Moose Mobile Plans vs Optus Plans – Do You Want Extras or Not?

Moose Mobile and Optus – Same coverage, different costs

Australians have a lot of options when it comes to phone plans. The three major telcos – Optus, Telstra, and TPG Telecom (Vodafone) – all have a range of great offers. But there are even more to choose from – these major telcos also resell their networks to smaller telcos called Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

Moose Mobile is an MVNO that sells postpaid phone plans using the Optus network. But Optus, too, sell phone plans as well. However, both companies have a different range of plans and prices, with Moose having the cheaper, more targeted deals.

So which is the better offer when they both rely on the same network? In this post, we’ll compare Moose plans and Optus plans so you can decide which of these telcos is right for you.

Moose vs Optus: How the MVNO market is growing in Australia

MVNOs have a unique position in the telco market. They are able to offer phone plans to consumers without actually having to manage large telecommunications infrastructure – all they have to do is resell the major networks. This gives them the opportunity to avoid overhead costs and offer a specific, targeted plan ranges at very competitive prices.

Competition is key because there are many, many MVNOs in the country. In order to stand out in the market, MVNOs try to outdo each other with cheap, value-driven deals. As a result, they’ve become increasingly relevant in the telco market as Australians take advantage of their cheaper, targeted plans.

MVNOs show growth compared to major telcos in Australia

 MVNOs show growth compared to major telcos in Australia 2017. src

But MVNOs like Moose generally focus on the basics like calls, SMS, and data. Major telcos like Optus, on the other hand, pack their plans with extras and premium features like entertainment content. Also, most MVNOs don’t sell handsets and other devices, while the major telcos always give consumers the option of bundling phone plans with devices.

Moose plans vs Optus plans

Both Moose and Optus share the same Optus network. Unlike Telstra that limits its wholesale network that MVNOs use, Optus has no such limitations for its MVNOs. As a result, you can expect the exact same coverage when using an Optus MVNO as you would an actual Optus plan.

Thus, comparing Moose Mobile’s postpaid plans to Optus postpaid plans can’t focus on coverage. Instead, it’s more about value. But value is subjective in this case, because where Moose can compete by offering the basics for cheap, Optus may appeal better to those who are willing to pay more for extras and premium features. So we’ll take a look at both telcos offers based on basic and premium features.

  • Moose plans vs Optus plans: Basic features

 Moose PlansOptus Plans
Recharge5 month-to-month plans ranging from $8.80 to $46.80.
5 12-month contract plans ranging from $14 to $46.
4 month-to-month plans ranging from $39 to $79. You can also build your own plan.
Standard National VoiceUnlimited on all plans.Unlimited on all plans.
Standard National SMS/MMSUnlimited on all plans.Unlimited on all plans.
Data1GB to 40GB month-to-month. 5GB to 80GB on contract plan range.10GB to 120GB.
Excess Data1.5 cents per MB, or $15.36 per 1GB.$10 per 1GB.

  • Moose plans vs Optus plans: Extras and premium features


 Moose PlansOptus Plans
International talk and textNo inclusion - Pay as you goSmallest plan doesn’t have International talk/text inclusions. All other plans include unlimited International calls and texts to 35 select countries.
RoamingNo inclusion - Pay as you goThe two lower tier plans don’t include International roaming, but you can purchase an Optus Roaming Pass - an International roaming add on. The two higher tier plans include International roaming - unlimited talk and text, along with data ranging from 2GB to 4GB. You can also add an Optus Roaming Pass.
EntertainmentNoneSmallest plan does not have entertainment inclusions. All other plans include Optus Sport and 12 months of Apple Music.


Final words – the verdict on Moose plans vs Optus plans

Choosing between Moose plans and Optus plans depends on what you want – or need. You’ll get the exact same coverage from either telco because they both use the same Optus network. But you’ll get cheaper options on Moose, and even more data depending on the Moose plan you choose. Both offer unlimited calls, texts, and MMS, so if these basics are all you need, then Moose wins.

But if you’d like premium inclusions like entertainment, then you won’t find that with Moose plans. If you want International and roaming inclusions, you also won’t get that from Moose – they are pay as you go features. Optus offer both entertainment content as well as Intertanional and roaming inclusions, so if these premiums are what you need, then Optus wins.

But when you consider the value you get for your dollar, are those premium features really worth the additional costs? Does an additional $20, for instance, sound reasonable just to watch some footy coverage on your smartphone? Perhaps that’s entirely up to you, and we hope this post makes it easier for you to decide.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.