How To Check Your Own Phone Number In Australia?

How to Check your Own Phone Number in Australia

Who needs to check their phone number?

These days, phone number are just as important as identification credentials. Virtually every form you fill asks for this information. When you make important financial transactions, alerts might be sent to your phone number. In fact, it’s difficult to envision functioning in today’s society without a phone number.

Lumped in with the many other important information we have to keep track of, such as credit/debit card PINs, email addresses, electronic passwords, etc., it can be a hassle to manage all of these credentials through memory alone. This is especially true when you have multiple versions of them for various purposes, such as work, entertainment, and other personal uses.

This forms a huge part of what customers consider when shopping for a mobile phone, with questions like ‘Can I keep my mobile number?’, and ‘Can I choose a new mobile number that’s easy to remember?’ at the top of their minds. They’ve grown attached to their phone number, as have the many friends, family members, colleagues, and others who find that to be the ideal way of staying in contact.

You might need to check up your phone number if you have one too many for various purposes like work and home. You might sometimes forget the one or more digits of your phone in moments when you want to give it out. The good news is that if your memory fails you when you need to recall your phone number, there are many easy ways to remind yourself or retrieve your number entirely.

In this article, we’ll show you these methods. But first, let’s look at an uncanny option for managing your phone number: That’s choosing your own phone number.

Which phone networks allow you choose your own phone number?

For a fee, Australia’s top telcos give subscribers the privilege to choose the combination of digits they want as their phone number, which could ease the task of remembering your phone number. These options vary in terms of the extent of customization allowed, and are offered by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Amaysim.

Basically, these options come in two forms:

  • Premium phone numbers, which are preset combinations that are quite easy to memorize, like 0409 363 636 or 0409 121 212; and
  • Gold phone numbers, which allow users to determine the makeup of six digits in the phone number.

As you’d imagine, the option that allows for greater customization costs more — Gold phone numbers come with high premium numbers. The different telcos also come with their different costs:

  • Telstra, the largest Australian telco, charges the most for gold phone numbers – up to $400 one-time plus additional monthly maintenance fees.
  • Vodafone’s gold numbers can cost up to $275, but they only allow you customize 5 digits, compared to Testra’s 6.
  • Optus offers the cheapest rate among the major telcos, charging around $130 to customize up to 6 digits.
  • The cheapest offers come from MVNO providers, notably Amaysim, which offers gold phone numbers for as low as $30.

How to choose your own phone number?

Here’s a quick look at each major telco’s steps for choosing custom phone numbers.

  • Telstra custom phone numbers:

Telstra’s customized phone numbers come in two tiers — Silver and Gold. The Silver option allows you to use a single digit in 5 places in the mobile number (such as 0409 222 228), or any 5 different digits of your choice in the sequence. The Gold option allows you to determine the makeup of the sequence in six places.

To acquire any of these phone numbers, you need to contact Telstra directly and discuss your needs. They’ll then put together your desired number and make it available within days.

  • Vodafone custom phone numbers:

It’s also quite easy to choose a custom phone number on the Vodafone network. If you’re an existing Vodafone subscriber, you can dial 1555 from your phone and then follow the prompts to select your desired number. Pre-created numbers cost a one-time fee of $19.95, and come with all the digits predetermined. For more customization options, you can either choose the Silver option, which costs $55 and allows you to choose sequences with double or triple digits, or the Gold option, which costs up to $300 and allows you to determine the makeup of 5 digits in the sequence.

  • Optus customized phone numbers:

Optus offers pre-created memory-friendly numbers at $77, and Gold numbers that allow for the customization of up to 6 digits at $132. However, you need to contact Optus customer care directly to arrange for the numbers.

How to check your own phone number on a smartphone?

If you don’t have deep pockets to go for a memory-friendly, customized phone number, you can avail yourself to many convenient methods for recollecting your phone number easily. You can send a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code, which is basically a service command code that allows you to obtain information from your service provider. To do this:

  • Simply check up the USSD code for checking phone numbers for your particular network.
  • Dial the code.
  • Then follow the prompts to have your phone number displayed on your screen within a matter of seconds.How To Check your Phone Number
  • For Android phones — Just like with iPhones, open your Settings app, scroll down to and click on the “About Phone” option, and then click on the “Status” option. Your phone number will be displayed on the next screen.

How to Check Your Phone Number

How to check your phone number on iPhone. Source.


Phone numbers have become a necessity in today’s society. In many instances, they’re just as important as identity credentials, and forgetting your phone number might prove to be a daunting blunder. Losing your phone number is actually worse, hence the reason why subscribers mostly look for ways to transfer their existing phone numbers to a new telco when they are porting. Thankfully, there are many ways to retrieve a forgotten phone number, and many telcos allow you customize your phone number so that you can easily remember it.

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