Optus Pause – Everything you need to know

Optus Pause - Everything you need to know

Too much screen time reduces productivity

According to a 2018 Deloitte report, 9 out of every 10 Australians own a smartphone. And with this high mobile phone adoption comes increased data usage as Australians flock to the Internet for streaming, social media, and more.

Data usage increased even more last year during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. With lockdown measures keeping Australians at home, we saw huge spikes in data traffic that caused congestion in some cases, and even led companies like Netflix to consider reducing the picture quality of their videos to help reduce data traffic.

The increased phone adoption and data usage isn’t a bad thing in itself. After all, it shows helpful technology can be, and telcos can adjust and improve infrastructure to handle the traffic. However, too much screen time is a problem, especially for kids. Research shows a decline in student performance as a result of too much screen time.

To solve this, there are a number of solutions to help you shut down your data and keep you from getting distracted by your smart phone. But most of them involve way too many steps, and might involve downloading multiple apps. Add to that, the steps and apps vary based on your device and whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Optus are now attempting to solve the problem with Optus Pause – a feature on the My Optus app that shuts down data on multiple devices of your choice for as long as you want, so you can focus on your work, your family, your life, or just have peace of mind without any distractions.

Read on to find out all about Optus Pause.

How Optus Pause works

Optus Pause is a free service that allows you to decide which devices’ data to turn off, and for how long. You can only use Optus Pause on services and devices that are on your account.

Optus Pause is currently being beta tested, so it is not yet available to all Optus customers. To check if you have access to Optus Plus right now, just log in to your My Optus app – if Optus Plus is available to you, you’ll find it there.

Optus Plus is available to customers on mobile plans and home Internet plans. Specifically:

  • Mobile Plans
    Postpaid plans, prepaid plans, and family mobile plans.
  • Home Internet Plans
    NBN, 5G home Internet plans, 4G home Internet plans, mobile broadband, and family Internet plans.

Here’s one thing to note: Optus Pause doesn’t shut off cellular service, which means you will still be able to make and receive calls and SMS. This also applies to NBN services – you will still have access to NBN Voice even if Optus Pause shuts down your NBN data.

How to use Optus Pause

To use Optus Pause:

  • Log in to My Optus
  • Tap Optus Pause
  • Choose the devices’ data you’d like to pause
  • Set the timer for how long you’d like those devices’ data to be paused.

How to use Optus Pause.

How to use Optus Pause. src

Optus Pause is a useful tool for parents

Optus Pause solves a lot of problems connected to screen time. As stated, too much screen time can be a problem, and research shows how it cause student performance.

As a parent, you’d like your kids to stay connected so you can communicate with them when you need to. However, being too connected has its own problems, so finding the balance is key.

With Optus Pause, a parents have the ability to pause their kids’ devices and services that are attached to their Optus account. This is especially handy for customers on a family plan. And because Optus Pause does not shut off cellular connections, you’ll still be able to keep in touch with your kids via voice calls and SMS.

So imagine a case where your child scrolls through social media apps throughout the night, instead of working on homework and getting a good night sleep. Optus Pause gives you the option to turn off that device’s access to data, cutting off Internet access for social media, streaming, and all other online activities for as long as a parent chooses.

Bottom Line

Too much screen time is a problem for everyone. It creates distractions that can reduce productivity, family time, and more. Optus Pause comes in handy by cutting off data access or the amount of time you choose so you can focus on real life matters.


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