Benefits of Having a Child Tracker

Children Sporting Child Trackers in Form of Smart Watches

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In Australia, an estimated 20,000 people are reported missing on a yearly basis. Modern parents can use some help and increased surveillance to keep their children safe. Technological advances have made it possible for parents to know the location of their children and to keep them under a watchful eye. By creating GPS (Global Positioning System) and Bluetooth enabled trackers, manufacturers are offering new solutions for parents who want access to location information for their children.  Child trackers are the location technology of the future, and can help parents to feel secure and keep their offspring safe.

Benefits of Having a Child Tracker

The market for child trackers – and GPS trackers in general – is rapidly gaining global momentum. This rise in the popularity of child trackers over the past decades can be attributed to the many benefits of using the gadget. Some of these benefits include:

GPS (Global Positioning System)/Bluetooth Capabilities

The GPS and Bluetooth capabilities of child trackers enable parents who utilize them to be able to check the location of their children at all times. For parents who operate on a busy schedule, GPS trackers are especially beneficial.

GPS and Bluetooth capabilities are also paramount in social situations. Children between the ages of 3-9 are known to wander off spontaneously. Whether it’s a shopping mall, beach, park or market, parents need to think ahead to be able to implement the technology before an incident happens.

GPS Logging

Many GPS enabled tracking devices contain GPS logging software. GPS logging is a process by which locations visited by the individual wearing the tracker are logged over a set period of time. These time periods can range anywhere between 30 and 90 days. The logs are helpful for checking whether children are where they say they are, helping to establish trust as well as providing the option to know their location in case of an emergency.

Assurance of Safety

Child trackers help parents feel safe. Children leave their households for numerous reasons. In the event that parents cannot physically monitor and assure the safety of their children, child trackers help to bridge any gaps in attention that might happen.

A selection of child trackers contain a feature called geo-fencing. Geo-fencing allows parents to create safety zones and boundaries for their children. When wards are outside their safety zones, parents are notified immediately and action can be taken.

Application Connectivity

Numerous child trackers can be linked to mobile applications. Linking a child tracker to a mobile application can aid parents in continually monitoring the location of a child. This feature is especially beneficial to parents who tend to feel spontaneous anxiety in regards to the safety of their children.

In many cases, tracking devices can also be linked to computer applications.

Alerts and Notifications

Child tracking devices contain alert and notification capabilities. Alerts and notifications are sent to parents in a number of situations including:

  • Children leaving safety zones.
  • Tracking devices – in form of watches, bands and buttons – being taken off.
  • Tracking devices being turned off
  • GPS logging in uncommon locations.

Alerts and notifications are an essential and beneficial feature of tracking devices.

Entertainment Capabilities

Child tracking devices are designed to be inconspicuous. They are often modeled after kid-friendly accessories such as watches and wristbands. In many cases, tracking devices come with some form of entertainment as a means to appeal to the children who wear them. Some high model child tracking devices include features such as games and music. These features are designed to keep children interested in having the devices on their person at all times.

The numerous benefits associated with using child tracking devices makes them a vital tool in the modern world. While in the past, children might have been able to lie about their location, with a tracker their true location is immediately obvious. Aside from surveillance, a tracking device helps ensure a child’s safety, especially if the child is prone to walking off on their own. In the GPS tracker, modern technology pairs with old-fashioned parental surveillance to help make sure that children are safe and sound.


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