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gomo Plan
Review and Comparison

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Frequently Asked Questions About gomo

Who are Gomo?

Optus recently launched Gomo, one of Australia’s newest digital telcos. However, Optus’ parent company, Singtel, was already operating Gomo in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. They resell the Optus 3G/4G network here in Australia.

How good is their coverage?

Because Gomo resell the full Optus network, the digital telco covers 98.5 percent of the Australian population. You can check our coverage page to learn more about Optus’ coverage.

Will Gomo let me keep my current phone number if I switch?

Yes, you can transfer your current phone number to your Gomo plan during service activation. While activating a new number happens almost instantly, porting your current number to your Gomo SIM can take up to 48 hours to complete. Don’t get discouraged, though – your current SIM plan will remain active until Gomo completes the number porting process.

Are Gomo’s plans prepaid or postpaid?

Gomo offer three simple prepaid plans for you to choose from, so no need to worry about lock-in contracts. Their plans range from $15 to $35, including from 8GB to 60GB data and unlimited national talk and SMS, and you can cancel at anytime without any fees (you will, however, forfeit your unused inclusions).

Unlike other prepaid plans, Gomo plans come with full-month expiry instead of 28 days. Plans renew automatically, however, so be sure to cancel your plan before the expiry if you don’t want to recharge.

Do Gomo offer eSIM plans?

Gomo is the only Australian sub brand telco that offers eSIM plans. If you have an eSIM phone, this means that you can purchase and activate your Gomo SIM right from the app, without having to wait for a physical SIM to be delivered in the post. All of Gomo’s SIM plans can be activated via eSIM.

Do Gomo plans include data rollover or data banking?

All Gomo plans include data rollover. Any unused data you have on your current plan will roll over to your next recharge up to 200GB, as long as you remain on the plan.

Do gomo have a self-service app?

gomo is a fully digital telco, so yes, they have a self-service app. In fact, the entire purchase and activation process takes place on gomo’s self-service app, thanks to their eSIM phone plans.

How do gomo compare to Belong and Felix Mobile?

gomo is Optus’ answer to Telstra’s sub brand Belong, which has seen massive success since its launch. Sub brands are more than your typical MVNOs which are independent of the telcos whose networks they resell – instead, sub brands are actually owned by the major telco, bringing in more revenue and customers.

Each of Australia’s major telcos now own sub brands of their own. Optus have now launched gomo, while TPG Telecom (Vodafone) launched Felix Mobile, all competing against Telstra’s Belong.

Here’s a look at each telco’s unique features:

  • gomo – the only sub brand that offers eSIM plans
  • Felix Mobile – the only sub brand that offers unlimited data in a SIM plan
  • Belong – unlimited data banking and Telstra’s strong network coverage

You should be able to choose which telco is right for you based on whichever of these features appeals to you the most.

Do gomo plans have any International inclusions?

Yes, gomo’s two larger plans offer unlimited International calls to 15 select countries. Keep in mind, however, that there are currently no roaming inclusions on any of gomo’s plans.

What about add-ons?

gomo’s plans include good data allocations. However, if you run out of data, you can purchase gomo’s 5GB Data Booster for just $5. This is great when compared to other telcos which offer only 1GB extra data for $10.

Do gomo offer any entertainment inclusions?

These days, some phone plans include entertainment content like sports, movie apps, music, and so on. In some cases, streaming such entertainment is data-free, so that you don’t have to exhaust your plan data.

Unfortunately, none of gomo’s SIM plans offer any entertainment content or data-free streaming.

If you’re looking for entertainment in a phone plan, we’ve compared the best entertainment plans in Australia for you, so you don’t have to.

What's good

  • eSIM plans
  • Fully digital sign up/activation process and support
  • Data rollover
  • Cheap Data Booster (add-on)
  • Unlimited national talk and text
  • Unlimited International calls to selected countries on some plans
  • Optus 3G/4G network (98.5 percent coverage)
  • VoLTE and WiFi calling
  • Frequent promos

What's bad

  • No International roaming
  • Automatic charge and renewal upon expiry

60 second overview

  • gomo is an Optus sub-brand
  • They resell the Optus 3G/4G network
  • gomo is a fully digital telco
  • The entire subscription process is on the app
  • gomo use eSIM technology, so service activation is also online if you have an eSIM phone
  • gomo is in direct competition with Belong (Telstra sub brand) and Felix Mobile (TPG Telecom/Vodafone)

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Review - gomo

Optus launched gomo last year after experiencing negative financial results. The sub brand isn’t exactly new – Singtel, Optus’ parent company, were already operating gomo in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

gomo is a fully digital mobile phone company that sell SIM plans on the Optus 3G and 4G Plus networks. The sub-brand operates like an MVNO, offering simple and cheap plans to Australians. With the continued success of MVNOs in Australia over the years, it comes as no surprise that Optus are taking a position in the market.

But gomo isn’t just an answer to the MVNO market. Telstra have perfected the sub-brand maneuver with two time-tested phone companies – Belong and Boost. After several years of standing by and watching Telstra improve both of their sub-brands, Optus finally launched gomo in Australia as what seems to be an answer to Telstra’s sub-brand success. TPG Telecom (Vodafone) also launched Felix Mobile, a sub-brand of their own to compete.

What these sub-brands offer are quite similar, but they include some unique features to separate themselves from the competition. Perhaps the most unique thing about gomo is that they utilize eSIM technology, so you can purchase your plan and get activated all in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for a physical SIM card to come in the post.

In this review, we’ll tell you all about gomo’s SIM only plans and compare them to the competition. Read on to find out if gomo is the right fit for you.

gomo’s SIM plan features

gomo initially launched with only one plan, but the telco now offers three simple, cheap prepaid plans that get renewed automatically upon expiry. Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll find some unique features that give you good value for the price.

Here’s a look at the key features of gomo’s SIM only plans:

  • Fully digital
    gomo is the true definition of a digital telco right now. Everything from the sign up process to service activation is done on the gomo Australia app without ever interacting with another human.
  • eSIM
    For now, gomo is the only sub-brand to use eSIM technology. If you have an eSIM phone, you can activate your gomo service right from the app without having to wait for a physical SIM card to come in the post. We’ll talk more about this later in this review.
  • Prepaid with a full month expiry
    Most prepaid plans have a 28-day expiry period, which means you have to purchase a recharge in less than a normal calendar month. gomo is different – although their plans are prepaid, they feature a 30-day expiry window, which adds up to almost an extra month of service in a year when compared to prepaid plans from other telcos. But keep in mind that your gomo plan will renew automatically at 11PM on the day of expiry, so if you decide to cancel, try to do so before your next month begins.
  • Data rollover
    All of gomo’s plans come with data roll-over. You can roll over up to 200GB of unused data to your next recharge and beyond if you remain active by renewing your plan on time.
  • 5GB Data Booster for $5
    gomo plans include 4GB to 30GB of data (current promo offers 8GB to 60GB for first 3 recharges). While that’s a decent amount of data, gomo offer a 5GB Data Booster for just $5 just in case you need more. Most telcos offer 1GB of extra data for $10, so gomo’s bolt-on is definitely a good deal.
  • Unlimited voice and SMS
    All gomo plans also include unlimited standard national talk and text in Australia.
  • Unlimited International calls on some plans
    Both of gomo’s larger plans include unlimited International calls to 15 selected countries. However, no gomo plans offer International roaming at this time.
  • VoLTE and WiFi calling
    Your gomo plan allows you make calls via Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on the Optus 4G network. VoLTE gives you HD calls that are clearer and connect faster. VoLTE calls also allow you browse the Internet while on a phone call. gomo also offer WiFi calling, so if you’re in an area without Optus coverage, you’ll be able to make calls and send texts over any available WiFi network.
  • Frequent promos
    gomo plans are already cheap, but the company offer promos quite frequently to make them even cheaper. For instance, gomo’s launch offered their first 5,000 customers an 18GB plan for just $1 for the first month. Now, the sub-brand is currently offering double data on all plans for the first 3 months, and some plans are being sold for half the price.

eSIM technology makes gomo truly digital

eSIM refers to a digital, embedded SIM that connects you to a telco’s network. They hold several advantages over traditional SIM cards which have to be physically switched if you want to change telcos.

With eSIM technology, you can purchase and activate a SIM plan from a compatible telco in a matter of minutes, without having to wait a few days for a SIM card to come in the post. eSIM technology also allows you maintain two phone numbers – one on your eSIM, and another on a physical SIM card.

Right now, gomo is the only sub-brand with eSIM plans when compared to Telstra’s Belong and Boost, and TPG Telecom’s Felix Mobile. This certainly gives gomo a leg up as the only truly digital telco amongst the competition.

While Belong and Felix Mobile both advertise themselves as fully digital, customers still have to wait a few days for a physical SIM card to be delivered in the post after signing up on online. That wait period negates the lure of “fully digital”, because it suggests that only the sign up process can be done online, while activation requires a physical SIM card delivery.

gomo, on the other hand, allow customers to subscribe and activate their service with eSIM technology, all completely on the gomo Australia app, so there is no wait time for a SIM card delivery. It is essentially a two-step process if you have an eSIM device – download the gomo Australia app and follow the steps to activate your plan, then choose a phone number or port your existing number.

gomo - Optus’ answer to sub-brands from Telstra and TPG Telecom (Vodafone)

Boost Mobile, a brand which had been an MVNO reselling the Optus network, was unceremoniously dumped by Optus eight years ago. Boost then moved across to Telstra and went on to be a very popular and successful brand on the Telstra network. Indeed, other than Telstra themselves, Boost is the only company which resells the full Telstra 3G and 4G network.

A few years later, Telstra also launched a new fully owned sub-brand, Belong. Belong sells an extremely limited number of postpaid plans – alongside Boost’s prepaid plans. Belong, too, has been very successful. In fact, last year, Belong single-handedly drove Telstra’s subscriber growth – the sub-brand accounted for 154,000 of Telstra’s 240,000 new postpaid customers in H1 FY 2020, and all 80,000 of their new broadband customers.

Optus and Vodafone have obviously looked at the success of Telstra’s sub-brands and now think they are worthy of emulation. In the last year, TPG Telecom (Vodaone) has launched Felix Mobile, which sits alongside Lebara, iiNet and TPG as a fully-owned Australian sub-brand on the Vodafone network. Optus has launched gomo. These sub-brands are designed to ‘hoover up’ the customers which are prepared to shop around for simpler, cheaper SIM plans, and choose a different brand than the big 3 operators.

In fact, much of the success of these brands is in capturing back, to the main network, customers which left them. In essences, customers moving from Telstra to Belong,  Vodafone to Felix, or Optus to gomo.

How do gomo compare sub brands from Telstra and TPG Telecom?

Each major telco’s fully owned sub-brands have a number of similar features, such as:

  • Fully digital
    Sales, service, and support are all kept online as much as possible. Belong have fully digital customer support, while Felix Mobile and gomo are both digital, with subscription and support both restricted to their apps.
  • Unique service elements
    gomo offer data rollover and eSIM, Belong offer unlimited data banking, and Felix offer unlimited data.
  • Regular promos
    They compete with each other, the major networks, and smaller MVNOs, so they have to keep their pencils sharp to attract customers.
  • Much more limited plan range
    Instead of confusing everyone with a plethora of different prepaid and postpaid plan options (perhaps delibrately), these sub-brands limit their offerings to just a few plans. gomo and Belong have only 3 plans in market, while Felix have only 1.

But although these sub-brands have similar features, they are quite different. Here’s a quick look at their plan inclusions to help you choose the best offer for your needs:

  • Belong
    Belong use Telstra’s 3G/4G network, and their customer support is fully digital. Belong offer three postpaid month-to-month SIM only plans ranging from $25 to $45 with 20GB to 80GB of data. gomo also offer three SIM plans, but they are prepaid month-to-month, ranging from $15 to $30 ($10 to $15 with current promo) with 4GB to 30GB of data (8GB to 60GB with current promo).
  • Felix Mobile
    Felix is TPG Telecom’s sub-brand, a fully digital telco reselling the Vodafone 3G/4G network. They offer only one SIM plan for $35, which includes unlimited data 20Mbps max speeds. ranging from $15 to $35 with 4GB to 30GB of data. gomo’s $35 plan includes 30GB of data, compared to unlimited data from Felix at the same cost.

Summing Up – Could Wireless 5G For The Home Make NBN Economically Un-Viable? 

gomo is a small, friendly, bold brand which offers some great value on the Optus network. Their almost constant promotions mean you’ll get a good deal if you go with them, and since the subscription, eSIM activation, and support is online, you can take advantage of those promotions quite easily. From Optus’ perspective, having recently acquired and rolled on to their network both OVO and Amaysim, they’ve obviously made the decision to own their own acquisition strategy.