile account. If you’re not using the app your telco provides – why not give it a try?