Yomojo Plan Review & Comparison

  • Family focused phone company with prepaid plans
  • Broad range of competitive plans
  • Use the Optus 4G Plus Network
  • 'Kid's plan' now available
  • Also consider OVO and Moose Mobile for Optus 4G

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What is Yomojo ?

Yomojo is an Australian MVNOPrepaid SIM Provider (that’s a small phone company which resells another phone company’s network) that provides prepaid plans. They’ve been around for a few years now, offering a broad range of competitive plans which, following an early 2018 update, now includes a ‘Kids Plan‘ option.

Yomojo resells access to the Optus 4G network.

Yomojo used to be Yatango but they re-branded after a financial restructure a couple of years ago.


If I want to move to Yomojo and keep my phone number, can I do that?

Yes you can. We have more information about this here.

Keeping your phone number is a simple process. When you checkout on the Yomojo site, they’ll ask you if you want to keep the phone number you have or move to a new one.

What is Yomojo’s ‘Family’ focus about?

Yomojo is the only Australian phone company specifically targeting families as the core group of people it’s trying to service.  There are 2 key features to the benefits families will get from Yomojo.

  • The option to try and then buy access to ‘Family Eye’ software which can be used to manage and monitor your child’s mobile phone internet access.
  • A staged discount which offers higher fee reductions, the more SIMs you take from them.

We have more information on both of these features in the article below.

We also have a dedicated page to Family Plans – which Yomojo features prominently on. And we have a separate article about shared data plans.

What alternatives are there to Yomojo ?

There are a number of alternatives available for you on the Optus 4G network. Options include

  • Amaysim is Yomojo’s key competitor. Amaysim is Australia’s 4th largest telco and they compete head-to-head on pricing with Yomojo, on the same network. Amaysim is such a strong competitor – we have a section dedicated to comparing Yomojo to them in the article below.
  • OVO Mobile,
  • Moose Mobile,
  • Spintel,
  • Vaya as well as, of course,
  • Optus (who own the network).

If you dislike the coverage characteristics of Optus’s network service (i.e. the network that each of these rivals to Yomojo uses) you can also try other smaller phone companies which use other networks.


Yomojo Won The WhatPhone ‘Best for Family Plans’ Award  – why is that?

There are real dangers for children online and yet, they are being given phones at younger and younger ages. Family plans and kids plans help with the problems families need to solve these days – managing mobile data allowances across multiple accounts. Yomojo won this award because they are targeting this group, specifically.

Yomojo’s clever software ensures young people cannot see some of the darker areas of the internet. Additionally, their online dashboard and app provides self service facilities across your account so you can see who in the family has what amount of data left.

Unfortunately, Yomojo does not yet offer a facility to split a single, large data allowance between users or to ‘gift’ data as Belong Mobile’s plans allow.

What's good

  • Won WhatPhone 'Best for Families' award
  • Access to the full Optus 4G network
  • FREE Yomojo-to-Yomojo calls included
  • Recently revised their plans - they're now all prepaid
  • 'Kid's plan' low cost entry point plan now available

What's bad

  • An incredibly competitive Optus network market
  • Lesser known brand

What you need to know about Yomojo

Intro – 60 second guide to Yomojo

Yomojo is a friendly, reputable smaller Australian phone company.

  • Yomojo operates on the Optus 4G Plus network.
  • We find Yomojo’s plans and data packs to perform consistently well against equivalents from their competitors.
  • Yomojo has been around for a while now and their service has matured.
  • Yomojo has a cutting edge Self Service app for both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Unfortunately, Yomojo doesn’t have a ‘Next Day Delivery’ option. You’ll have to wait 1-4 business days to get the SIM.
  • Yomojo won our ‘Best for Families’ award in 2019. We explain why, below.


Yomojo won the WhatPhone award for ‘Best for family plans 2019’

Yomojo won the WhatPhone award for ‘Best for family plans 2019’


Yomojo – Winner ‘Best for Family Plans’

Children are being given phones at younger and younger ages. Competition and discounting have pushed the cheapest plans in the market to ‘pocket-money levels’ (typically around $10 per month with a data allocation of 1 GB of mobile data or so). Add to this the fact that Yomojo is a small, lesser known brand operating as one of a dozen similar phone companies selling plans on the Optus network, and you can see why Yomojo has targeted ‘Families‘.

Multiple connected SIMs, within a single household is already a feature of modern life. Mum, dad, and often the kids, each own a smartphone. In addition, there’s an increasing number of families who use SIMs in their smart-watches and to track pets and children. No longer the stuff of Science Fiction or Wired Magazine articles, these are real needs being met with real products today. Multiple SIM discounts are a plan feature everyone should consider, and self-service apps which assist you in managing multiple SIMs are something else other phone companies could emulate from Yomojo.

A $5 monthly fee for ‘Family Eye’ software to manage your kids’ phones is also a great idea – potentially addressing a problem parents had worried about and, until now, had no solution to.

If you have a family, consider Yomojo’s plans.


What is Yomojo offering users?

Yomojo offers users SIM only plans with

  • Kid’s plans :
    Yomojo is one of a small but increasingly important group of phone companies that offer a phone plan with a sub $10 per month price point. It comes with a small data allocation (1GB). Sometimes, these are known as ‘Kid’s Plans because they can be bought with pocket money (typically $10 per month or less.)
  • Unlimited Voice and SMS Plans :
    Yomojo’s plans are now all prepaid in nature. All plans (except the recently added kids’ plan) offer unlimited voice calls and SMS to Australian numbers when the call is made in Australia. The rest of what you pay Yomojo for will be the data in your plan. Yomojo’s lower end price points (everything under $50 per month) are all 4G enabled plans. That means your data will load very fast on your phone – potentially faster than over your home fixed broadband connection.
  • A Plan with a lower data speed (3G):
    Interestingly, however, Yomojo recently added a facility for customers to buy a SIM with access to larger data bundles at slower data speeds (3G data allowances). 3G will actually be OK for a lot of people and, if you live in the Bush, it’s possibly the fastest data speed you can get anyway – so these plans are worth a look.
  • Data-Only options.
    Yomojo is one of a growing range of phone companies that provides data plans for tablets, mobiles and mobile broadband dongles. This is one of the fastest growing categories in telco (see our survey on 2018 trends on the homepage ) products because the price of data is falling so quickly, mobile broadband is getting to the point it can be a realistic alternative to fixed connections for some.
  • Award Winning Family focus:
    Yomojo won the 2019 WhatPhone award for their Family Focus. We explain why, below.

The Yomojo basic unlimited texts and calling plan starts at one of the lowest price points per month that we’ve seen, with additional fees added on top depending on your mobile data usage requirements. Yomojo has been around for a while now and has matured into a competent if still not a widely known brand. Yomojo added a Self Service app to their Self Service facilities back in 2016. The company tightened its range in early 2018, removing postpaid options and PAYG plans from their range. Their plans are now more mainstream, so easier to compare alongside alternatives.


Yomojo plans

Yomojo Logo

Prepaid | 30 day expiry | On the Full Optus 4G Plus Network 

Yomojo are unique in the Australian market. They offer you an unbelievable range of plans. Yomojo’s plans are completely configurable through their website. They also have some pre-configured unlimited plans for those who want a more standardised plan.

  • Prepay Plans :
    Yomojo recently revised their plan range and now offer prepaid plans only.
  • Family Plan Discount & Software For kids :
    Yomojo offer special software which will help you manage your child’s phone remotely, keeping them safer on the web. Yomojo also offer a stepped discount of up to 15% off your total bill if you take 6 or more SIMs from them at any one time.
  • Use the full Optus 4G Plus network :
    Yomojo use the full Optus 4G network. You’ll get the latest 4G speeds in 4G coverage areas in all the same places as customers who go to Optus direct.

Yomojo plans for your mobile

You can learn more about them and their unique content in our Yomojo review.



Evaluating Yomojo: The key things you need to know

  • Family Bundle Discount! Yomojo’s ‘Family’ features are their best features:
    Our 2018 survey of Australian phone users showed an enormous amount of interest in the uptake of new ‘connected devices‘. Smartwatches, Fitbits and Internet Of Things solutions for the home are all being added to the already long list of technology products that Australians have under their control. Yomojo are one of the few companies who have a handle on what this sort of change will mean to people. And they’ve improved their service to accommodate this imminent increase in the number of SIMs we will all have to manage. Yomojo lets you pay less per service when you take more than one SIM from them. For example, if you and your spouse both had a SIM from Yomojo, you’d save 5% – that could be $50 a year, depending on which plan you have. Discounts are stepped so if you have 6 SIMs, you’ll get a 15% discount across the account.
  • They’re a low cost Prepaid SIM provider :
    Yomojo is a low cost Australian SIM only provider. Like most prepaid plans, there is no commitment required from you to take a plan from them. You can leave whatever month you’re in. That gives you total freedom to come and go as you see fit. That means the plans are super flexible : Yomojo lets you change your plan up or down at any time. If you’re using more voice or data over time, just bump up the plan inclusions for a few dollars more. This is particularly useful when it comes to your data requirements. As we have covered elsewhere, people’s use of data is increasing rapidly.
  • They use the Optus 4G Plus network :
    Yomojo uses the lightning fast Optus 4G network. They don’t use part of the Optus 4G network. They don’t use some of it. They use the whole, entire Optus 4G network. Yomojo is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), also known as a network reseller. These smaller phone companies often offer better deals than the major phone companies.
  • Their prepaid plans have a 30 day, not a 28 day recharge window :
    It might seem like a small change but many phone companies have changed their prepaid recharge (‘expiry‘) to be 28 days, rather than 30. That means that each year, you’ll be paying for an extra recharge if you choose a provider with a 28 day recharge window. Yomojo’s recharge window is 30 days and there are (we hear) no plans to change that.
  • FREE Yomojo to Yomojo calls:
    If one or more of your friends is also on Yomojo, you’ll get unlimited free calls to them at any time (In Australia).
  • Now with Self Service App:
    Self service apps are the number 1 tool to take more control over the costs associated with your account. Their use not only cuts the cost of your service (because it makes it cheaper for the phone company to service you) but makes it more convenient to get things just the way you want them on your account. Yomojo produced its self service app, for both IoS and Android phones, in 2016 and we think it works just fine.
  • You can keep your current phone number if you move to Yomojo:
    Move to Yomojo and you’ll have the option to keep your current phone number and change or adjust your plan, at any time, without fees or penalties.
  • Invite your friends & you’ll both be rewarded!
    For every friend or family member you invite that joins Yomojo, you’ll both earn $20 reward credit to use on your service! Yomojo doesn’t limit the amount of reward credit you can earn, so you’re free to invite as many people as you want. Yomojo also allows free ‘on net’ calls – an industry term for free calls between phones which both have Yomojo SIMs in them.
  • No hassle ‘recharge’:
    If you choose your prepaid plan from Yomojo, you can set your service up to auto renew if you’d like it to. Removing that on-going recharge is as easy as removing your SIM if you don’t want to continue.


Things to be careful of with Yomojo

  • Out of bundle data charging:
    You’ve got to be careful on Yomojo plans. We advise that you use their self service app to track your data usage. If you exceed your data allocation and still have service credit on your account, you will be charged more than $50 per GB for the data you buy. On the Yomojo site, you will see a link to ‘reserve credit rates’ and this plan feature is outlined in there (as well as on the CIS – Customer Information Statement). This $50 / GB is an outdated and now uncommon way of charging customers for extra data they need. Usually, when you exceed your plan’s data allocation, you’ll be charged $10 per GB. To be fair, Yomojo does offer the option of adding a GB of data to your plan yourself – for which you will pay only $11 for the first GB and $10 for the second. The problem is that you have to know you need it before you buy it – which is why we’re recommending you use your Self Service app to track it. The $10 / GB scheme usually works without you having to remember.


How do Yomojo compare against other SIM only providers?

We have shown Yomojo’s plans above, on this page. We have also highlighted the best of competitor’s plans. If you’d like to compare the full range we offer, you can see the full range of plans on our Prepaid or SIM Only plan pages. However, there is one phone company which is typically compared to Yomojo – Amaysim. We’ve done that analysis for you, below.


Comparing Yomojo VS Amaysim

Here are the key findings for both Amaysim and Yomojo services & coverage. Picking between the two companies is not easy. They use the same network, they have very similar inclusions in their plans, at very similar price points.  Ultimately, whether you choose Amaysim or Yomojo will come down to your specific requirements. Here’s what we think you should bear in mind:

  • Amaysim are Australia’s 4th largest phone company:
    Some people are lured to Amaysim simply because they are a larger, more well known brand. Amaysim has driven its brand home over the last decade. It’s one of Australia’s biggest small phone companies, with over 1 million Australian customers. Over time, it has become a tried and true Aussie MVNO with a long history of great customer satisfaction and providing.
  • Data inclusions and pricing vary:
    Both companies have promotions from time to time. They also change their plans’ data inclusions periodically (but out of step with each other) so it’s not possible to say in this article which company currently offers the best value – you’ll have to compare in the table above.


Comparing Yomojo and Amaysim


  • Both now sell only prepaid plans:
    It used to be the case that both Amaysim and Yomojo’s plans could be bought either as prepaid or postpaid variants. Not sure of the difference? Read our article about it. In general though, when it comes to postpaid Vs prepaid, we find prepaid plans to be more predictable.
  • International Calls:
    International calls are an important part of a phone plan if you are one of the many Australians who make at least one international phone call each month – you’ll want to know about both Yomojo’s and Amaysim’s call inclusions. Amaysim has a tiered pair of inclusions. As of now, if you spend $30 or more a month, you’ll get calls to 10 of the International Destinations most called by Australians. As you spend more, Amaysim adds in 300 minutes ( 5hrs ) of International calls on their top tier plans. Yomojo has an International Bold on but you’ll have to pay for it, and International is clearly not a focus for them. In short, Amaysim’s plans have better international call inclusions than you will find on Yomojo’s plans.
  • Both offer Mobile Broadband Plans:
    Mobile Broadband services with huge data allowances are now commonplace. Some say they may even replace the NBN at some stage – such is their convenience, flexibility, perceived fairness, and ever dropping price. Yomojo offers very similar mobile data limits on their Unlimited plans to what Amaysim currently does. The only slight difference between mobile data allowances is on the two Unlimited price points (However, it’s important to keep in mind that Amaysim has been around a lot longer than Yomojo). Yomojo for their part, do offer subscribers with a great level of customisation. If you don’t need much mobile data, you can pay per MB.
  • Amaysim have better customer service :
    Amaysim has better customer service than Yomojo. 96% of those who choose the Amaysim unlimited plan range say they would recommend the service to a friend. That’s not to say that Yomojo has poor customer service, it’s just that as a younger company, they don’t have the same high level of satisfaction information available. Amaysim has a long history of providing excellent customer service in Australia, as demonstrated by numerous awards. Amaysim really does stand out here.
  • Amaysim doesn’t offer 3G plans:
    Amaysim’s range does not include 3G phone plans; Yomojo’s does. Some people like the flexibility of having this option, although this is unlikely to be a critical factor for you.


Strong, Simple Plans & A Well Known Brand

Amaysim | Prepaid Plans | Optus Mobile Network 3G+4G

Amaysim are the 4th biggest phone company in Australia with over 1m customers. They consistently have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry and have prepaid (28 day expiry) plan range – just select the option you want in their checkout. With Amaysim, you’ll get:

  • Strong plan range:
    Amaysim have a range starting at $10 per month and rising to $50 per month. Data inclusions are up there with the best available and, with Amaysim, things are nice and simple. You’re just buying voice calls, SMS and data. There are no optional extras.
  • New International Inclusions:
    Any plan you buy, starting at $30 per month will now include free International Calls to 12 destinations.
  • Great Customer Experience:
    Amaysim are consistently one of the best performing†phone companies when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Amaysim’s plan range:

You can find out more about this company in our Amaysim review.



Summing up – Yomojo are one of the best on the Optus 4G network

It’s not hard to see why Yomojo has invested so heavily in their Family focus. Amaysim, their largest direct competitor, is a better known brand with a reputation for good customer service. Rates and inclusions in plans change, promotions come and go, so compare the two to see who has the best deal at the moment.

But also think about Yomojo’s Family Inclusions. If you have multiple SIMs in your family, those discounts and the way Yomojo helps you manage your spend across those SIMs are some things other telcos might very well like to emulate.