3 ways to sell your old iPhone in Australia

Sell your Iphone

3 ways to sell your old iPhone in Australia

Are you eager to get your hands on the new iPhone X but find yourself cash- strapped or on a budget? Why not let your old iPhone come to your rescue? Selling your old phone can help you recover at least half the cost of the new phone, if not more, provided you do it right. The condition of your device and good marketing practices will help you fetch the best possible price – and it could be more than you imagine.

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Before you sell

Few tips to keep in mind before you sell your iPhone in Australia:

  • Sell your device before the new version is released or at least within the first 3 months of the release of the new model to fetch the highest possible price. Once a new model is released, the old ones start depreciating rapidly.
  • Back up all your app and data content using iCloud or iTunes so you can migrate to your new device sooner.
  • Reset your device. This step is critical to make sure your personal information does not end up in a stranger’s hands. Do this by going to [Settings] > [General] > [Reset] > [Erase All Content and Settings].
  • Once device is reset, it will be completely blank, as if purchased for the first time. Try to package it in the original box with all original accessories so that you can get the best value.
  • If you have any device covers or screen guards, you can throw them in as freebies and charge a better price. But remove any damaged or broken accessories.
  • Wipe down your device using a microfiber cloth dipped in a solution made of equal parts water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. This will remove any food particles and stains, leaving your phone looking gleaming and new. Never use antibacterial wipes, plain water or disinfectants for this purpose – they are abrasive and can damage or scratch your phone.

Now that it is packaged and in best condition for sale, you can try these three ways to sell your iPhone at the highest possible price in Australia.


EBay Australia is still a favoured way to sell old devices. Australians are used to paying a premium price for gadgets and you could potentially get the highest price on this platform. The downside, of course, is the sheer competition between vendors on the platform. Here are a few tips to maximise your chances on eBay:

  • Try to sell some other second hand item before you sell the iPhone. That way you will have some positive feedback and reputation, attracting more visitors to your eBay shop.
  • List your item properly – include all details – phone model, colour, additional specs etc. from the official website. Use high quality product images – you can download these from the official website too.
  • Offer free shipping within Australia and other freebies you can think off.
  • Put a catchy title, for e.g. iPhone 6 rose still in original packaging cover & screen guard free.
  • Do not start with a low price in the hope of starting a bidding war. If you list at a lower price, chances are you will end up selling at that price.
  • Research your competition and price accordingly. Always give a buy now option at a 20-30% higher price than your auction value. This attracts customers not willing to go through the bidding wars to buy the device. At the time of writing this article, the iPhone 7 was being sold for A$400-A$800 on eBay.
  • Make it easier for your customer to pay you by enabling PayPal and other payment options. Bank deposits are usually the most inconvenient option for customers.
  • Remember that eBay will deduct 10.9% of the final sale value, but there are no listing fees.


If you want to avoid eBay fees and the complications of selling on the platform, you can try to sell your iPhone on Gumtree Australia. You can list your item on gumtree for free and wait for someone to contact you. You can arrange for them to pick up the phone from your house for cash or post it to them after receiving payment via Paypal. Some quick tips:

  • Follow the same listing best practices as for eBay.
  • Mention your pick up location in the title. Give more options – like your home, office etc.
  • Expect some negotiation. Customers will usually try to bargain and drive prices down. You can list at a 10% or 20% higher price to counteract this, but listing too high will put customers off too.

Exchange your phone for cash

You can sell your iPhone to a few companies in Australia for a fixed price pre-determined by them. Usually, the process works as follows:

  • You ‘book’ the sale online by entering your device details and device conditions.
  • The company sends you a box. You put your device in the box and send it back to them.
  • They check if your device is in the condition described by you. If not, they may adjust the price according to their policies.
  • They will send you the money via direct bank transfer.

The only downside in this process is that these companies tend to be very strict with phone condition and even minor scratches, damaged jacks or lose buttons will result in you getting a much lower than expected price. On the upside, you can sell them older phone models, iPhone 2 onwards, which no one else will buy from you. Some examples of phone exchange sites:

  • Mobile Monster – They have three fixed price tiers for each phone model, based on phone condition.
Mobile Monster
  • Cashaphone – They have a fixed price listed on the site. If your phone is has some damage you will be paid only 40% of the listed price.
  • Mazuma – Mazuma will pay you a guaranteed amount for your working phone, but it is lower than the 100% value of the other two sites.

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