flIP Mobile Plan <br>Review and Comparison

flIP Mobile Plan
Review and Comparison

  • A low-cost, simple range of plans
  • Plans suit light to medium data users
  • Flip runs on the Optus network
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Frequently asked questions about Flip mobile plans

Does Flip Mobile include unlimited calls and texts?

Yes, you’ll get unlimited calls to mobile numbers and landlines, and SMS and MMS to Australian numbers. You’ll also get unlimited voicemail calls, 13 and 1300 numbers.

Will my unused data rollover?

Flip Mobile doesn’t have any data banking or rollover features. It’s a no-frills, cheaper plan provider without bells and whistles.

When do Flip Mobile plans expire?

Flip’s mobile plans are month-to-month, so it will renew automatically once the month is up. Be warned though: Flip has an interesting condition where you have to cancel the plan with a month’s notice. You can’t wait til the last day to cancel.

How do Flip Mobile plan bundles work?

Flip runs promotional bundles on its 20Gb and 50Gb plans that could save you between $5 to $10 per month if you combine your plan with an NBN service.

What's good

  • Plans are competitively priced
  • Current promotions offer great value for new customers
  • Flip has excellent coverage with the Optus network
  • Discounts may apply if you bundle your mobile with an NBN plan

What's bad

  • You must give one month’s notice to cancel your plan
  • A $10 fee applies if you order a SIM card and don’t activate it within 30 days

What you need to know about Flip Mobile

Flip Mobile has been around since 2015. It offers a small range of phone plans best suited for people who don’t need a ton of data. Its plans start from 500Mb through to 50Gb, and give excellent value for money because the plans are basic.

For instance, you won’t get any included international calls or texts (charges will apply). At the end of each month your data expires and won’t be banked or rolled over.

However, the plans are solid and could be a good choice if you’re looking for a plan that fits your budget and you’re not a heavy data user.

Flip Mobile’s coverage

Flip uses the Optus network, which covers 98.5% of the population. Only Telstra offers more coverage at 99.5%, but you’ll likely find only a small difference while in rural and regional zones. If you live in a metropolitan or residential area, Optus will provide excellent coverage.

Getting in touch with Flip Mobile

Flip doesn’t have an app, but you can log in on the website to manage your account. If you have a question, you can get in touch with Flip by calling customer support Monday to Saturday, or emailing the team via the address on the website.

Buying a Flip mobile plan

If you’re ready to buy a Flip mobile plan, just click on the plan you like to be transferred to the Flip website and follow the instructions.

SIM cards are mailed free of charge. You’ll be able to keep your mobile number by following the instructions on the SIM card. Porting your number to your new plan can take anywhere from a few hours to 42 hours (although it’s rarely that long).

Why choose a Flip mobile plan?

Flip could be a great choice if you’re after a simple plan for making calls and sending texts in Australia. It doesn’t have any extras, but that also means Flip keeps costs down. If you’re also after home internet, you could consider a bundle to make your plans even cheaper. Just remember the unusual terms, such as giving one month’s notice before cancelling.