CMobile plan review <br>and comparison

CMobile plan review
and comparison

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Common Questions About CMobile

If I move to CMobile, can I bring my current mobile number?

Yes, of course you can. They will port your current number at the time of SIM activation. It’s a quick and simple process. You don’t need to tell your current provider you’re leaving.

Simply fill in the form to buy a SIM from the new provider you want ( e.g. CMobile ) and your number will be transferred across automatically.

If I move to CMobile, will I be locked into a contract ?

No, all CMobile's plans are month to month so you can leave at any time without penalty if you wish.

Are there any hidden fees in CMobile’s plans?

No. There is a $4.90 charge for your SIM when you sign up but there are no charges if you choose to leave.

You simply pay for one months access on your plan and any excess calls if you have them which is industry standard.

Which mobile network do CMobile use?

CMobile’s Blue plans use the Telstra 3G + 4G mobile network. Their Red plans use the Vodafone 3G mobile network.

If I sign up, how will I be able to check my account balance during the month?

CMobile offer a balance check facility as part of their core service as any Australian telco would. You can check your balance by logging into your My CMobile account online at any time.

CMobile will also send you an SMS once you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included plan value for both calls and data. They have to. It’s the law these days.

Is CMobile’s service prepaid ?

No, all CMobile’s plans are postpaid. This simply means they will email you a bill at the end of each calendar month. You then have 14 days to pay.

Some people find that postpaid services like CMobiles’ are easier to manage than prepaid. And don’t forget, with many prepaid services renewing every 28 days, rather than every calendar month, postpaid contracts are essentially about one month cheaper a year.

What's good

  • Get access to either the Telstra 4G or Vodafone 4G networks
  • Offers a unique range of plans - blue and red
  • No ‘Cap’ pricing - clear & consistent value pricing

What's bad

  • No online Self Service app ( yet )
  • No credit rollover at end of month
  • No High Street retail presence

What you need to know about CMobile

CMobile is a relatively new Australian MVNO. The company was established in 2013 by two ex Vodafone employees who have worked in telco for years.

CMobile was established in 2013 by two ex Vodafone employees who have worked in the telco field for years. CMobile stand out for their Australian based customer service and personalised care team who really do go the extra mile for their customers.

  • Unique plan range :
    CMobile has a unique set of plans which offer coverage on both the Telstra ( CMobile Blue) and Vodafone networks (CMobile Red. ) A single phone company offering plans on a choice of network is unusual ( but not unique ) in Australia.
  • Best for low end postpaid plans :
    CMobile offer literally the best in market pricing for low end postpaid plans. Postpaid plans are more convenient for many, are considered a ‘mature’ option. Since they renew on the same day every calendar month reduce the number of ‘recharges’ vs their prepaid alternatives. Prepaid services tend to last 28 days. Most calendar months have more than 28 days. That means postpaid plans can work out a few dollars cheaper over the course of a year.
  • 4G now part of their plans :
    CMobile updated their pricing and data speed in early 2017. They now offer 4G Data as part of all of their plans. You’ll need to be in a 4G coverage area and have a 4G phone to benefit – as you would with any network.
  • No ‘Cap’ pricing :
    CMobile have taken the worthwhile ( if unusual ! ) step of avoiding the silly ‘Cap’ price plans that most of their Australian counterparts favour. That can make it hard to compare with the plans offered by alternatives. We have tried to show the number of included 2 minute calls to give you a sense of the value you will get with CMobile when comparing.
  • Their range is postpaid, SIM Only :
    Note these are postpaid, not prepaid plans. If you want to know the difference then it’s all explained here.

And, as usual, we always recommend reading the CIS ( the Customer Information Statement which will clearly articulate the costs involved in the plan ) thoroughly, before you buy, so you know what you’re getting into.

Why consider CMobile ?

CMobile’s plans are competitive and the fact they offer a choice of either the Telstra Mobile Network or Vodafone network makes them an unusual phone company. I have personally used a phone plan from CMobile. I have also spoken to others who bought a SIM from CMobile. CMobile stand out not just for their plans but for their customer service. Their call center is Australian based and their team is unusually good at sorting out problems if and when they occur. The simple explanations they offer, the hand holding they provide their users and the personalised support they offer is the best we’ve experienced in Australia. If you are a slightly older person who doesn’t use your phone much, CMobile is highly recommended for that reason.

Choose CMobile for voice price plans when you’re in one of these groups of user

  • You hate phone company service :
    If you hate being on call for a long time, having to explain your problem to half a dozen people and waiting by the phone for a service organisation who won’t call you back, you’ll love CMobile. CMobile’s Australian customer support team are the best in the business for working through any problems you highlight and making sure you feel good about it all the way through.
  • You live in a rural area :
    Telstra does not have many partners who resell their network. CMobile’s Blue plans are available on the Telstra 3G +4G network and are one of the few ways you’re going to get hold of the Telstra network without paying through the nose for it.
  • Best pricing on the Telstra 3G +4G network :
    CMobile’s ‘Blue’ range of plans provide great pricing on the Telstra 3G + 4G network across all call plan types. Telstra’s coverage is hard to beat in rural areas and, whatever price plan you choose, a CMobile price plan gives you access without the premium pricing levels that Telstra usually charge.
  • You live in metro ( city ) areas AND have low to average usage requirements :
    In addition to their Telstra MVNO plans, CMobile have a suite of plans which access the Vodafone network. Recent independent network reports show that Vodafone have the best in city coverage. Click here to find out more about Vodafone coverage. If you are shopping for a second SIM ( for example, for a phone which will sit in your car unused for a lot of time or a phone which you use for a few calls a week rather than a few calls a day ) and you live in a metro area, then CMobile is likely to be right for you.
  • You use a lot of data and not much voice on your phone :
    The phenomenon of looking at your phone more than you talk in to it is increasingly common. If this sounds like you, consider CMobile.

Key features of CMobile

  • Network options :
    A choice of phone companies : If you sign up with CMobile, you will get access to either the Telstra or Vodafone 3G networks.
  • Australian support which people love :
    Incredibly in the land of phone companies, we’ve heard CMobile’s service described by some customers as ‘fantastic’ and ‘genuine.’ Their support team is based in Australia. I’ve actually heard them in action and I can vouch for the fact that they are professional, Australian, competent and, on occasion, funny. If you check out phone company reviews on the internet, you’ll find a few with very bad reputations for customer service. CMobile proudly display their reviews on their homepage because they’re so good !
  • Unique plan range :
    CMobile offer a unique range of plans which include a set of data led plans which will appeal to people who favour the data services and apps on their phone to the voice facility it offers.
  • Low level data usage plans :
    We never recommend going outside your usage bundle. But if you do, CMobile will not fleece you.

    • On their Red plans, one MB of data will cost you 5 cents per MB.
    • Their Blue plans will cost you just over 1 c per MB.
  • All CMobile’s Red plans offer you unlimited calls to others on the same plan / network:
    This is hardly an original plan feature but it’s useful if you’re investing in a couple of plans for the family.

More detail: CMobile Blue – Cheaper access to the Telstra network

  • Telstra’s 3G network covers more than 99.3% of the Australian population:
    In terms of square kilometres, that’s around twice the coverage of the next nearest rival. If you live in rural areas and you’re looking for an affordable way to access the Telstra network, CMobile’s blue suite are the best way to do it.
  • Want to spend $20 per month ?
    As always, you’ll pay a little more to get on Telstra’s network. However, as you’ll see below, for those who are looking to spend around $20 per month on their phone bill, CMobile’s blue plan is the best in market if you live in rural areas.

More detail: CMobile Red – Cheaper access to the Vodafone network

  • Don’t doubt their network improvements :
    For those who still doubt the quality of the Vodafone network, we’d refer you to the independent network reviews conducted in 2014 which make it clear that in metro areas at least, Vodafone’s coverage is actually better than either Telstra’s or Optus. Don’t believe us ? – check out our Vodafone coverage review and the infographic which compares the networks head to head.
  • The Vodafone network is now just aa good as the Telstra or Optus 4G networks :
    Remember, CMobile’s red plans use the Vodafone network. That means CMobile get the benefit of the substantial investments Vodafone have made in their 3G and 4G networks. Put that together with the fact that they now have access to the 4G network and the facts start to become compelling. Believe it or not, when it comes to 4G coverage, Vodafone is now on a par with both Telstra’s and Optus 4G networks.

PAYG – Pay as you go – for when you hardly use your phone

If you live in metro / city areas, CMobile’s Red PAYG plan is another winner

  • CMobile’s PAYG rates for very low levels of usage are competitive:
    For people who make one call a day, with CMobile, you’d end up spending a measly $7.20 per month on your phone bill. With data charged at 2c per MB ( you wouldn’t want to be using much – even if this is the best rate in market for out of bundle charging. ) [equates to $20 per GB, not bad for PAYG rates, this is best in market, Amaysim at 5c / MB]
  • These rates are competitive with the best in market:
    Amaysim’s pricing structure for PAYG is almost identical to CMobile. ( Note – CMobile have a $50 minimum spend on their plans for the year – Amaysim do not [you need to recharge something on Amaysim though and the credit will expire at some point]. ) However, given recent benchmarking surveys which suggest Vodafone’s network is better than Optus’ in metro areas both for 3G and 4G phones, we recommend CMobile.

What’s not so great about CMobile?

Here’s what you need to be aware of before you sign up with CMobile.

  • CMobilecurrently have no online self service app :
    Users / customers can only check usage on main site or by engaging their support team. Whatphone understands that their usage app is under development at the moment but the absence of one now does not work in their favour.
  • No credit rollover :
    Unlike some prepaid plans, notably prepaid plans from Virgin Mobile, Optus and Telstra, and postpaid plans from Virgin Mobile, included credit does not roll over at the end of the month with CMobile’s plans.
  • No retail presence :
    Like most MVNOs, CMobileare only available to you online and through their telephone customer support. Having no retail presence may not affect all customers but if you’re the sort who like the social aspects of buying or to talk through face to face a problem you’re having with a sale rep, and you’re prepared to pay more for the privilege then an MVNO plan, including those offered by CMobile is probably not right for you.

Summing up

If you want cheaper access to the Telstra or Vodafone networks, CMobile should definately be a company you consider. The fact they have such a broad range f plans across two phone companies makes it quicker to find a plan. They avoid confusing capped plans as part of the way they set themselves apart in the industry. ‘No caps’ is just one way they demonstrate that they’re a little bit different to the norm. Their customer service, probably the biggest thing they have working in their favour, is a genuine stand out. They take really good care of their customers and, dare we say it, you might even enjoy calling them if you ever have a problem ! That customer service makes them appeal to slightly older people who don’t use their phone much.

CMobile are relatively new, however. That ‘immaturity’ is demonstrated in some product features ( such as the absence of a self service / usage app ) if you’re in one of the groups we’ve identified (very low or low user, rural user, city based).