Moose Mobile Plan
Review and Comparison

  • Use the Optus 3G and 4G network
  • Strong Data Inclusions
  • All plans include Unlimited Australian Voice and SMS
  • Nothing you don't need
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Common questions about Moose Mobile plans

Who should consider Moose Mobile ?

We recommend Moose Mobile to people who want a postpaid service without a bunch of unnecessary extras. Moose offer great data inclusions across a broad range, too.

Can I keep my phone number if I move it to Moose Mobile ?

Oh yes you can. You can read more about it here.

What network does Moose Mobile use ?

Moose use the Optus 3G and 4G network. They’re a reseller or ‘MVNO’ and that means they have access to the entire Optus coverage map. You will get exactly the same network access, coverage and speeds as if you were with Optus themselves.

Are there any unusual fees due for Moose ?

Moose are a new telco and they have some unusual fees. You can find out more about them in the CIS, the Customer Information Statement which you will find on their website, close to the plan you’re considering. The ones we’d call out are :

  • Australia post handling fee :
    $2.50. This is charged when they deliver your phone to you. Most operators offer free postage for your SIM.
  • Number changing fee:
    If you change your number after you’ve been with them a while, they’ll charge you $65. It’s extremely rare that a customer would want to do this.
  • SIM Card replacement :
    $25. Again, it’s rare, but if it does happen, it’ll set you back $25.

Do Moose have a Self Service App ?

You can access Moose’s self service facilities online but they don’t yet have an app. Apps are expensive to build and they are rarely available at the launch of a new telco. We expect Moose will produce one before too long.

What is a refurbished phone ?

A refurbished phone is one which has been returned by its user, checked, repaired if necessary, re-boxed and is sold to you with, in the case of Moose, a 12 month warranty. Getting a refurbished phone is a very sensible way to save yourself afew hundred bucks on an effectively new device (if you ask us.)

How much is extra data with Moose Mobile ?

Moose charge 1.5c per MB for data once you’ve used up the limit on your data balance. That’s $15.36 per GB. In our opinion, this is a fair way to charge for data and has some benefits over the competition which we explain in the article, below.

When they say ‘Unlimited’ calls and SMS – what do they mean ?

What does ‘Unlimited’ mean ?! We’ve all been caught out at one point or another, haven’t we ? In the case of Moose, Unlimited means Unlimited domestic ( within Australia, from your phone to another phone in Australia ) calls and SMS.

Moose DO include 13 numbers, 1800 numbers, MMS, Voicemail, International SMS and MMS. So it’s pretty fair.

What's good

  • Offer refurbished iPhones
  • All plans comes with Unlimited Australian Voice and SMS
  • Great data inclusions
  • No unnecessary extras
  • Nice approach to out of bundle data charging

What's bad

  • Offers only postpaid plans
  • No app for self service
  • Customer support call center is based in India

Independent Moose Mobile Plan Review – Should You Go With Them?

Moose Mobile are a relatively new telco in Australia. Their postpaid plans all include unlimited voice and SMS in Australia and have healthy data allowances.


Moose Mobile Review – Should you go with them ?


Introducing Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile are a relatively new mobile phone and SIM provider, based in Brisbane. The company was established by some telco veterans who have been working in phone company retail for some time now.

Moose enter an already incredibly competitive telco market place. They’re an MVNO  – a network reseller who provide access to the Optus 3G and 4G networks. And that’s why we say it’s incredibly competitive. There are already a number of providers operating on the same network. Optus has more MVNOs than any other phone company.

Moose do have some strong points of difference, however. Let’s take a look at what makes Moose stand out and see who would benefit most from taking a phone plan from them.


What’s really different about Moose Mobile ?

Used correctly, refurbished phones are a significant part of how Australians can save up to 50% on their phone costs.

Moose mobile offer refurbished iPhones as part of their service and boy, do we love that. We wrote extensively on the benefits of refurbished devices when Kogan  started offering them. Refurbished phones can save you 30% on the price of a new phone. Used correctly, refurbished phones are a significant part of how Australians can save up to 50% on their phone costs.

Refurbished phones are phones which have been returned to the manufacturer for some reason. Sometimes it’s because the owner just ‘cooled off’ in the period after their signed their contract. Sometimes it’s because the phone suffered a hardware fault. In either case, the phones are checked, repaired if necessary, re-boxed and, in the case of Moose, provided with a 12 month warranty. In short, they’re pretty much a new phone at a second hand phone price.


They key rule for Moose Mobile’s refurbished iPhones :

If you want a refurbished phone from Moose, you’ll have to get a SIM from them too. Customers

If you want a refurbished phone from Moose, you’ll have to get a SIM from them too. Customers needs to at least purchase a SIM card to get the phone, however,Moose do not charge any penalty if they do not connect.

Basically, you can order the phone and the SIM and then never use the SIM. But really, they’re selling refurbished devices as a way to sign you up.

Why Buy an iPhone with a SIM plan
from a small phone company ?


Found a deal on WhatPhone

  • Bought the iPhone 6 from Moose Mobile


  • 24 months x $33


  • ( = Unlimited Oz Talk & Text + 4GB of 4G Data )

Minimum Total Cost $1,237

On Optus network


Went with a Vodafone contract

  • iPhone SE 32GB

  • 24 months contract on Vodafone x $60


  • Unlimited Oz Talk & Text + 3GB of 4G Data

Minimum Total Cost $1,440

On Vodafone network

If you get a refurbished iPhone 6 from Moose and add a SIM, you’ll get more data, a better phone and a better network for less!




Details of Moose Mobile’s SIM offer

We recommend Moose Mobile to people who want more data without any extras and prefer the convenience of a postpaid plan.

  • Moose only offer postpaid plans :
    The first and most obvious difference about Moose Mobile is that they offer exclusively postpaid plans. Many consider postpaid plans to be more convenient than prepaid for a couple of reasons. First, charges are applied automatically to postpaid accounts. There’s no ‘manual’ recharging when you’ve used your allocation, of say, data. Extras like international calls work more seamlessly. As a result, Moose which adds some choice to the market. Most of the competition are prepaid providers.
  • Postpaid means you’ll pay a bit less over the course of a year :
    Postpaid plans renew on the same day each month. Most prepaid plans have 28 day recharge windows.  That means, when you go postpaid, you tend to save about one month’s fees per year.
  • Moose are a SIM Only provider :
    Like most phone companies, the majority of MVNOs, Moose are a SIM only plan provider. We’ve covered the benefits of SIM Only services in detail elsewhere across the site. The majority of Australians now select a SIM Only plan and put it in to their own phone because it’s so much cheaper than taking a contract over the 24 months you’re ‘trapped’.
  • Great data inclusions :
    We think Moose Mobile are up there with the best when it comes to monthly data inclusions. Data is the most important thing in a plan these days and Moost heap it on generously in their plans.
  • All their plans come with unlimited ( domestic ) calls and SMS :
    All of Moose’s plans include Unlimited Australian Voice and SMS, which is astounding value given that they start at $14.95. Unlimited inclusions like these mean their plans are simple to compare ( you’re just looking for the data allowance that suits you ) and you don’t have to faff with cap pricing calculations.
  • Nothing you won’t use :
    Around half of the plans that visitors to WhatPhone choose each month have an entertainment . It’s a significant change to the industry and it happened almost overnight last year. Included entertainment could be anything from streamed radio  to the NRL of AFL games on your mobile.  These entertainment plan inclusions are ‘pitched’ as ‘free’ but the truth is, users pay a premium to receive them – it’s just included in the price. Moose mobile are a ‘classic’ telco in the sense that they offer core network / plan features only. Their plans have voice, SMS and data included. If you’re not in to sport or music as part of your plan, you’re better with Moose than a company which ‘includes’ them.
  • Preferred ‘out of bundle’ charging :
    Optus, Telstra and Vodafone ( as well as many competitors ) now offer ‘auto-top up’ data features. Say you have a 2GB a month plan from Optus and you use it up with a week to go before your plan resets at the end of the month. Instead of charging you penalty rates for the extra data you need, they add one more GB of data and charge you an additional $10. See the problem ? What if you don’t use it all ?! Optus (and the rest ) could add this extra GB on the last day of the month and still charge you $10 for it.) The scheme is certainly an improvement on what preceded it. Moose, however, have the best of both worlds. Moose charge much lower ‘out of bundle’ rates than almost anyone else in market. When you go over, you’re not charged $10 there and then, you’re charged $15 or so per GB of data. If you only use a couple of hundred MB, you’ll be charged around $3 rather than the $10. Again, you’re not paying for anything you don’t need. Data can be confusing. If you don’t know the difference between a MB, a GB and TB, read our ‘how much data do I need’ article


Things to bear in mind about Moose Mobile

  • It’s postpaid – you’ll need a debit card :
    Contrary to popular belief, postpaid plan users do not need to be over 18 years of age but they do need to have a debit credit card.
  • You won’t be charged a service fee to use a credit card :
    If you do use a credit card to pay your bill, they won’t charge you a service fee.


Things that are not so good about Moose Mobile

There are a few things to be aware of with Moose. We see these same service aspects with almost all new telcos. Over time, competitive pressure strips them away but for now, you need to be aware of the following.

  • No app for self service ?
    We do not have an app but we have a mobile centric web portal where customers can log in and manage their account.
  • Their customer support call center is based in India :
    Kolkata India. That’s not a problem for many, but some people can find this sort of outside Australia customer service sub-optimal.
  • No next day delivery :
    Delivery is 2-3 days for a sim card and 5 -7 days for a phone purchase.
  • They charge a delivery fee :
    Moose charge a $2.50 Australia postage handling fee. Most of the competition don’t.
  • They also charge for using Bay :
    Moose will charge you a $1.00 handling fee for using BPay.


Summing up Moose Mobile

We love Moose’s offer. They have great data pricing and while they enter an almost unbelievably competitive marketplace, the fact they have refurbished iPhones (if you ask us, a very sensible way to buy a phone ) and have a postpaid offering adds choice and flexibility.

However, they’re new. That means things like the ‘have to order a SIM with the refurbished phone’ and lack of aself service app will improve with time.

In the meantime, if you want a plan with a healthy data allowance and nothing you don’t need, try Moose.