Amaysim Plan
Review and Comparison

  • Award winning plans & customer service
  • Powered by the Optus 3G & 4G network
  • Strong value for money especially on data
  • Now Amaysim offer only prepaid options
  • Keep existing number or get a new one

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Common questions about Amaysim

I haven’t heard of Amaysim before, can I trust them?

Amaysim have been in market for several years now. They have more than 1 million Australian customers.

They offer good value plans, (you might also like to check out other phone companies which operate on the same network – Moose Mobile, OVO Mobile and Vaya – also owned by Amaysim) have some of the best customer satisfaction levels in the industry (see the charts in the article below) and they’ve received endorsements from Money Magazine for the value in their plans.

Can I keep my number when switching Amaysim?

Yes you can. You can keep your number if you move to Amaysim or you can start again and get a new one. It’s up to you.

How is Amaysim coverage in my area?

Amaysim use the Optus 3G and 4G Plus network; you can verify what the signal is likely to be like in your own area on the Amaysim coverage checker. (It’s a rebranded version of Optus’ coverage checker because, of course, Amaysim use the full Optus network.)

We have details and infographics on their coverage (including how it compares to other major networks) in this article.

What does “you can move up or down plans ‘without penalty’ mean” ?

In our article on this page, we use the phrase ‘you can move up or down (Amaysim’s plan range) without penalty.’

What we mean is that, each month, if you want to up or down plans (for example, up from a $20 to a $30 monthly spend), there is no penalty imposed on you by Amaysim.

The key concern people have is being signed up to a contract and having to pay to get out of it. That isn’t the case with Amaysim’s plans.

Can I cancel my service if I’m not happy?

Of course you can ! You’ll have to finish up the month you’re in and cancel any automated payments you have set up. However, after that, unlike most phone company deals, you’ll be free to get moving.

Are Amaysim’s plans prepaid or postpaid ?

It used to be the case that Amaysim was one of the few phone companies which offer you the choice of how you’d like to pay for your plan. Amaysim changed this in 2018, making all their plans prepaid. Customers who were on post-paid plans prior to this can remain on their plans.

If you’re not sure which type of plan to take, choose :

  • Prepaid if you like to know exactly how much you are going to spend each month and to consciously choose any extras you need. (For example, international calls. )
  • Postpaid if you prefer the convenience of your bill being managed and charged to you automatically.

If you want a postpaid plan, there are others on the Optus network which offer that sort of plan, including Vaya (which is actually owned by Amaysim) and Moose Mobile or Spintel.

How do Amaysim and Vaya work together?

Amaysim own two phone company brands in Australia. Vaya is their brand focused on more cost-conscious individuals.

(Amaysim, through) Vaya, offer their customers a price match guarantee. Of course, since it’s the same company, you will still get the benefit of Amaysim’s customer service comes to sorting out any problems with your service.

Amaysim have a better-known brand and a larger customer base.

Amaysim Review - Should you go with them?

What's good

  • Excellent value across the range
  • Powered by the Optus 3G /4G network
  • No contracts - all plans are prepaid
  • Recently improved included International Rates

What's bad

  • 19 numbers not included ( banned from this plan )
  • Unused data does not roll over
  • Also consider Vaya, OVO and Moose on Optus network
  • Or Boost and Belong for access to Telstra


What you need to know about Amaysim

Everyone wants to get the best price plan deal. Not everyone wants a new phone; these days, a lot of people own their device outright. For those who fall into both camps – those who want a great deal on a SIM card but don’t need a new mobile phone – Amaysim is a good choice.

Amaysim is an Australian company with affordable pricing for the telecommunications services they offer. They have been operating over here, in Australia, since the end of 2010.


Key factors that make Amaysim’s plans well worth considering

  • All Amaysim plans are prepaid:
    It used to be the case that any Amaysim plan could be bought as a prepaid or postpaid plan. Whichever you chose, you’d get the same inclusions (most importantly, the same data inclusion) whichever way you bought them. Amaysim changed their set up in 2018. Now, Amaysim plans can only be bought on prepaid SIMs. This greatly simplifies the process of picking a plan. In our view, every phone company should do the same thing.
  • No contract means ultimate flexibility:
    Because Amaysim sells all SIMs on prepaid month-to-month agreements, you’ll have no contract to worry about. You can cancel or move from this sort of agreement at any time. No termination fees, no arguments, you’re done.
  • Amaysim also offers PAYG Plans.
    PAYG (Pay As You Go) plans are a small but useful part of the market. Amaysim’s PAYG plans can be bought on prepaid SIMs. PAYG plans are right for you if you make around one call a day. Avoid this sort of plan if you use any data at all.
  • Best in class customer satisfaction :
    Amaysim has won a number of awards relating to the quality of their customer satisfaction, including Roy Morgan’s annual customer satisfaction award several times. The chart below shows customer satisfaction as measured by Choice last year. The level of Customer Satisfaction Amaysim’s customers enjoy is a major differentiator for Amaysim.

Amaysim came second in a review of overall customer satisfaction, a metric which includes their customer service, value for money and other service features we discuss on this page.

  • Same day delivery :
    In Sydney and Melbourne metro regions, Amaysim offer a same-day delivery service. They charge an additional $10 to cover the costs of getting it to you so fast. Amaysim knows how important instant gratification is to moving phone providers. They also know how terrible it is when you are stuck in limbo between phone companies.


An overview of their plan range

Amaysim has broadened its product range recently but only to add more data options. The core products are the same.

  • Unlimited (voice and SMS) Plans :
    Unlimited plans are one of the things Amaysim is famous for. All their plans have unlimited voice and SMS in Australia, to Australian numbers included.
  • PAYG Plans :
    Amaysim’s PAYG plan is a Pay As You Go plan. The recharge window ( the expiry period ) for Amaysim’s PAYG prepaid recharges are 365 days.

Amaysim are fair in their inclusions and offer much the same standard services that their competitors do.

Our Amaysim review shows how well Amaysim does when put side by side against their major competitors.

Amaysim aligns well when compared on Unlimited plan inclusions.

Source : WhatPhone Analysis

  • International PXT / SMS :
    Amaysim offers some international inclusions on their plans costing $30 and above each month.
  • PAYG :
    The table above does not cover Amaysim PAYG plans. See our specialized page for more details of Australian PAYG plans.
  • Roaming :
    Roaming is not a core plan inclusion with Amaysim. It can, however, be paid for on top of plans. If you take a prepaid plan and want to roam, you will have to have an additional balance. You will be able to add it from their app. Roaming calls will be deducted against that balance.


More About Amaysim Mobile International Calling

For International calls, prepaid customers need to add additional credit to their account, and postpaid customers will have any charges added on their next billing cycle. For customers using Amaysim’s unlimited plans, unlimited calls and texts to 10 selected countries are automatically included at no extra cost. If you have a different plan, have used up your included international calls, or wish to call a country not on the list, you’ll need to know how much you’ll be charged per minute.

The international call and text rates for each country is listed on the Amaysim International Rates page. Countries are listed alphabetically or you can look up the country you want to call to find the rates. Overseas calls are made by dialing a + followed by a country code, area code (if calling a landline) and then the phone number. If the phone number starts with a 0, leave it out when dialing.


All You Need To Know About Amaysim Roaming

Going Overseas with Amaysim

Amaysim customer who is looking to go overseas? Taking your phone to use while you travel might be convenient, but it can also be very expensive. Don’t assume that because you have a great plan with lots of inclusions in Australia, that the same features will be available once you travel. Roaming requires you to sign up for a whole new set of rates that can be very expensive if you’re not careful.

Some providers, like Amaysim-owned Vaya, have chosen not to offer global roaming at all. Even the Amaysim website encourages customers that purchasing a local SIM is the cheapest way to communicate while overseas, before advertising their own rate.

If you do decide to use the Amaysim mobile roaming, you will be able to access roaming with your Amaysim SIM in over 50 countries. Global roaming is turned off by default on Amaysim plans, so you’ll need to enable it in your account or app settings prior to leaving Australia if you want to access its features. If you’re a pre-paid Amaysim customer, you’ll need to make sure you have extra credit in your account to cover the cost of your roaming. Customers on an Amaysim postpaid plan will need to be extra careful, as the mobile roaming charges will be added to their bill at the end of the month.

Another task before you leave is to make sure you understand the roaming rates for the areas you’re visiting. If you plan to travel to a country not often visited by Australians, you should check that roaming is even available. Pre-paid Amaysim customers will need to make sure they have sufficient credit in their account before they leave, and be aware of how to top up in another country.

Amaysim does not offer any access to the data from your Australian plan inclusions while overseas. That means that every service you use will be paid for over and above the usual cost of your plan. Data in particular can be very expensive, and it’s very easy to use more than you think. International roaming charges can be found on the Amaysim Mobile Roaming webpage.

Amaysim roaming rates

If you’re going on a cruise you are able to access roaming while at sea, but it is very expensive. You’ll only be able to make and receive calls and SMS, as data is not available. Making and receiving calls, including voicemail, is $4 a minute. Sending an SMS at sea will cost you $1, but they’re free to receive.

Remember that you will pay for the calls you make but also the calls you receive, and also for retrieving voicemail. Sending an SMS costs, but receiving them is free. MMS requires you to pay for the message plus the data it takes to send or receive. Rates start from:

  • $1 per minute to make or receive calls, or to check or receive voicemail
  • $0.50 to send an SMS, free to receive
  • $1.30 to send or receive MMS
  • $0.50 per MB, charged per 10 KB

Keeping roaming charges low

With a few precautions, you can make the most of global roaming convenience and reduce your charges. Keeping your mobile data turned off at all times except in an emergency will save you money. Aside from casual internet use, people often turn on their data to use their GPS. Save data by downloading the maps of your location beforehand, so you always know where you’re going.

Your phone will have an option to activate call forwarding for all incoming calls, which will stop you paying a lot for other people to call you. Their calls will go straight to voicemail so you can check at your leisure. Use Wi-Fi wherever possible, especially to access online call services like Skype or Facebook Messenger. You might also like to consider a calling card, although you will need to carefully research the company selling the card and their rates to make sure it is actually a better option.

Keeping in contact while overseas doesn’t have to cost you the earth, but don’t leave it to chance. Researching your destination, counting the cost, and turning off unnecessary services will help keep your bill in check.

Buying a local SIM.

Amaysim advises customers that the best solution to avoiding roaming charges is to buy a local SIM on arrival. When your own phone company is telling you that it might not be best to use their SIM while travelling, it’s worth listening to. Your country of origin will have SIM cards available for purchase, and with some research before you set out they should be easy to acquire and use.

The advantage is that you can access coverage and rates just like the locals, and in the local currency. If you are a frequent traveller, you can reuse the SIM; but even if you’re not, the cost is normally low. The disadvantage is that not all phones will be compatible with overseas SIMs, so you’ll have to check before you leave. You will also have a slight delay in communication while you hunt down a SIM, but there are online companies who can send you one in the post if you want to avoid the wait.


Value for money – how does Amaysim stack up against the competition ?

Money Magazine has awarded Amaysim twice for having the best unlimited and pay-as-you-go plans !

Choice reviewed Amaysim for value for money. They came top of the list.

Choice put Amaysim at the top of the list for value for money.

Amaysim are one of the Australian leaders for value for money in SIM Only plans.


Amaysim’s customer service

Customer service is actually the team that deals with any technical service issue you have. The most common method of contacting them is usually through the call center but customer service includes your use of the self service app they have and any other way you might contact Amaysim to progress an issue you’re having. Customer satisfaction, which we covered above, is an overall measure of how much people like their phone company, which takes into consideration customer service.

Amaysim’s customer service is one of the best in the industry. The call center is one of the few which is still in Australia. Most other phone companies have shipped theirs overseas. When you have an issue with your Amaysim service, you get through to someone who resolves your problem quickly because they work in Chatswood and you can have a clear conversation. The best customer service team is one you never have to call and that’s probably part of Amaysim’s success. Their service is nice and simple and it just works. Amaysim do well for customer satisfaction, too.

This comparison of phone company customer service shows how people rank some of the main telcos when it comes to resolving technical and billing issues. Amaysim are a market leader.



Not so good things about Amaysim

Every phone company has elements to their service which are not as good as those offered by the competition.

  • Amaysim’s plans do not include free content :
    Content or entertainment  is an increasingly prevalent part of typically higher end (more expensive) phone plans in Australia. Optus’ and Telstra’s plans now usually include some form of value added extra, in the form of data free streamed media. This sort of inclusion is usually free music  or free video . If you’re interested in sports on your phone or have a service like Spotify, you might like to consider a plan with this sort of data free inclusion. It can save you up to 3GB of data per month. On the other hand, if you don’t value this sort of extra, Amaysim will offer better value on core data inclusions.
  • No extra data management facilities :
    There is a trend towards offering fairer data inclusions in Australia. Belong Mobile provides a ‘data vault’ – a scheme which allows you to use the data you’re given at any point. If you don’t use it one month, it is added to your data vault and you can use it later – even months later. Similarly, Boost Mobile and others, including Optus, offer data rollover – a similar plan facility under which any unused data is ‘rolled over’ in to the following month. Amaysim doesn’t have these nice to have facilities.


Network information for those considering Amaysim

Amaysim uses the full Optus 3G and latest 4G Plus network. Here’s a chart showing how much people like Amaysim’s network performance, compared to some of their major competitors.

Amaysim actually use the Optus 3G and 4G network. Interestingly, Amaysim customers are happier with the network than Optus’!

This chart shows the value of good customer service and satisfaction. While they use the same networks infrastructure, Amaysim’s customers are actually happier than Optus’ !

  • All of Amaysim’s plans now offer 4G data speeds :
    4G data is superfast. It’s likely faster than your home NBN or fixed broadband connection. Around two thirds of Australians now have 4G enabled phones. Remember, even if you have a slightly older 3G phone, a 4G enabled SIM from Amaysim will still work in your phone.
  • Coverage comparable to all MVNOs :
    Amaysim’s network coverage on the Optus network is comparable to every other 4G network. From a 3G perspective, the Telstra network covers a lot more land but not a great deal more of the population. See our coverage page for more details.


More on Amaysim’s prepaid plans ?

Amaysim’s plans can be bought as prepaid plans. Prepaid services do not require a credit check. That can make them appeal to people without a credit history or someone who has a bad credit history. Prepaid plans are often used by young people for exactly this reason. The process for setting up an Amaysim prepaid SIM :

  • Navigate to the Amaysim website :
    Click through from this page, work through the checkout process.
  • Await SIM Delivery :
    Amaysim’s delivery processes are slick. If you live in a major metro area of Australia, you could get the SIM you order in as little as 3 hours. If you’re outside, you might have to wait until the next day.
  •  Activate – on :
    When the SIM is delivered to you, go back to the Amaysim website to activate it. Activation takes care of what the phone companies call provisioning. It lets them associate you with the SIM you’ve bought. If you want to keep your phone number, you tell them that at the point of activation and they’ll bring it across for you.
  • Apply Amaysim Recharges from that point :
    If you choose prepaid, you will buy recharges for your Amaysim service every 28 days. You can ( buy and ) apply a recharge voucher online, using their app or in many retail stores around Australia.


How can I perform an Amaysim Recharge ?

Auto-recharge takes away the conscious choice to recharge your service. Amaysim set their prepaid plans us to auto-recharge by default. You can turn this off in their online self service portal if you would like to.

  • Auto recharging is easy :
    You can recharge your Amaysim service online, through their self service website, using their app or by sending an SMS to Amaysim. There are a couple of things to remember.Auto-recharge has been designed to overcome the only negative associated with prepaid plans – the need to recharge them when they run out of credit. As we’ve said, this can come at unfortunate and inconvenient times. That means a service which auto-recharges can be useful. It does, however, blur the lines of benefit associated with a prepaid plan. As we’ve said, one of the best thing about prepaid plans is the ability to manage the spend associated with them.
  • You get a recharge :
    We always recommend that you recharge online or using the app. It’s the most convenient method available but also, sometimes the phone companies provide additional incentives for you to work this way – because it’s cheaper than you calling them. Other ‘channels’ which will sell you a recharge voucher for your Amaysim prepaid service include retail stores around Australia, an IVR ( That’s where you call them and talk to a machine ) or, you can even send them an SMS with your debit card details.
  • Denominations :
    You can buy a variety of Amaysim recharge denominations. Spend levels start at $10 but you can also add : $10, $20, $30, $40, $50 to your Amaysim prepaid service to top it up.


Some alternatives to Amaysim


Amaysim Wins Australia’s Best MVNO Award, 2018 for the second year running

Amaysim, has picked up to the coveted “Best Mobile Virtual Network Operator” award of 2018. The company was crowned the honour at the CommsDay Edison 2018 Awards hosted in Sydney. It’s the second year in a row that Amaysim has been awarded as the best MVNO in Australia. Amaysim has out performed most of it’s rivals recently, the company has over 1.1 million subscribers, and the figure is continually increasing.

It’s no mean feat for Amaysim to have closed this year’s CommsDay award. They have the happiest customers in the industry and the lowest TIO complaint rate. Mobile Virtual Network Operators are supported by one of the major three network providers – Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus. Amaysim, as you will know from our article above uses the Optus network and Optus alone support at least 14 resellers including Amaysim, each a company Amaysim had to beat to get this award.


The success is fuelled by Amaysim’s revolutionary $10 and $20 mobile plans.

Amaysim’s new $10 and $20 mobile plans have driven the bulk of their success. These mobile plans cover an enormous Australian segment of low data users. Within 75 days of the launch of these best-selling mobile plans, the company witnessed a staggering growth with more than 12,000 Australians switching over to them.

Amaysim has also recently moved to prepaid only. Their mobile plans get automatically renewed every 28 days.


Amaysim Enters NBN, Energy and Tech Markets

They’ve also started to grow beyond their telco roots. The company is currently offering services to nearly 80,000 Australian households with an aim to bring home services under one roof to simplify lives.

Amaysim added unlimited NBN plans with no lock-in contract or upfront costs, but later ended the service last year. As of October 2018, customers who were already on Amaysims’s home Internet plan were moved to Southern Phone at no cost, with the same fees, bill cycle, and speed tier they had on Amayasim. Although Amayasim offered only two NBN speed tiers, Southern Phone offers three —  Basic (NBN 12), Turbo (NBN 50), and Max (NBN 100). Data options range from 100 GB to Unlimited.    

Finally, their growth has benefitted this year from Amaysim entering another highly competitive market – for gas and electricity. It retails energy and natural gas across New South Wales, Victoria, South East Queensland, and South Australia. The company avails attractive conditional discounts that won’t’ expire off both usage and supply.


 Summing Up Amaysim’s Plan Range

Amaysim are one of the only phone companies to have a plan range which is easy to navigate. Reducing the complexity of their plan range so show only prepaid plans was a worthwhile step. It’s an effective and simple mechanism for customers to navigate, and amazingly effective and giving customers what they want. In our view, it’s something that every phone company should do.

They’re one of Australia’s biggest phone companies and, in our view, Amaysim should be on your short list for consideration.