WhatPhone Terms and Conditions | Terms of site use

In every regard, Whatphone has been built with you in mind. Our goal is to help you find the right phone plan for yourself, quickly. It’s important to us that we are above board in all our dealings with you so we have written down our working practices here for you to see.

When you’re on the site, we need to agree what’s reasonable so here are the terms of use of the site. We have tried to make them easy to read and transparently reasonable. If you have questions about them or just fancy a chat, why not drop us a line on [email protected] ?

What is our company ?

  • Whatphone.com.au – WHATPHONE is a company. Our ABN is 23 159 746 924
  • You can get in touch with us through our email address – [email protected] and we’d love to hear from you.

Who can use the Whatphone site ?

  • Only individuals are allowed to use the site. This site is not for businesses so please don’t use it for your business purposes.

Are we getting any incentive from the telcos to influence you ?

  • We get some money if you click through from our site and buy a plan from one of our partners. Those include some telecommunications companies and some intermediaries.

What terms of use are in place while you’re on the site ?

  • We’ve put the terms of use on the site so that you can understand what we’re doing here and the agreement between us.
  • Please make sure you understand the terms of use when you are on the site – if you’re using the site, you’ve accepted these terms of use and that’s a legally binding agreement between us.
  • If you read these and you don’t want to use the site then please leave.
  • Sometimes we might change these terms of use without notice. Please stay up to date with the terms of use.

What keeps Whatphone afloat ?

  • We get a referral and / or purchase bonus from some telecommunications service providers.
  • We have a number of partners including DGM which represents multiple phone companies, Boost Mobile, Bendigo Telecom and Cmobile, Optus, and others.
  • If you come to our site, click through to theirs and buy something, we may get a payment.
  • You’re welcome to use our site and not buy anything.

If you don’t like the Whatphone site and want to complain, how can you do that ?

  • Listen, if you feel that way, I really hope you’ll talk to us about it. I’m sure we can work it out.
  • However, the telecommunications market in Australia is managed by the TIO – that’s the Telecommunications Ombudsman. They have a ‘Complaints and Comments’ section here : http://www.tio.com.au/about-us/contact-us and you are within your rights to contact them and describe the problem.

Why does Whatphone exist ?

  • Our goal is to help you make an informed choice about the best Smartphone plan for you. We want to offer you a free service to help.

Is Whatphone sure the information on the website is accurate ?

  • We’re pretty sure about the accuracy of the information on our site. We’ve taken reasonable steps to make sure that the pricing and phone information we have on the site is accurate for the recommendations we make. If it isn’t accurate, people wouldn’t trust us and use the site. That said, we all make mistakes and it’s possible that we’ll type something wrongly or otherwise have incorrect information on the site. As soon as we see it, we’ll fix it but we can’t warrant that the content is 100% accurate.
  • We would always recommend that you make sure that you understand the terms and conditions you’re signing up to with your telecommunications provider just so you’re sure.

Can you use the content on the site for yourself ?

  • You can use the content on this site for personal consideration but you can’t reproduce the content on the site elsewhere in any form.
  • Specifically, we’d like to make it clear that we don’t want you to resell, store, frame or upload, what’s on the site and we certainly don’t want you to take or modify the code for your own use.

Where does the content for the blog come from ?

  • Initially we bought some of it but the majority and all the recent content has been written by the staff at Whatphone. It’s all personal opinion unless the source is specifically stated. The intention of having it is to help you make your choice but, again, the choice, ultimately, has to be yours. Please don’t rely on the blog content being 100% correct.

Is Whatphone recommending anything to you ?

  • While we tell you the plans we think are the best deals in the market, we don’t know the specifics of your circumstances. The decision ultimately has to rest with you on what the right plan and handset are. We just want to offer you an informed point of view in the hope it’ll help you.

Does Whatphone cover every phone plan in the market ?

  • No we don’t. We cover our favorite mobile phone plan companies.