Best Speed Test Tools To Verify Your Mobile Data Connection

Speed Test Tools for verifying Mobile Data Connection

If you need to verify the speed of your mobile internet connection, some sites are better than others

In today’s connected world, speed is incredibly important – especially for mobile users. Consumers expect websites to load quickly, and want to stream online media with almost no buffering. With data costs at a premium, users seek fast mobile internet connections.

Mobile internet service providers make a lot of claims about fast upload and download speeds when you sign up. But only a few of them actually live up to their claims.

Fortunately, there is a variety of web- and app-based tools for testing mobile internet speed. These tools show you how fast your mobile internet connection speed is, in real time. You can check your upload and download speeds, and identify issues like packet loss, latency problems, and physical connection problems. Here are some of the best sites for testing your internet connection.

Test internet connection speed with

Use for internet connection speed test. Source is one of the most popular bandwidth diagnostic software options available on the market. Owned by Ookla, this software for speed testing your mobile data connection is supported by sophistcated technology. It uses more than 2,500 servers to provide accurate speed test results. picks the nearest server, runs a full speed test, and provides information on upload and download speed, packet loss, and latency. This tool is available as an app for smartphones as well as a desktop application.

Simply choose a server and Speedtest will suggest the best one according to your location. Hit the “Begin Test” button, and the site will upload files to determine connection speeds.

Test internet connection speed with

Use for internet connection speed tests. Source

SpeedOf.Me is another popular HTML5-based internet speed checker. Claiming to be the most accurate online bandwidth test, this site is lightweight and aims to replicate real-world downloading and browsing conditions by requesting files of increasing size and recording their download speed. displays a graph of mobile data connection speeds achieved in real time and also lets you track the results against previous tests. This web-based app calculates the quickest and most reliable server from 88 available servers. It imitates real internet browsing conditions by uploading and downloading files in sequence.

Test internet connection speed with

Use for internet connection speed test. Source

For an internet speed checker tool that offers detailed information on speed testing, is the best choice. This simple yet effective internet speed testing site runs a series of tests and provides useful comparison data. You can separately test your download and upload speeds and benchmark them against your location’s average. is very intuitive and provides a progress bar for the test. You have to download this tool on your device, and your results will be used to rate your connection speed compared to other recent users. It also displays a graph with your connection over time to let users check if there is any trouble sustaining a good connection for an extended period of time.

Graphs are accompanied by plenty of documentation and easy-to-understand guides that help you identify the problems with your internet connection.

Bandwidth Place

Test internet connection speed with Bandwidth Place

Use Bandwidth Place for internet connection speed test. Source

Bandwidth Place is an easy-to-use, HTML5-based internet speed test website. It provides a clean and uncluttered interface to provide users with mobile data connection speed test results.

It gives users the option to use a number of different servers, or users can simply use the website with the lowest available ping. It also offers bandwidth provider news and informative blog posts. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate internet speed testing tool.

Test internet connection speed with

Use for internet connection speed tests. Source

Owned and run by Netflix, is very simple, yet one of the most effective internet speed testing tools. It loads instantly and rapidly starts analysing your mobile internet connection speed. It automatically launches speed tests and shows you the status of your Mbps.

Netflix primarily intends to be used by people who want to test if their current internet speed can handle Netflix content, especially high-definition and 4K content. However, you can use this tool for any speed testing application. If you don’t want to see charts or latency data and want a simple speed number, then Fast is developed for you.

Internet Health Test

Test internet connection speed with Internet Health Test

Use Internet Health Test for internet connection speed testing. Source

Take a complete look at the speed performance of your mobile internet connection using Internet Health Test. Once you log on to this simple-to-use site, a pop-up will ask if you’d like to start the test. After authorisation, the site will begin its five-step process and scrutinise your internet connection.

Internet Health Test takes longer than other web-based tools, but it is very thorough and ad-free. The test runs your mobile internet connection through many servers and infrastructures to check the performance of your internet connection in various server arrangements.

Telecommunications companies make many claims about the mobile internet connection speeds you can access, but customers only rarely access the top speeds that are outlined in advertising. Knowing your connection speeds can help you to understand how your mobile connection is performing for you. While there are a wide range of tools available to help you access that information, each is slightly different and will appeal to people for different reasons. Take control over your internet connection, and use one of these sites to see how well your mobile company are living up to their promises.

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