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The most common piece of feedback we’ve had on WhatPhone, over email, and from people who engage with our Social Media presences, is a request that comes up time and time again. People tell us they want a clear, written explanation that will help them make the right decision on the SIM Only plan they’re going to get. Specifically, visitors asked us to give them an easy to understand guide, which shows the process visitors need follow, and the key facts people need to know, in order that they can pick the right phone plan for them.

So we’ve produced one. You can download it on this page. Better still, the price is right. You can’t get cheaper than FREE and, except for the time it will take you to download the report – (about 15 seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection) – everything about our Phone Plan explainer booklet is provided without charge.


(Note, the guide may take up to 15 seconds to download, depending on the speed of your connection.)

What are the most useful elements of the free phone plan buying guide?

So what? Why should you download the guide?

  • It’s simple, written down (with lots of pictures and easy to understand explanations) so you can take it away to think:
    Web pages are great. They’re available all the time and there are a lot of them – each with specific answers to commonly asked questions. You’re welcome to browse our site and use the search tool to find the answer to any specific questions you might have. However, there is also a place for a written checklist of the things you might like to think about. Our guide provides that.
  • It contains all the key facts you need to know:
    Who is buying what sort of phone plan? Which is better – a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan? Does it make sense to get a phone under contract? How can you work out whether a contract / sim only plan is right for you? We have taken the time to explain our answers to all of these questions and more in te guide.
  • It explains common misunderstandings about phone plans:
    Do you need to know what a PAYG plan is and when to use it? Are you trying to explain something to do with a phone plan to a family member or friend? The guide will help you do that.
  • It provides independent statistics on the state of the market:
    WhatPhone conducts several pieces of primary industry research each year, to track the trends which appear in customer behavior. People are clever. If a lot of them are doing the same thing, it’s probably a sensible thing to do. Our analysis
  • It explains technology gobbledygook:
    Most people don’t work for phone companies and have little interest in learning the meanings of the specific terms that are used in the industry. Unfortunately, whatever their desires, phone companies do describe things in ways that some people find it hard to understand. We have a Glossary section in our document that will explain to you what abbreviations and technical terms mean, in ways you’ll understand.
  • It suits any kind of phone:
    Whether you have an Android or an Apple iPhone phone, the answers you need on the SIM and plan to insert in to it are here.
  • Finally, it contains the current list of best selling plans:
    So you can compare them easily and find the right one for you, we’ve included the best selling plans at the back of the document. Our download will give you the best value deals on all the networks side by side, with any of the data allowances you need.

Summing up our free guide

Our free download pack is just one of the resources on WhatPhone. Search at the top of any page of check out the mega menu at the top of the page for more.

You might also like to use our free plan chooser tool, which asks a few simple questions

This is just version 1 of the document. If you would like to suggest improvements or additions to our FREE download guide, simply email them to [email protected]


(Note, the guide may take up to 15 seconds to download, depending on the speed of your connection.)