How to Cancel your Optus Plan for Free?

How to cancel an Optus phone plan

Why would I want to cancel my Optus plan?

Smartphones are an essential part of life as we know it today. These devices are no use without phone plans, yet subscribers cancel their plans quite frequently. When a subscriber chooses to cancel their phone plan, one of two scenarios is usually the case:

  • They may be canceling to switch to another plan on the same network, or
  • They may be opting out of the service entirely to move to another network.

A variety of factors can influence the subscriber’s decision to cancel a phone plan. Here are some of the more popular reasons:

  • Dissatisfaction with the service provider
    This is perhaps the most predominant reason why individuals choose to leave a service provider. Those dissatisfied with various aspects of the service – and repeatedly – can simply opt out of it.
  • Relocation
    Subscribers who are moving to countries where their current service provider doesn’t service, can opt to discontinue their service with their provider. This is particularly common with expatriates and international students.
  • Bereavement
    Individuals may opt to cancel phone plans and services following the death of close friends and family members who formerly used the service.

For a lot of Australians, price and reliability are the top two reasons for staying with a particular telco. But besides those basics, Australian subscribers remain satisfied is if their telco simply treats them fairly.

For Optus subscribers who chose to cancel their plans, we’ve put together some things to consider.

What must I take note of before I cancel my Optus plan?

There are some key factors all subscribers on the network must take note of when opting to cancel their plans, such as:

  • Existing number
    Subscribers on the Optus network will be able to keep their existing numbers should they decide to cancel their services with the network and opt for another provider.
  • Minimum Total Cost (MTC)
    For subscribers on contract phone plan, Minimum Total Cost (MTC) refers to the minimum cost the mobile device will incur over its payment period. When a subscriber opts out of the service, they will be required to pay what is left of the minimum total cost to the telco.

Other contractual requirements — Depending on the requirements of the contract the subscriber has with the telco, they may be required to pay additional costs such as early termination fees. It is important to check with your telco to find out what your contractual obligations are before opting to cancel the service. Information regarding such costs, such as porting and termination fees, are available in the plan’s CIS (Critical Information Summary). In Australia, phone companies are obligated by law to provide a CIS – they HAVE to show these on any page where people can see their plan information. Thankfully, Optus doesn’t charge any termination fees.

Australian telcos’ porting and termination fees.

Optus doesn’t charge termination fees, but some telcos do. Be sure to find the details of your contract before opting to cancel. Source: Whatphone

How do I cancel my service on the Optus Network?

Canceling your service on the Optus network is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid customer, you will be required to contact the carrier to do so.

  • For subscribers within Australia, you can chat with an Optus representative here.
  • For subscribers outside Australia, you can contact the network via phone on +61 2 8082 5678

The service is available Monday to Wednesday from 8am – 7pm, AEST, Thursday to Friday from 8am – 8pm, AEST and Saturday from 9am – 6pm, AEST. The service is closed on Sundays.

Once the telco has been contacted, the subscriber will be advised regarding

  • When the service will be disconnected;
  • If there will be any cancellation fees or final device repayments, and;
  • Whether you need to return any equipment to Optus.

Once disconnected, the subscriber will receive a final bill detailing any outstanding charges.

On the subject of equipment returns, Optus will provide the canceling subscriber with a prepaid satchel and appropriate instructions. If the subscriber is canceling an Optus Cable service, the telco may need to arrange for a technician to uninstall equipment from the subscriber’s premises.

Final words

Subscribers can cancel their Optus plans easily. The process is simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t incur any termination fees. Whatever the case may be, it is important that, as a subscriber opting out of any network, you know what contractual requirements you will be required to uphold before you actually terminate your plan. Although canceling your Optus plan is free, this isn’t the case for all telcos.

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